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Sarah Carpenter (IV) (Actress, Girl Meets World (2014))
Sarah Carpenter (I) (Actress, Poldark (1996))
Sarah Carpenter (III) (Animation Department, The Simpsons (1989))
Sarah Carpenter (V)
Sarah Carpenter (II)
Sarah Carpena (Actress, Second Chances (2013))
Marah Carpenter (Special Effects, Daisy Derkins vs. The Bloodthirsty Beast of Barren Pines! (2013))
Sarah Carpentier (Director, Pourquoi nous détestent-ils (2016))
Deborah Carpenter (Actress, Where the Hell's That Gold?!!? (1988))
Jonah Carpenter
Sarah Carpendale (Production Designer, The Dossier Case (2012))
Savannah Carpenter (Director, Forge (2014))
Isaiah Carpenter (Art Department, The Avengers (2012))
Hannah Carpenter (I) (Editorial Department, The Art of Getting By (2011))
Loretta H. Carpenter
Aaliyah Carpenter
Hannah Carpenter (II) (Sound Department, Delightfully Delicious (2015))
Leah Carpenter (Art Director, Five Minute Love (2008))
Hannah Carpenter (III) (Camera Department, Bloody Donny's Fingers (2016))
Sara Carpenter (Miscellaneous, Now: That's What I Call Dance Music (2009))