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Ryan Cassidy (I) (Art Department, The King of Queens (1998))
Ryan Cassidy (IV)
Ryan Cassidy (III) (Actor, From Hollywood to Hollywood (2010))
Shaun Cassidy (I) (Producer, Invasion (2005))
Sean Cassidy (II) (Camera Department, Spider-Man 3 (2007))
Ronan Cassidy (III) (Sound Department, Blood of the Travellers (2011))
John Cassidy (II) (Miscellaneous, The Agency (2001))
Shawn Cassidy (II) (Producer, The Greater Image (2015))
Sean Cassidy (VI)
Kevin Cassidy (I) (Stunts, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Sean Cassidy (III) (Self, Strip Search (2005))
Susan Cassidy (I) (Actress, Torture Dungeon (1970))
Erin Cassidy (II) (Actress, Radioactive Star+1e (2012))
Cassidy Ann Shaffer (Actress, Death Clique (2014))
Don Cassidy (I) (Editor, Texas Rising (2015))
Shawn Cassidy (I) (Miscellaneous, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (2011))
Ewan Cassidy (Camera Department, Moon (2009))
Caitlin Cassidy (I) (Make Up Department, The Cursed Man (2016))
Alan Cassidy (III) (Producer, The Incredible Hulk (1978))
Shaun Cassidy (II) (Actor, Clinch (2015))
Evan Cassidy (I) (Actor, Pablo Steel (2014))
Cassidy Ryan (III) (Actress, A Skeleton Named Oliver (2014))
Cassidy Ryan (I) (Actor, Career Day (2014))
Ronan Cassidy (I) (Actor, Poultry in Motion (2001))
Jason Cassidy (I)
Logan Cassidy (Camera Department, Rottentail (2017))
Brian Cassidy (II) (Writer, Hell Town (1985))
Susan Cassidy (II) (Production Manager, Jamie's Comfort Food (2014))
Sean Cassidy (V) (Director, Burma: Reflections on a Hidden Land (2009))
Brian Cassidy (IV) (Miscellaneous, 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards (2012))
Sean Cassidy (X) (Miscellaneous, Who Do You Think You Are? (2010))
Alan Cassidy (I) (Sound Department, Assault on Precinct 13 (1976))
Dylan Cassidy (Actress, Surviving Crooked Lake (2008))
Sean Cassidy (XIII)
Susan Cassidy (V) (Location Management, Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait (2011))
Brian Cassidy (III) (Editor, Rachel Is (2009))
Dean Cassidy (Producer, True Colors (2008))
Ian Cassidy (Visual Effects, That's Him (2011))
Sean Cassidy (VIII) (Camera Department, Murder Mill (2014))
Jean Cassidy (II) (Editor, Slipping Into Darkness (1978))
Alan Cassidy (VII) (Self, The Black Dahlia Murder: Majesty (2009))
Susan Cassidy (IV) (Self, Orchard Revolution (2014))
Jean Cassidy (I) (Actress, Drôle de samedi (1985))
Alan Cassidy (V)
Evan Cassidy (II) (Actor, The Crystal Crypt (2013))
Megan Cassidy (I) (Make Up Department, Behind the Byte (2007))
Megan Cassidy (III) (Music Department, Virunga (2014))
Sean Cassidy (I) (Sound Department, Roar (1981))
Alan Cassidy (II) (Actor, Dead On (1994))
Dan Cassidy (II) (Music Department, The 1000th Subscriber (2013))
Megan Cassidy (II) (Actress, A Terrible Beauty... (2013))
Dan Cassidy (I) (Camera Department, Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction (2009))
Sean Cassidy (XI) (Miscellaneous, Outcast (2016))
Fran Cassidy (Sound Department, Keys to the City (2012))
Susan Cassidy (III) (Producer, A Guide to Dating at the End of the World (2013))
Sean Cassidy (IV) (Miscellaneous, Road to Nowhere (2010))
Sean Cassidy (XII) (Producer, Amelia (2016))
Alan Cassidy (VI) (Miscellaneous, Come Outside (1993))
Aidan Cassidy (Camera Department, Dredem (2017))
Brian Cassidy (I) (Actor, Bikini Summer II (1992))
Evan Cassidy (III) (Actor, Our Lord and Neighbor (2015))
Sean Cassidy (IX) (Camera Department, And So It Goes (2014))
Sean Cassidy (VII) (Cinematographer, Red Springs (2011))
Ryan Cassata (I) (Music Department, Songs for Alexis (2014))
Simon Cassidy (I) (Actor, Vigilante (2016))
John Cassidy (I) (Actor, Yanks (1979))
Ciaran Cassidy (Director, The Last Days of Peter Bergmann (2013))
Sheridan Cassidy (Director, Choice or Chance (2016))
Ryan Carrassi (Writer, Sunset Beach (1997))
Ellen Cassidy (Actress, Love, Honor and -- ? (1919))
Bryan Casserly (Actor, Krisha (2015))
Bryan Cass (I) (Actor, Hold the Rice (2004))
Caitlin Cassidy (II) (Actress, Trouble with Women (2014))
Ryan Cass (IV) (Director, Stammer (2016))
Bryan Cass (II) (Camera Department, Cassandra French's Finishing School (2017))
Ryan Cass (II) (Actor, Pepper (2010))
Ryan Cass (I) (Camera Department, Guy's Grocery Games (2013))
Meghan Cassidy (II) (Miscellaneous, Detroit (2017))
Ryan Casselman (Director, A Good Ol' Chap (2014))
Kirsten Cassidy (Actress, Grange Hill (1978))
Lauren Cassidy (I) (Actress, A Few Best Men (2011))
Maureen Cassidy (II) (Actress, The Careless Years (1957))
Colin Cassidy (Actor, Raising the Bar (2016))
Erin Cassidy (III) (Actress, Women of Power (2013))
John Cassidy (III)
Kevin Cassidy (VII) (Actor, Lost Within (2015))
Jason Cassidy (II) (Actor, Moccasin Flats (1991))
Kevin Cassidy (VI) (Self, City Confidential (1998))
Leon Cassidy (Editor, Relatório de Um Homem Casado (1974))
Kevin Cassidy (III) (Sound Department, Treasure in Heaven (2012))
Kevin Cassidy (V) (Camera Department, Iron Maiden: Maiden England (1989))
Aaron Cassidy (Writer, Locked Up (2011))
Simon Cassidy (II)
John Cassidy (XVI) (Camera Department, The Comedian (2016))
Ben Cassidy (II) (Camera Department, The Minister of Chance (2014))
Erin Cassidy (I) (Miscellaneous, Big Brother (2000))
Don Cassidy (II) (Actor, No More Dirty Deals (1993))
John Cassidy (XVIII)
Robin Cassidy (Actor, The Castaways (2006))
John Cassidy (XVII) (Camera Department, Give Me Trouble (2016))
John Cassidy (V) (Self, Dennis Viollet: A United Man (2016))
John Cassidy (XII) (Camera Department, Sexy Evil Genius (2013))
Devon Cassidy (Actress, S.T.R.O.N.G. (2016))
John Cassidy (VI) (Miscellaneous, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (1997))
John Cassidy (IX) (Editorial Department, Leonardo's Little Black Book (2008))
Ben Cassidy (I) (Actor, Pearl (1978))
Gwen Cassidy (I) (Producer, Renovation Nation (2008))
Kevin Cassidy (II) (Miscellaneous, Before the Border (2015))
Owen Cassidy (Composer, Locked Up (2011))
Mason Cassidy (Actor, Castel: India * Kashmir (2007))
John Cassidy (VII) (Art Department, The Last of England (1987))
Kevin Cassidy (IV) (Producer, Love at First Light (2015))
John Cassidy (XV) (Actor, Pink Teddy (2008))
John Cassidy (IV) (Actor, Gotham, IL (2004))
Dawn Cassidy (Actress, Byker Grove (1989))
Devin Cassidy (Actor, Experts Say (2009))
John Cassidy (VIII) (Self, Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon (1966))
John Cassidy (XIV) (Self, WGL Million Dollar Shootout (2007))
Gwen Cassidy (II) (Sound Department, Milk (2009))
Helen Cassidy (I) (Miscellaneous, Tusks (1988))
Helen Cassidy (II) (Actress, Sisters of War (2010))
John Cassidy (XI) (Camera Department, Assumed Killer (2013))
John Cassidy (X) (Self, Frontline (1983))
John Cassidy (XIII)
Cassidy Wyans (Actor, Party Girl (2014))
Ryan Cassells (Actor, Snow (2012))
Martin Cassidy (I) (Actor, Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982))
Ryan Casido (Camera Department, Bakal Boys (2009))
Nathan Cassidy (Director, I Am Orig (2012))
Dan Cassiday (Self, Boogie Stomp! (2012))
KatyAnn Cassidy (Miscellaneous, For Christ's Sake (2010))
Kayann Cassidy (Producer, Sins of the Dragon (2012))
Jay 'Caveman' Cassidy (Self, Urban Tarzan (2013))
Ryan Cassell (I) (Editorial Department, Kitchen Nightmares (2007))
Sullivan Cassidy (Actor, The Doctor Blake Mysteries (2013))
Odhran Cassidy (Actor, Zombie Dust (2012))
Kaitlan Cassidy (Make Up Department, The Magician (2017))
Brendan Cassidy (I) (Actor, Stork (1971))
Jonathan-Cassidy Ong (Actor, Heyy (2012))
Brendan Cassidy (III) (Actor, A Dream of Color in Black and White (2005))
Declan Cassidy (I) (Director, Whatever Turns You On (2008))
Jordan Cassidy (Set Decorator, When Calls the Heart (2014))
Brendan Cassidy (II) (Miscellaneous, Close Combat: First to Fight (2005))
Meghan Cassidy (I) (Costume Department, Blur (2007))
Siobhan Cassidy (Production Designer, Land Is God (2014))
Declan Cassidy (II) (Miscellaneous, MasterChef South Africa (2012))
Morgan Cassidy (Animation Department, Katt Williams: NASA (2013))
Brendan Cassidy (IV) (Music Department, II (2012))
Norman Cassidy (Camera Department, Psycho (1960))
Bryson Cassidy (I) (Sound Department, The Void (2016))
Ryan Cassell (II) (Actor, Post Apocaylptia (2015))
Ryan Cassem (Actor, Paper-Maché (2009))
Ryan Cassata (II)
Ryan Cassady (Camera Department, Metropole (2007))
Bryan Cassels (Miscellaneous, Copperhead (2013))
Maureen Cassidy (I) (Actress, We Are the Mods (2009))
Caitlyn Cassidy (Make Up Department, Stolen from the Cradle (2017))
Jodeen Cassidy (Self, I Came Away Alive (2008))
Cassidy Anderson (I) (Actor, Crumble (2012))
Carolyn Cassidy (Miscellaneous, The Knights of Prosperity (2007))
Jackson Cassidy (Actor, Don't Blame the Koalas (2002))
Scott Brendan Cassidy (Director, A Test (2012))
Kaitlin Cassidy (I) (Miscellaneous, The Perfect Student (2011))
Cassidy Anderson (II) (Actress, Neighbours (1985))
Steven Cassidy (I) (Camera Department, Love and Death on Long Island (1997))
Rebeka Pinon-Cassidy (Editorial Department, The Melon Bar (2016))
Lauren Cassidy (II) (Actress, Where's Jaime (2015))
Kaitlin Cassidy (II) (Self, A Double Shot at Love (2008))
Dillon Cassidy (II) (Actor, Man on the Street (2015))
Dustin Cassidy (Cinematographer, Going Straight (2005))
Stephen Cassidy (Cinematographer, Kick About (2007))
Maureen Cassidy (V) (Producer, The Newlywed Game (2009))
Kristin Cassidy (II) (Actor, No Witnesses (2014))
Maureen Cassidy (IV) (Actress, SuperNews! (2005))
Shannon Cassidy (Actress, The Candy Shop (2010))
Alison Cassidy (Actress, Bellbird (1967))
Cathleen Cassidy (Actress, Pablo Steel (2014))
Brendton Cassidy (Writer, Cecilia Sikes Was a Party Girl (2010))
Austin Cassidy (Self, 2010 Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl (2010))
Dillon Cassidy (I) (Producer, Family Dinner (2015))
Kathleen Cassidy (Miscellaneous, The Early Show (1999))
Brenton Cassidy (Writer, Headache (2012))
Noreen Cassidy
Kristin Cassidy (III)
Damien Cassidy (Actor, When the Tide Turns (2007))
Steven Cassidy (II) (Cinematographer, Knightfall (in development))
Martin Cassidy (II)
Sharon Cassidy (Make Up Department, Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (1973))
Brandon Cassidy (Actor, On the Brink (2003))
Caitlin Cassidy (V) (Make Up Department, Money Where Your Mouth Is (2013))
Rebeka Pinon Cassidy (Actress, The Appointment: A Mother's Choice (2014))
Caitlin Cassidy (IV) (Make Up Department, Pamphlet Man (2013))
Lauren Cassidy (III) (Animation Department, The Velvet Abstract (2016))
Brendon Cassidy (Composer, Chapter Perfect (1997))
Madison Cassidy (Actor, Where There's a Will (2013))
Colleen Cassidy (Camera Department, Eggshells (2016))
Steven Cassidy (III) (Camera Department, Notes to Eternity (2016))
Kristin Cassidy (I)
Lauren Cassidy Sims (Actress, Kid-A-Ma-Jigs (2015))
Michael Kern Cassidy (I) (Actor, Tick Tock Boom Clap (2011))