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Samantha Morton (I) (Actress, John Carter (2012))
Samantha Morton (V) (Actress, Brute Sanity (2017))
Samantha Morton (IV) (Actor, The First Horror Movie (2015))
Samantha Morton (III) (Costume Designer, Schoolies Massacre (2014))
Samantha Morton (II) (Miscellaneous, The Truth Was Supposed to Be Out Here (2013))
Samantha Mora (Actress, White Shoe (2013))
Samantha Morrison (I) (Actress, Degrassi High (1987))
Samantha Morris (I) (Production Manager, Instant Star (2004))
Samantha Norton (II) (Actress, First Winter Last (2008))
Samantha Morrison (II) (Actress, The System (2016))
Samantha Morse (II) (Actress, Broken & Beautiful (2012))
Samantha Morrish (Actress, Tainted Love (2014))
Samantha Morato (Actress, Between the Crossroads (2014))
Samantha Morley (III) (Self, Australia's Next Top Model (2005))
Samantha Morley (II) (Actress, The Three Ages of Sasha (2012))
Samantha Morris (III) (Art Department, Coffee Town (2013))
Samantha Moreno (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Anatomy of a Great Deception (2014))
Samantha Moran (I) (Actress, The Gift (1997))
Samantha Morby (Self, Blockbusters (1983))
Samantha Moreno (V)
Samantha Morrissey (Miscellaneous, The Foreclosure (2009))
Samantha Morley (I) (Miscellaneous, Family Life (2007))
Samantha Morris (II) (Self, Jumping (2011))
Samantha Morgan (II)
Samantha Moran (II) (Actress, The Imitation Game (2014))
Samantha Moreno (II) (Actress, Underclassmen: Lee Roy Soames and the Drama Boy (2013))
Samantha Morrison (III)
Samantha Morrow (Actress, One Night, Stan (2001))
Samantha Moreno (I) (Miscellaneous, Perseverance (2011))
Samantha Morello (Self, Room Raiders 2.0 (2009))
Samantha Morris (IV) (Actor, Honest Disney Princess Song (2015))
Samantha Moroney (Actress, 16-Love (2012))
Samantha Morley (IV) (Special Effects, Avatar (2009))
Samantha Moreno (III)
Samantha Morse (I) (Actress, Hey Girl (2010))
Samantha Morsman (Assistant Director, Train Man (2011))
Samantha Morgan (III) (Producer, MyScene TV (2007))
Samantha Morley (V) (Costume Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002))
Samantha Morfin (Actress, Hercules Saves Christmas (2012))
Samantha Norton (I) (Transportation Department, Jane Says (2007))
Samie Morton (Actress, 8 Reels of Sewage (2012))