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Sam Mendes (I) (Producer, Road to Perdition (2002))
Sam Mendes (III) (Visual Effects, Assignment (2016))
Sam Mendez (I) (Self, Before the World Goes Boom (2012))
Rosa Mendes (Actress, WWE Raw (1993))
Sam Mendez (II) (Actor, Benny & Carla (2015))
Sam Melendes (Actor, What Was Left )
Sam Mendelson (Art Department, The Corn Is Green (1945))
Sam Mende-Wong (Actor, Slippery When Wet: The Movie (2001))
Adam Mendes (I) (Visual Effects, X-Men 2 (2003))
Myriam Mendes (Art Department, Pages of Life (2006))
Adam Mendes (II)
Adam Mendez (I) (Sound Department, Slumdog Millionaire (2008))
Tim Mendes (Actor, Late Watch (2004))
Sam Mendoza (Art Department, Star Trek: First Contact (1996))
Sam Mendoti (Director, Golden Winter (2012))
Sam Melendez (II) (Camera Department, Zombi (2014))
Sam Melendez (I) (Actor, A Packing Suburbia (1999))
Adam Menendez
Miriam Mendez (Actress, A Stone's Throw Away (2010))
Adam Mendez (II) (Actor, Leo, the Surveyor (2013))
Adam Mendel (Cinematographer, Texas Roadhouse Live Presents: Live from Sturgis - A Homeland Salute to Our Troops (2008))
Sam Mendelssohn (Sound Department, Bigga Than Ben (2008))
Sam Mendelsohn (Director, Elevators (2014))
Angelina M. Mendes (Miscellaneous, Project Greenlight (2001))
Sammy Mendel (II) (Assistant Director, Hard to Lose (2015))
Sammy Mendel (I) (Actor, Jack Says (2008))
William Mendel (Producer, Shallow Ground (2004))
Elysa Mendes
Lisa Mendes (Actress, Life Support (2001))
Samuel Mendes (Make Up Department, Bomba (2012))
Marisa Mendes (I) (Production Designer, Goodbye, Old Melanie (2011))
Elsa Mendes (Actress, Moleque Tião (1943))
Sousa Mendes (Actor, Chaimite (1953))
Ellisa Mendes
Luísa Mendes (Make Up Department, April Captains (2000))
Marisa Mendes (II) (Music Department, A Porta 21 (2015))
Teresa Mendes (Actress, Shubian's Rift (2007))
Adam Mendelsohn (Actor, Fortress of Amerikkka (1989))
Sam Mendlestein (Miscellaneous, The Iron Giant (1999))
Diana M. Mendenhall (Miscellaneous, The Contender (2000))
William Mendez (Actor, Shitcago (2015))
William Mendenhall (Cinematographer, James at 16 (1977))
India M. Mendelsohn (Producer, The Muzic Lounge (2011))
Eric Tshiam Mende (Actor, Le temps des bouquets (2010))
Sammy Aranzamendez (Production Designer, Guns and Roses (2011))
Sammi Mendenhall (Casting Department, The Amazing Race (2001))
Joaquim Mendes (I) (Actor, Tempos Difíceis (1988))
Joaquim Mendes (II) (Miscellaneous, Páre, Escute, Olhe (2009))
Laísa Mendes da Silva (Music Department, Sétimo Dia (2015))
Marisa Mendes Lopes (Actress, Dez Dias Felizes (2002))
Pedro Rosa Mendes (Self, Portugueses Sem Fronteiras (2011))
Melissa Mendes
Ana Rosa Mendes (Actress, Por Favor, Não Toques na Minha Afro (2012))
António Rosa Mendes (Thanks, Chegaram os Franceses! (2007))
Samantha Mendes (Actor, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (2010))
Ivan Sousa Mendes (Actor, Procura-se Amigo (2007))
Manoel M. Mendes Gregório (Producer, Volúpia ao Prazer (1981))
Maria Rosa Mendes Alves (Self, O Homem do Trator (2012))
Anateresa Mendes-Collins (Actress, Last Call (2014))
Music Garden Cafe Elsa Mendes
Adriana Mendes & Brasilidade Mendes Samba (Self, BingoLotto (1989))