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Sarah Chalke (Actress, Scrubs (2001))
Sarah Chalk (Actress, Still (2013))
Sharah Chalke (Self, The 38th Annual Gracie Awards (2013))
Sarah Chaney (I) (Actress, A Room For Aden (2015))
Sarah Chang (VIII) (Stunts, Bleeding Steel (2017))
Sarah Char (Visual Effects, Fast & Furious (2009))
Sarah Chapman (III) (Self, Amy Grant: Building the House of Love (1994))
Sarah Chang (I) (Actress, Transparent (2014))
Sarah C. Hale (Producer, Sex Sent Me to the ER (2013))
Sarah Chadwick (Actress, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994))
Sarah Chalfy (Actress, Snapshots (2011))
Sarah Charipar (Actress, Contagion (2011))
Sarah Chan (III) (Actress, Les Impressionnistes )
Sarah Chae (Camera Department, Seeds of the Desert (2012))
Sarah Chaw (Costume Designer, The Water Stinger (2014))
Sarah Chan (II) (Producer, Sei sung saw liu (2009))
Sarah Chan (I) (Miscellaneous, Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh (1997))
Sarah Chao (Sound Department, In Hiding (2015))
Sarah Chapman (I) (Actress, Ghost Team One (2013))
Sarah Chatel (Actress, It's Supernatural (2007))
Sarah Chase (II) (Actress, We zijn weer thuis (1989))
Sarah Chaffee (II) (Self, San Diego Prep Insider (2015))
Sarah Champion (I) (Actress, Sleeping Dogs (2014))
Sarah Chapman (V) (Self, 1000 Heartbeats (2015))
Sarah Chang (III) (Visual Effects, Pacific Rim (2013))
Sarah Chanez (Actress, Le curé de village (1969))
Sarah Chang Tadayon (Writer, New Generation with Sarah Chang Tadayon (2016))
Sarah Chapel (Miscellaneous, Spandex: A Father's Tale (2005))
Sarah Charman (Costume Department, Bright Star (2009))
Sarah Chapman (VIII) (Self, Operation Bikini - Schlachtfelder der Schönheit (2011))
Sarah Chaves (Actress, I Will Wait for You (2012))
Sarah Chaffee (I) (Music Department, Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West (2014))
Sarah Chapple (Actress, Dreams Beyond Memory (1988))
Sarah Chard (Actress, The Bill (1984))
Sarah Chapman (XV) (Music Department, Rain or Shine (2016))
Sarah Charley (III) (Miscellaneous, Nova (1974))
Sarah Chase (V)
Sarah Chapman (VI) (Producer, Among Thieves (2008))
Sarah Chandler (IV) (Actress, Deadliest Catch: Season 10 Revealed (2015))
Sarah Chandy
Sarah Chandler (II) (Actor, What Demons Dream (2014))
Sarah Chang (VI) (Miscellaneous, Flashy Funerals (2016))
Sarah Chase (VI) (Producer, The Last Horsemen of New York )
Sarah Chase (IV)
Sarah Chapin (II)
Sarah Chase (III) (Actress, Fidelio (1998))
Sarah Chandler (I) (Actress, Mom (1991))
Sarah Chart (Actress, Peter (2000))
Sarah Chavez (II)
Sarah Chang (V) (Actor, How to Say I Love You with Video (2011))
Sarah Chaney (II) (Make Up Department, 37 (2014))
Sarah Chandler (V) (Actress, Old Blood (2017))
Sarah Chaoul (Miscellaneous, Saudade (2012))
Sarah Chanin
Sarah Chandlee (Make Up Department, Murder on Monday (2013))
Sarah Chandler (III) (Actress, The Dust Storm (2016))
Sarah Chapman (X) (Music Department, Edith (2016))
Sarah Chapin (I) (Camera Department, iMurders (2008))
Sarah Chapman (XII) (Actress, London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony: Enlightenment (2012))
Sarah Chaney (III) (Make Up Department, The Right Girl (2015))
Sarah Chavez (V) (Miscellaneous, Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest (2016))
Sarah Chapman (IX) (Costume Department, The Famous Five (1995))
Sarah Chambon (Composer, Contretemps (2016))
Sarah Chafee (Actress, Paracosm (2016))
Sarah Chavez (IV) (Producer, Learning to Love Me (2016))
Sarah Chapman (IV) (Make Up Department, K (2009))
Sarah Chang (VII) (Stunts, Bleeding Steel (2017))
Sarah Chahley (Actress, Imp (2014))
Sarah Chavez (I) (Art Department, As Virgins Fall (2003))
Sarah Chapman (II) (Actress, The Firm Man (1975))
Sarah Chaput (Costume Designer, Under a Shipwrecked Moon (2003))
Sarah Chang (II) (Miscellaneous, Wings of Defeat (2007))
Sarah Chase (VII)
Sarah Charley (I) (Self, Namaste Nepal (2009))
Sarah Chapman (VII) (Self, It Happened in Sarasota (1980))
Sarah Chaikin
Sarah Chauvet (Assistant Director, Le bal des secrets (2013))
Sarah Chattin (Miscellaneous, Lost Kiddy Found (2017))
Sarah Chase (I) (Art Department, Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013))
Sarah Chang (IV) (Actress, Breakfast with the Arts (Holiday in New York) (2001))
Sarah Chayes (Miscellaneous, Dogtown Redemption (2015))
Sarah Chavez (III) (Cinematographer, Kansuksa (2015))
Sarah Charlesworth (Actress, Degrassi High (1987))
Sarah Chaloner (Production Manager, QI (2003))
Sarah Chalfant
Sarah Chalcroft (Actress, Mearra: Selkie from the Sea (2015))
Sarah Chalmers (Actress, Katusha (2008))
Sarah Charles Lewis (Actress, Good Girl Winnie Foster (2017))
Sarah Chaumette (Actress, Depuis qu'Otar est parti... (2003))
Sarah Schalk (I) (Camera Department, Kupfer (2012))
Sarah Schalk (II) (Costume Department, Das Flüstern des Mondes (2006))
Sarah Chatfield (I) (Cinematographer, Audition (2004))
Sarah Charlotte Bjørn (Actress, The Substitute (2007))
Vivian Farah Chaljub (Miscellaneous, Love in the Time of Cholera (2007))
Sarah Chase-Levenson (Actress, Pass Wayside (2008))
Sarah Chamberlain (II) (Producer, How the States Got Their Shapes (2011))
Sarah Chatagnier (II) (Miscellaneous, Starbright (2017))
Sarah Champion (II) (Self, Election 2015 (2015))
Sarah Chamaillard (Art Department, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (2010))
Sarah Chatsworth (Actress, The Victorian Kitchen Garden (1987))
Sarah Chazelle (I) (Producer, Fever (2014))
Sarah Chatagnier (I) (Miscellaneous, The Follower (2016))
Sarah Champion (IV) (Actor, Altered States (2017))
Sarah Chaudhary (Self, Lux Style Awards (2007))
Sarah Chantelauze (Sound Department, Les bêtes sauvages (2015))
Sarah Champignac (Actress, Die Die My Darling (2011))
Sarah Chaudoir (Producer, Adonis and Aphrodite (2016))
Sarah Chaperon (Actress, Mocky story (1991))
Sarah Charness (Miscellaneous, Every Day (2010))
Sarah Charlton (Actress, An Evening of One Acts (2008))
Sarah Charmoli (Actress, Good Morning (2010))
Sarah Chatfield (II) (Actress, Soames War (2013))
Sarah Charnock (Actor, Slacker (2016))
Sarah Chartier (Editor, Soda (2011))
Sarah Chazelle (II)
Sarah Chassler (Actress, Shock of Life (2009))
Sarah Chamberlain (I) (Self, The Screen Junkies Show (2011))
Sarah Chambers (Actress, Shortland Street (1992))
Mía Sarah Chardón (Miscellaneous, Vieques: una batalla inconclusa (2015))
Sarah Champion (III) (Art Department, On the Job (2015))
Sarah Chatterway (Actress, Little Miss Perkins (1982))
Sarah Chapnick
Sarah Chauncey (Producer, U8TV: The Lofters (2001))
Sarah Charsley (Actress, As We Are (2016))
Sarah Charlwood (Miscellaneous, Surviving Georgia (2011))
Sarah Chappell
Sarah Gottschalk (Editorial Department, Hoffenheim - Das Leben ist kein Heimspiel (2010))
Sarah Chartrand Poulin (Actress, 1/3 (2006))