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Robert Hardy (I) (Actor, All Creatures Great and Small (1978))
Rob Hardy (II) (Cinematographer, Ex Machina (2014))
aka "Robert Hardy"
Bob Hardy (I) (Actor, Night of the Lepus (1972))
aka "Robert Hardy"
Robert Hardy Andrews (Miscellaneous, The Millionaire (1955))
Robert Hardy (III) (Production Manager, Defying Gravity (2009))
Bob Hardy (II) (Self, 9 Songs (2004))
aka "Robert Hardy"
Robert Hardy (XIII) (Cinematographer, Pater (in development))
Robert Vallis (I) (Actor, The Man with the Twisted Lip (1921))
Robert Hays (I) (Actor, Airplane! (1980))
Robert Harper (I) (Actor, Once Upon a Time in America (1984))
Robert Harmon (I) (Director, The Hitcher (1986))
Robert Hardin (I) (Actor, The Young and the Restless (1973))
Robert Harron (Actor, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916))
Robert Hardy (XI)
Robert Hardy (VI) (Miscellaneous, Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985))
Robert Hardy (II) (Camera Department, The Silver Moonlight (2015))
Robert Hardy (VII) (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Robert Hardy (V) (Sound Department, Saga Tier I (2006))
Robert Hardy (IV)
Robert Hardy (X) (Camera Department, On Such a Winter's Day (2012))
Robert Hardy (IX) (Actor, Up from Slavery (2011))
Robert Hardy (VIII) (Actor, Mrs. Columbo (1979))
Robert Harris (II) (Writer, The Ghost Writer (2010))
Robert Ri'chard (Actor, Coach Carter (2005))
Robert Harris (XIII) (Actor, Cabin Fever (2002))
Robert Harvey (I) (Actor, Looper (2012))
Robert Hall (V) (Make Up Department, Superbad (2007))
Robert Richardson (I) (Cinematographer, Inglourious Basterds (2009))
Robert Hallak (Actor, The M Word (2014))
Robert Hastings (I) (Actor, McHale's Navy (1962))
Robert Emhardt (Actor, Another World (1964))
Robert Harris (I) (Actor, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943))
Robert Harley (I) (Writer, The Delivery Man (2015))
Bert Hardy (Actor, Korea: The Unknown War (1988))
Jon Robert Hall (Music Department, La La Land (2016))
Robert Hayes (VI) (Actor, The Lucky One (2012))
Robert Harling (Writer, Steel Magnolias (1989))
Robert Harte (I) (Actor, Shortland Street (1992))
Robert Hansen (I) (Actor, Kærlighed ved første hik (1999))
Robert Harland (I) (Actor, Target: The Corruptors (1961))
Robertha (Actress, Rosas blancas para mi hermana negra (1970))
Robert Hamer (I) (Director, Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949))
Robert Hands (Actor, Stonehearst Asylum (2014))
Robert Hawk (I) (Thanks, Chasing Amy (1997))
Robert Hanley (I) (Actor, Private Benjamin (1980))
Robert Haas (VII)
Robert Hatch (II) (Actor, The Accountant (2016))
Robert Harte (III) (Actor, Treading Water (2001))
Jean-Robert Hardy (Director, Grillages (1991))
Robert Hammer (I) (Writer, Don't Answer the Phone! (1980))
Robert Harper (IV) (Actor, On the Corner (2003))
Robert Hare (I) (Cinematographer, The Living Planet (1984))
Robert Hare (II) (Self, Psychopath Night (2013))
Robert Hardin (III)
Robert Harden (Actor, Surf Nazis Must Die (1987))
Robert Hardin (II) (Miscellaneous, Shane (1966))
Robert Hardie (I) (Camera Department, Little Boy Lost (1978))
Robert Hardie (II) (Actor, The Freelands (2011))
Robert Hayes (I) (Cinematographer, Pacific Blue (1996))
Robert H. Harris (Actor, How to Make a Monster (1958))
Robert Hamner (Writer, S.W.A.T. (2003))
Robert Ham (I) (Director, Missing in Action: The LTC Don Faith Story (2013))
Robert Harmon (VI) (Actor, I Am Kill (2013))
Robert Harriell (Actor, Freezer Burn (2007))
Robert Haley (I) (Actor, The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
Robert Hackl (I) (Production Manager, Good Will Hunting (1997))
Albert Hardy
Robert Hall (XI) (Editorial Department, Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004))
Robert Harvey (VI) (Actor, The Fanglys (2004))
Robert Hart (XII) (Art Department, The Godfather (1972))
Robert Hayley (Stunts, Fantastic Four (2005))
Robert Harker (I) (Actor, Blood & Orchids (1986))
Robert Harman (I) (Special Effects, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003))
Robert Hayes (XV) (Self, The Bachelorette (2003))
Robert Haines (I) (Actor, Citizen Kane (1941))
Robert Hauer (I) (Cinematographer, Insanitarium (2008))
Robert Hazard (I) (Soundtrack, BioShock Infinite (2013))
Robert Harris (IX) (Producer, The Indian in the Cupboard (1995))
Robert Harrow (Actor, Wild Harvest (1962))
Robert Harris (VIII) (Producer, Werewolf of London (1935))
Robert Halmi Jr. (Producer, Lonesome Dove (1989))
Robert Havill (Miscellaneous, Rogue One (2016))
Robert Harand (Animation Department, The Swan Princess (1994))
Robert Hardman (I) (Writer, Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work (2007))
Robert Harbin (I) (Casting Director, Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989))
Robert Harper (V) (Actor, Rookie of the Year (1993))
Robert Harari (I) (Writer, A Foreign Affair (1948))
Robert Hartford-Davis (Director, Black Gunn (1972))
Robert Harrington (I) (Actor, The Blacklist (2013))
Robert Hartmann (I) (Producer, Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity (2007))
Robert Haulbrook (Actor, Loving (2016))
Robert Hargreaves (III) (Sound Department, Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010))
Robert Haimer (Soundtrack, Willard (2003))
Robert Hazard (II) (Location Management, A T.A.D.D. Long Journey (2010))
Robert Hamard (Sound Department, The Aeronauts (1967))
Robert Harper (XVII) (Actor, The Chronicle (2001))
Robert Harper (XIV) (Actor, MTV's Now What? (2001))
Robert Harris (XLV)
Robert Hart (IV) (Actor, The Court Jester (1955))
Robert Harney (Writer, Creature Capture (2016))
Robert Harris (XXXV) (Actor, Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011))
Robert Harvey (IV) (Art Department, Photographing Fairies (1997))
Robert Harris (XXV)
Robert Hartz (Actor, Bus Driver (2011))
Robert Harper (XX) (Actor, The Movie Out Here (2012))
Robert Harris (LV) (Camera Department, Xploration Nature Knows Best (2016))
Robert Harman (II) (Sound Department, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (2013))
Robert Harris (XII) (Music Department, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1995))
Robert Hart (VII) (Music Department, The Favor (1994))
Robert Hart (X) (Self, Forest Gardening with Robert Hart (1996))
Robert Harte (V) (Actor, Villa Panaderia (2016))
Robert Hartel (Producer, Commanders at War (2009))
Robert Hart (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Afro Samurai (2009))
Robert Hart (XV) (Stunts, Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire (2017))
Robert Hart (XVII) (Actor, Olympia (2016))
Robert Harari (II) (Editor, The Murder Game (2006))
Robert Harvey (XXV)
Robert Harrah
Robert Harmon (XII) (Assistant Director, Blondie (2014))
Robert Harter (I) (Actor, The Wacky World of Mother Goose (1967))
Robert Harris (XIV) (Actor, Freebie and the Bean (1974))
Robert Harris (XXVI) (Miscellaneous, L.A. Holiday Celebration (2006))
Robert Harlow (III) (Actor, The Adventures of Hero and Sidekick (2014))
Robert Harris (X) (Miscellaneous, Click: The Calendar Girl Killer (1990))
Robert Harper (VIII) (Actor, Secret Weapons Over Normandy (2003))
Robert Harmon (XI) (Actor, The Birth (2017))
Robert Harris (XXXVI)
Robert Harbin (III) (Art Department, Starfall )
Robert Harris (LVI) (Self, Letting Go of Adele (2017))
Robert Harmon (II)
Robert Harmon (V) (Art Department, Timmy Text Message (2009))
Robert Harvey (XXVII) (Stunts, C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud (1989))
Robert Harper (XIX) (Actor, Lost Hero (2011))
Robert Harris (LI) (Actor, But What If? (2015))
Robert Harper (X) (Sound Department, He Did His Best (1929))
Robert Harper (XXIII) (Actor, The Witness for the Prosecution (2016))
Robert Hart (I) (Actor, Ri¢hie Ri¢h's Christmas Wish (1998))
Robert Harris (XI) (Writer, Blue Heelers (1994))
Robert Hart (VI) (Camera Department, Out (2009))
Robert Hartry (Music Department, Hell's Satans (2016))
Robert Harper (VII) (Actor, Black Pond (2011))
Robert Harris (XIX) (Visual Effects, Knightmare (1987))
Robert Hart (XIII) (Sound Department, For King and Empire (2001))
Robert Harold (Director, Left Behind (2017))
Robert Harvey (XVI) (Sound Department, Urban Legends (2016))
Robert Harari (III) (Actor, Échec au roi (1931))
Robert Harris (XXX) (Composer, Getting Ready (2010))
Robert Hariri (Producer, My Mom's New Boyfriend (2008))
Robert Harvey (X) (Actor, StarMetro Storybook (2014))
Robert Harper (XII) (Camera Department, Framed (2002))
Robert Harvey (XXVIII) (Actor, Standing Up (2013))
Robert Harris (XV) (Self, Countdown (1982))
Robert Harvey (XXI)
Robert Harvey (XX) (Actor, Four Questions (2012))
Robert Harper (XXI) (Actor, The Scenic Route (2013))
Robert Harris (XXI) (Production Manager, Midnight (2006))
Robert Harvey (XIV) (Writer, The American Film Institute Presents: TV or Not TV? (1990))
Robert Harris (LII) (Actor, Soul Searcher (2005))
Robert Harlow (IV) (Visual Effects, Fear Level (2018))
Robert Hart (XIV) (Actor, M.O.B. Cleaners (2015))
Robert Harris (XXXI) (Writer, The Forgotten Defenders (2010))
Robert Harvey (XXIV)
Robert Harris (XXIII) (Music Department, The Legend of Marilyn Monroe (1966))
Robert Hart (XVI) (Camera Department, In My Pocket (2011))
Bertha Roberts (Actress, Among Those Present (1921))
Robert Harlow (I) (Writer, When Tomorrow Dies (1965))
Robert Harper (III) (Art Department, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Robert Harmon (VII) (Actor, The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010))
Robert Harker (II) (Self, The Dales (2011))
Robert Harris (XL) (Producer, Trapped in Terra (2011))
Robert Harper (II) (Production Designer, My Apocalypse (2008))
Robert Harris (VII) (Art Director, The Fence (1994))
Robert Harris (LIII) (Actor, Blind Dino (2013))
Robert Harte (IV) (Actor, Bad Blood (2009))
Robert Harari (IV) (Music Department, Monsters (1988))
Robert Harvey (XXVI) (Writer, Endgame (2009))
Robert Hart (IX) (Camera Department, Revive (2013))
Robert Harper (XVI) (Sound Department, Alleyman (2010))
Robert Harris (V) (Actor, The Last Innocent Man (1987))
Robert Harris (XXII) (Miscellaneous, Blasto (1978))
Robert Harris (XXXVII) (Director, Suite of Summer Evenings (2009))
Robert Harlow (II) (Music Department, 2012: The True Mayan Prophecy (2010))
Robert Harris (XLVIII) (Director, Positive (2012))
Robert Harris (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Zoe (2001))
Robert Harvey (XIII) (Actor, Born of Hope (2009))
Robert Harris (L) (Actor, City of Vultures (2015))
Robert Harris (XVI) (Actor, Wicked Temptations (2002))
Robert Harris (XLVII) (Producer, Speed Dating (2012))
Robert Harnap (Transportation Department, Adamski (1993))
Robert Harvey (VIII) (Producer, The New Casper Cartoon Show (1963))
Robert Harman (III) (Sound Department, Walk with Me (2017))
Robert Harvey (XVIII)
Robert Harman (IV) (Camera Department, Elizabeth I (2017))
Robert Harper (VI) (Actor, Minstrel Man (1977))
Robert Harper (XXII) (Actor, Voodoo Cowboys (2010))
Robert Harvey (XI) (Actor, Caged Men Plus One Woman (1971))
Robert Harvey (XVII) (Cinematographer, Flüssiges Gold - Die Schotten und ihr Whisky (2004))
Robert Harris (LIV) (Actor, Is That You? (2014))
Robert Hart (XI)
Robert Harris (VI) (Actor, Steal Big Steal Little (1995))