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Sal Lopez (I) (Actor, Full Metal Jacket (1987))
Sal Lopez (VI) (Actor, Road to Juarez (2015))
Sal Lopez (II) (Art Department, Class of 3000 (2006))
Pascal Lopez (III) (Stunts, Taken (2008))
Sal Lopez (III) (Actor, Knucklehead (2010))
Sal Lopez (IV) (Editorial Department, Transformers Prime (2010))
Sal Lopez (VII) (Camera Department, A Leading Man (2013))
Sal Lopez (VIII) (Actor, Switched at Birth (2011))
Sal Lopez (V) (Actor, Lost in Plainview (2005))
Al Lopez (III) (Self, 1964 MLB All-Star Game (1964))
Anel Lopez Gorham (Actress, Easy Six (2003))
Al Lopez (I) (Actor, Kyoko (1996))
Marisa Lopez (II) (Actress, Bridesmaid #3 (2012))
Al Lopez (X) (Camera Department, I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale (2009))
Al Lopez (IX) (Camera Department, The Storm (2009))
Al Lopez (XI) (Camera Department, Ring of Death (2008))
Al Lopez (XII) (Art Department, Suds County, USA (2012))
Al Lopez (II) (Actor, Death Promise (1977))
Al Lopez (XIV) (Actor, The Chewy Cafe (2007))
Al Lopez (VII) (Miscellaneous, Pisay (2007))
Al Lopez (VIII) (Transportation Department, Cadillac Records (2008))
Al Lopez (IV) (Camera Department, Just Desserts (2004))
Al Lopez (VI) (Producer, Dead Ronnie (2006))
Al Lopez (XIII)
Al Lopez (V) (Visual Effects, Bobby (2006))
Michael Lopez (I) (Producer, Lotto (2003))
Val Lopez
Victor Samuel Lopez (Actor, The Night Shift (2014))
Maria Isabel Lopez (Actress, Kung ako'y iiwan mo (2012))
Gil Lopez (Producer, LA Ink (2007))
Michael Lopez (II) (Actor, The Found (2009))
Jessica L. Lopez (Camera Department, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (2012))
Joel Lopez (I) (Director, Hannah (2010))
Angel Lopez (III) (Producer, Dear White People (2014))
Issa Lopez (Assistant Director, Niño (2011))
Lisa Lopez (II) (Actress, Tomcats (2001))
Paul Lopez (I) (Actor, Arizona (1940))
Carlos Alberto Lopez (Actor, A Perfect Getaway (2009))
Michael Lopez (IV) (Camera Department, Terminal (2015))
R.L. Lopez (Actor, The Magician King (2004))
Mariel Lopez (Actress, Wala na bang pag-ibig? (1997))
Michael Lopez (XII) (Actor, Aaron's Blood (2016))
Lisa Lopez (VI)
Abigail Lopez (Actress, Caleb's Door (2009))
Paul Lopez (XII)
Crystal Lopez (III) (Actress, Vow (2014))
Sheryll Lopez (Editorial Department, The Mistress (2012))
Jose L. Lopez (Make Up Department, Tom in America (2014))
Sally Lopez
Emanual Lopez (Miscellaneous, El Chupacabra: Las entrevistas perdido (2010))
Crystal Lopez (IV) (Actress, Where Am I? (2015))
Mallory Lopez (III) (Actor, Suburban Memoir (2015))
Mallory Lopez (II) (Actress, Suburban Memoir (2015))
Pascal Lopez (II)
Laura L. Lopez
Korral Lopez (Actor, May Through August (2015))
Nadia L. Lopez (Self, Dishing Tea with Big Meach (2009))
Mallory Lopez (I) (Casting Department, The Tree of Life (2011))
Krystal Lopez (Actor, Ninja B-Boy (2011))
Marcial Lopez (II) (Camera Department, Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill (1999))
Pascal Lopez (I) (Stunts, The Christmas Tree (1969))
Mallory Lopez (IV) (Assistant Director, The Inheritors (2016))
Marcial Lopez (I) (Camera Department, The Abyss (1989))
Vidal Lopez (Actor, Unwelcome Advances (2016))
Anibal Lopez (Transportation Department, Little Boy (2015))
Will Lopez (Actor, The Red Thread (2016))
Noel Lopez (I) (Editorial Department, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000))
Lisa Lopez (IX) (Actress, Just Like We Used to Do (2016))
Joel Lopez (VII) (Actor, The Random Show: The Movie (2016))
Teresa Lopez (Actress, All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos (2005))
Raul Lopez (I) (Stunts, Troy (2004))
Vanessa Lopez (VI) (Self, Big Brother (2000))
Lisa Lopez (V) (Make Up Department, The Comedians of Comedy: Live at the El Rey (2006))
Rosa Lopez (II)
Lisa Lopez (XI) (Make Up Department, 2014 Hero Dog Awards (2014))
Lisa Lopez (I) (Art Department, Toy Soldiers (1991))
Rosa Lopez (I) (Costume Department, Straight Outta Compton (2015))
Lisa Lopez (III) (Make Up Department, Murder in the First (1995))
Lisa Lopez (VIII) (Actress, Alien Protocol (2013))
Lisa Lopez (XII) (Director, NoHoes (2015))
Lisa Lopez (VII)
Lisa Lopez (X) (Composer, Silent Resurrection (2014))
Lisa Lopez (XIII) (Actress, The Greater Good Company (2017))
Lisa Lopez (IV) (Producer, I Love Money (2008))
Elsa Lopez (Art Director, Secrets of Paris (1922))
Jill Lopez (II) (Self, The Amazing Race Asia (2006))
Saul Lopez (Actor, Fantasia y traición (2005))
Joel Lopez (IV) (Cinematographer, Casa Del Loco (2013))
Paul Lopez (XIII) (Sound Department, Toppled (2017))
Pool Lopez (Actor, Puro Mula (2011))
Raul Lopez (IV) (Editor, Lastrain (2010))
Raul Lopez (VII) (Art Director, Stop the Show (2013))
Raul Lopez (IX)
Raul Lopez (II) (Actor, Alondra Smiles (2008))
Noel Lopez (IV) (Casting Department, Vides Transsexuals (2011))
Paul Lopez (VIII) (Special Effects, Spaced Invaders (1990))
Noel Lopez (VIII) (Actor, Cruzado (2016))
Gill Lopez (Editor, The Hybrid (2014))
Paul Lopez (XIV)
Noel Lopez (VII) (Actor, Through the Diamond (2016))
Zoel Lopez (Actor, Dangerous Dealings (2006))
Karel Lopez (Animation Department, El Sueño de Robinson (2015))
Roel Lopez (Actor, Bala at lipistik (1994))
Noel Lopez (V) (Actor, Latin Assassins (2012))
Raul Lopez (VI) (Editor, INdTelevision (2011))
Noel Lopez (VI)
Abel Lopez (IV) (Actor, Sands of Ikkera (2015))
Joel Lopez (II) (Actor, The Letter (2012))
Jill Lopez (I) (Miscellaneous, Michael Jackson: Bad (1987))
Raul Lopez (XI) (Stunts, Forward )
Abel Lopez (III) (Actor, Always Faithful (2014))
Carl Lopez (Camera Department, The Sensible Thing (1996))
Joel Lopez (V) (Camera Department, Blackberry Winter (2014))
Paul Lopez (VII) (Miscellaneous, 23 Hours (2013))
Raul Lopez (V) (Actor, Le jour et la nuit (1997))
Paul Lopez (VI)
Niel Lopez (Animation Department, Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016))
Paul Lopez (IX) (Actor, Behind the Bush (2011))
Axel Lopez
Raul Lopez (VIII) (Producer, 160 metros: una historia del rock en Bizkaia (2013))
Noel Lopez (III) (Miscellaneous, I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You) (2008))
Pol Lopez (Actor, Atsay killer buti nga sa'yo (1984))
Joel Lopez (III) (Stunts, Runner Runner (2013))
Paul Lopez (X) (Special Effects, Beautiful Creatures (2013))
Raul Lopez (XII) (Actor, Rumbos (2016))
Abel Lopez (I) (Cinematographer, Hard Rock Havana (2009))
Raul Lopez (XIII) (Camera Department, Autoestigma (1999))
Raul Lopez (III) (Actor, Los tres pasos (2015))
Noel Lopez (II) (Producer, City Drive Live (2003))
Joel Lopez (VI) (Cinematographer, The Real House Witches of Salem County (2015))
Paul Lopez (II) (Costume Department, X-Men 2 (2003))
Paul Lopez (V) (Actor, Viva Zapata! (1952))
Phil Lopez (Location Management, Niña Del Tango (2012))
Gabriel Lopez (XIV) (Actor, The Last Hit (2013))
Gabriel Lopez (XV) (Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011))
Rafael Lopez (VIII) (Producer, A Mother's Story (2011))
Liezel Lopez (Actress, Dear Uge (2016))
Ally Lopez
Manuel Lopez (I) (Actor, Casablanca (1942))
Rachel Lopez (I) (Make Up Department, The Garden (2015))
Miguel Lopez (XXVIII) (Actor, War of the Limelight (2016))
Gil Lopez Jr. (Actor, Sleepless Nights (2002))
Silvestre Lopez Portillo (Writer, Con las ganas (2004))
Melissa Lopez (V) (Actor, Product of My Environment (2013))
Daniel Lopez (XVIII) (Director, Dead (2012))
Daniel Lopez Muñoz (Art Department, Up (2009))
Gabriel Lopez (VIII) (Actor, Pride and Glory (2008))
Melissa Lopez (VIII) (Actress, Dark Fine Paradigms (2014))
Carol Lopez (IV) (Animation Department, Juanito Jones (2001))
Michael Lopez (XXI) (Actor, Sweet and Sour (1984))
Alyssa Lopez (IV) (Actress, Adventure Station (2016))
Melissa Lopez (XII) (Art Director, The Guild of Thespian Puppets Save Christmas (2014))
Vanessa Lopez (IX)
Alyssa Lopez (I) (Sound Department, Upside Down (2013))
Luis A. Lopez (II) (Director, Coffee and Juice (2013))
Luisa Lopez (I) (Actress, Naughty Pooch (1998))
Marissa Lopez (II) (Actress, Abe Makes a Movie (2015))
Luis A. Lopez (I) (Actor, A Toilet Encounter (2010))
Vanessa Lopez (VIII)
Salomon Lopez (Actor, Radio Play! (2015))
Vanessa Lopez (X) (Costume Department, A Darker Fifty Shades: The Fetish Set (2015))
Julissa Lopez (III) (Make Up Department, Katherine (2014))
Vanessa Lopez (XI) (Actor, In Search of Finality (2013))
Vanessa Lopez (III) (Miscellaneous, The Hawk Is Dying (2006))
Melissa Lopez (X) (Actress, Chance Encounter (2012))
Vanessa Lopez (XII) (Actress, Pulot-gata: Puwede kaya? (1977))
J.R. Salas Lopez (Assistant Director, Wake Up! (2015))
Marisa Lopez (V) (Actress, The Sleeping Beauty (2003))
Norris A. Lopez (Writer, Ms. Kristina Moran: Babaeng palaban (1999))
Marissa Lopez (III) (Make Up Department, Clayton & Claudia (2015))
Marisa Lopez (I) (Actress, Surviving the San Francisco Earthquake of 1989 (2004))
Vanessa Lopez (XIII) (Actress, Cheat Day (2016))
Julissa Lopez (I) (Actress, Manito (2002))
Elisa Lopez (Actress, Vapor (2013))
Vanessa Lopez (XIV) (Producer, Chatarra (2016))
Vanessa Lopez (I) (Actress, Les enfants du désordre (1989))
Melissa Lopez (VI) (Actress, False Colors )
Melissa Lopez (VII) (Make Up Department, One Moment: Web Series (2014))
Melissa Lopez (IV) (Art Department, Road to Nowhere (2011))
Eloisa Lopez (Miscellaneous, Quanto Tempo o Tempo Tem (2015))
Vanesa Lopez (Actress, Mga anghel sa impierno (1976))
Alyssa Lopez (II) (Actress, Plebes Alterados (2011))
Carlos A. Lopez (II) (Art Department, Cameron's Closet (1988))
Melissa Lopez (III) (Actress, Compose (2006))
Salme Lopez (Producer, Latino Americans (2013))
Alyssa Lopez (III) (Miscellaneous, Go-Go Boy Interrupted (2014))
Marisa Lopez (III) (Animation Department, UFO Files: Alien Engineering (2006))
Melissa Lopez (IX)
Melissa Lopez (XI) (Actress, Black Jacks (2014))
Vanessa Lopez (VII) (Actress, La fête du printemps (1998))
Vanessa Lopez (V)
Luisa Lopez (II) (Director, Bogotá, Bacatá, yo que sé... (2013))
Marissa Lopez (I) (Self, Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (2010))
Carlos A. Lopez (III) (Producer, Miss Leslie's Dolls (1973))
Vanessa Lopez (IV) (Actress, Twisted Lives, Endless Secrets (2004))
Melissa Lopez (II) (Actress, In the Red (1999))
Manuel Lopez (VI) (Costume Department, The Noble Family (2013))
Miguel Lopez (XII) (Art Department, Break Point (2014))
Rafael Lopez (III) (Camera Department, Coach (1978))
Angel Lopez (V) (Editor, Osea (2009))