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Sam Kelly (I) (Actor, Barbara (1995))
Samantha Kelly (V) (Actress, Super Mario Galaxy (2007))
aka "Sam Kelly"
Sam Kelly (II) (Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Samantha Kelly (VIII) (Actress, Last Day of Summer (2009))
nickname "Sam Kelly"
Sam Kelly (IV) (Actor, Sweetzer (2007))
Sam Kelly (XIV) (Production Manager, Durban Beach Rescue (2015))
Sam Kelly (X) (Miscellaneous, Just Another Job (2010))
Sam Kelly (VIII) (Producer, Henry Rollins Uncut: New Orleans (2008))
Jim Kelly (II) (Actor, Enter the Dragon (1973))
Liam Kelly (XI) (Actor, House of Salem (2016))
Sam Kelly (IX) (Actor, Mates for the Soul (2014))
Sam Kelly (XVI) (Sound Department, Camden Love Hate (2014))
Sam Kelly (XVII) (Production Manager, Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016))
Sam Kelly (III) (Casting Director, Doctors (2000))
Sam Kelly (VII) (Actor, 4° (Four Degrees) (2008))
Sam Kelly (V) (Miscellaneous, Inside Scarecrow Video: The Largest Independent Video Store in the World (2013))
Sam Kelly (XV) (Miscellaneous, Bee Movie (2007))
Sam Kelly (VI) (Art Department, Surviving Evil (2009))
Sam Kelly (XII) (Self, Britain's Got Talent (2007))
Sam Kelly (XIII)
Hiram Keller (Actor, Fellini - Satyricon (1969))
Sam Kellie (I) (Actress, 7 Stages of a Modern Break-Up (2016))
Shyam Kelly (Actor, My Brother the Devil (2012))
Vesa Mäkelä (I) (Actor, The Man Without a Past (2002))
Adam Kelly (III) (Actor, Seductive Sex Positions (2004))
Sam Kelley (Actor, Peace Among Black Hills short (2016))
Adam Kelly (X)
Sam Kelly Jr. (II)
Sam Kelly Jr. (I) (Assistant Director, Worst Night to Grow a Pair (2014))
Sam Kelly Jr. (III) (Actor, Egghead (2014))
Lisa M. Kelly
Sam Keller (II) (Actor, People Magazine Investigates (2016))
Liam Kelly (VII)
Sam Kellet (Camera Department, Karter (2013))
Sam Kellie (II)
Sam Keller (IV)
Sam Keller (I) (Actor, Jesse James' Women (1954))
Kim Kelly (VI) (Self, Naked and Afraid XL (2015))
Liam Kelly (IV) (Miscellaneous, Zombie Apocalypse (2011))
Liam Kelly (XII)
Pam Kelly (II) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Liam Kelly (VI) (Camera Department, LaLaLand (2013))
Adam Kelly (I) (Actor, Screen Two (1985))
Liam Kelly (III) (Art Director, Attractifying Glasses (2013))
Liam Kelly (XVII) (Actor, Crooked Valley (2015))
Adam Kelly (XI) (Actor, You and I (2014))
Pam Kelly (I) (Actress, Dear Green Place (2006))
Liam Kelly (XIV) (Camera Department, In Pitch Dark (2015))
Adam Kelly (IV) (Camera Department, Secrets of Fenville (2003))
Liam Kelly (II) (Actor, Leap Year (2010))
Liam Kelly (XV)
Adam Kelly (II) (Actor, Disciples: Sacred Lands (1999))
Liam Kelly (V) (Sound Department, Ariel (2016))
Adam Kelly (VIII)
Liam Kelly (I) (Production Manager, Father Ted (1995))
Adam Kelly (XII) (Actor, This Is Desmondo Ray! (2016))
Liam Kelly (VIII) (Producer, Cracked Glass (2014))
Liam Kelly (IX)
Liam Kelly (X)
Liam Kelly (XIII) (Editor, Train of Thought (2016))
Pam Kelly (IV) (Actress, Hayride (2012))
Adam Kelly (VII) (Actor, Man-Cub (2008))
Adam Kelly (IX) (Self, Big Brother (2000))
Adam Kelly (V) (Director, Alaska: The Tracy Arm Experience (2007))
Adam Kelly (VI) (Animation Department, The Amazing World of Gumball (2011))
Pam Kelly (III)
Sam Kellerman (Thanks, Ticket to Hellworld: A Behind-the-Scenes Look (2005))
Miriam Kelly (Miscellaneous, Song for a Raggy Boy (2003))
Jim Kelly (III) (Self, Mike & Mike (2005))
Esa Mäkelä (Soundtrack, Ajomies (2013))
Tim Kelly (II) (Music Department, Race to Witch Mountain (2009))
Sam Kellman
Tricia M. Kelly (Actress, The Sandpiper (2007))
Tom Kelly (IV) (Soundtrack, Léon: The Professional (1994))
Graham Kelly (I) (Transportation Department, The Bourne Ultimatum (2007))
Jim Kelly (VIII) (Transportation Department, Winter's Bone (2010))
William Kelly (VI) (Actor, Through Walls (2004))
Phelim Kelly (Actor, Essex Spacebin (2016))
Sam Kellett (I) (Writer, Top Decking (2012))
Sam Kellett (II) (Actor, Liberation! The Musical (2013))
Sam Kellett (III) (Camera Department, Peelers (2016))
Sam Kellett (IV) (Cinematographer, Phoebe and Bianca Sitting in a Tree (2014))
William Kelly (XIII) (Writer, The Hitchhiker (1983))
William Kelly (XII) (Actor, Deadbolt (2006))
William Kelly (VIII) (Producer, Dog's Life (2006))
Graham Kelly (III) (Location Management, Right to Reply (1982))
William Kelly (VII) (Actor, A Goat's Tail (2006))
Graham Kelly (IV) (Producer, Buzzard (2014))
William Kelly (XVIII) (Art Department, Miss Leslie's Dolls (1973))
William Kelly (XVII) (Actor, The Passage (2013))
William Kelly (IX) (Art Department, Chainsaw Sally (2004))
Graham Kelly (II) (Self, LMA Manager (2000))
William Kelly (X) (Self, Land of the Rising Fastball (2010))
William Kelly (XV) (Actor, Jenny (2011))
William Kelly (XIV)
William Kelly (V) (Art Department, Nijinsky: The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky (2001))
William Kelly (XVI) (Actor, Chloe, Love Is Calling You (1934))
William Kelly (III) (Art Department, A Single Man (2009))
William Kelly (XI) (Director, Hear That Train a Comin' (2006))
William Kelly (IV) (Producer, Who Killed Taylor French? (1994))
William Kelly (II) (Director, Comeback (2000))
Graham Kelly (V)
Visa Mäkelä (Self, Saalis (2007))
Liisa Mäkelä (II) (Costume Designer, Elämän vonkamies (1986))
Sam Kelway
Vesa Mäkelä (II) (Music Department, Jäniksen vuosi (1977))
Sam Kenkel (Director, George Fights the Grimlaks (2008))
Liisa Mäkelä (I) (Miscellaneous, Ponterosa (2001))
Ansa Mäkelä (Art Department, Täällä Pohjantähden alla (2009))
Jim Kelly (XX) (Actor, Sorry Charlie (2009))
Tom Kelly (I) (Actor, Sapphire & Steel (1979))
M. Kelly (Actor, Ripping Yarns (1976))
M Kelly (Producer, Broken Swords (2017))
Rakim Kelly (Actor, Lost & Found Music Studios (2015))
Elizabeth M. Kelly (Actress, Junky Romance (2014))
Kim Kelly (I) (Actress, The Diary of Preston Plummer (2012))
Adam Keller (I) (Location Management, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012))
Tim Kelly (XI) (Self, Slaughter: From the Beginning (1991))
Tom Kelly (X) (Producer, Vocation (2003))
Pam Kelley
William Keller (I) (Actor, Enter the Dragon (1973))
William Kelley (III) (Writer, Witness (1985))
Jim Kelly (XXXV) (Actor, Free State of Jones (2016))
G.M. Kelly (Actor, Untold Stories of the ER (2004))
J.M. Kelly (Cinematographer, King's Heart (2015))
R.M. Kelly
H.M. Kelly (Actor, The Manson Family (1997))
Brandon M. Kelly (Costume Department, Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011))
Dom Kelly (Music Department, Ant-Man (2015))
Adam Kelly Morton (Writer, Bridges Over Montreal (2013))
Tom Kelly (V) (Actor, Against All Odds (1984))
Tim Kelly (I) (Writer, Cry of the Banshee (1970))
Jim Kelly (XIII) (Editor, This Girl's Life (2003))
Sam Kelechi (Actor, #Vengeance Is Mine (2013))
Samkelo Mzizi (Actor, Tooth and Nails: A Gospel Music Story (2012))
Samara Kelly (Actress, Door to Door (2016))
Kim Kelly (III) (Miscellaneous, Return to Never Land (2002))
Tim Kelly (V) (Editor, The Dr. Keith Ablow Show (2006))
Jim Kelly (XXIV) (Miscellaneous, Possessed (2000))
Jim Kelly (XXX)
Tim Kelly (LXV) (Sound Department, Charley's Aunt (1977))
Tim Kelly (LVI)
Tom Kelly (XIV) (Actor, Losers (2014))
Tim Kelly (LXIII) (Self, Gaikokujin Kisha wa Mita! Nippon in the World (2015))
Tom Kelly (XXXIII) (Self, The View (1997))
Jim Kelly (XXVIII)
Tom Kelly (LVIII) (Director, Point of No Return (2016))
Tim Kelly (XXVIII)
Tim Kelly (XXVII) (Actor, Sarah + Dee (2007))
Tim Kelly (L) (Editor, The Liver (2013))
Tim Kelly (XXXVIII)
Tim Kelly (XXIV) (Director, Juggler.com/Video (2003))
Thom Kelly (Composer, Double Walker (2015))
Tom Kelly (XLII) (Assistant Director, Me & You (2015))
Tom Kelly (XXXIX) (Self, Somebody's Gotta Do It (2014))
Tim Kelly (LII) (Producer, Sunday Punch (2013))
Jim Kelly (V) (Camera Department, Snake & Mongoose (2013))
Jim Kelly (XXXI) (Producer, The Angry Dude Show (2013))
Tim Kelly (X) (Actor, Parting Shots (1998))
Tom Kelly (XXXIV) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Tom Kelly (XLIII) (Miscellaneous, Welcome to Anhedonia (2015))
Tom Kelly (XL) (Assistant Director, Crack (2015))
Jim Kelly (VI) (Self, Morning (1979))
Jim Kelly (XV) (Actor, Far East (1994))
Tim Kelly (XII) (Actor, Every Little Girl's Dream (2002))
Tom Kelly (LIV)
Tim Kelly (XLIX) (Actor, Wormwood's End (2014))
Jim Kelly (XXII) (Actor, Sheriff of Contention (2010))
Tim Kelly (XXXIX) (Actor, Ghosts of Frostburg (2005))
Tom Kelly (LVI) (Self, The Captain's Daughter (2016))
Jim Kelly (XL) (Self, Celebrating a Community (2017))
Tom Kelly (III) (Camera Department, Spotlight on Trek (2001))
Tom Kelly (XXXV) (Self, Quicklaffs (2012))
Tom Kelly (XXIII) (Self, Rides (2003))
Jim Kelly (VII) (Actor, L'ultima meta (1991))
Tom Kelly (XIII) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Jim Kelly (XXI) (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Kim Kelly (V) (Visual Effects, Nelly & Nora (2015))
Tim Kelly (LIV) (Producer, Rogatsia: The Sense of Zourna (2015))
Jim Kelly (XXXVIII) (Self, D-Day to Victory (2011))
Tim Kelly (LIII) (Actor, Home Away (2016))
Tom Kelly (LI) (Actor, Law of Perdition (2017))
Tim Kelly (LXII) (Production Manager, Mysteries of the Unseen World (2013))
Tim Kelly (XV) (Director, Galore (2007))
Tim Kelly (XLI) (Sound Department, Blood Roulette (2011))
Jim Kelly (XXIX)
Jim Kelly (XIV) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Jim Kelly (XIX) (Miscellaneous, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (1972))
Tim Kelly (XIV) (Producer, Bragging Rights (2003))
Tim Kelly (XLII) (Sound Department, Milk Hare (2011))
Tim Kelly (LVII) (Actor, The Rising (2016))
Tom Kelly (XXIV) (Actor, Beacon on Monument Square (2010))
Tom Kelly (XV) (Self, National Heads-Up Poker Championship (2008))
Tim Kelly (XVIII)
Tom Kelly (XXII) (Camera Department, Final Mission (1994))
Tom Kelly (XXVI) (Miscellaneous, Famous and Fearless (2011))
Jim Kelly (XVIII) (Producer, The Sax Man (2014))
Tom Kelly (XXVIII) (Self, Year of the Quarterback (2010))