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Rick Stear (I) (Actor, Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God... Be Back by Five (1998))
Rick Stear (II) (Actor, By the Sword (2013))
Rick Stearns (Self, One Bright Shining Moment (2005))
Rick Stearn (Miscellaneous, American Gladiators (1989))
Patrick Stewart (I) (Actor, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Patrick St. Esprit (Actor, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013))
Rick Stein (Self, German Bite (2013))
Rick Steves (Writer, Rick Steves' Europe (2000))
Rick Stead (Actor, Neighbours (1985))
Rick Steadman (Actor, Zoochosis Pres: Save Miranda! (2011))
Nick Stead (Stunts, RoboCop (2014))
Rick Steiner (I) (Actor, WCW Beach Blast (1992))
Rick Steadry (Camera Department, One by One (1974))
Rick Stempson (Writer, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009))
Patrick Steward (I) (Director, Same (2015))
John Blickstead (Writer, The Great Indoors (2016))
Patrick Stepien (Camera Department, Spotlight (2015))
Rick Steel (II) (Producer, Chinx Drugz: Feelings (2014))
Rick Stern (I) (Camera Department, Take Shelter (2011))
Rick Stern (II) (Director, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Swing But Were Afraid to Ask (1999))
Rick Steer (Miscellaneous, Seasons of War (2015))
Rick Stepp (Camera Department, Dirty Work (2004))
Rick Stern (III) (Assistant Director, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992))
Susie Wickstead (Actress, Echoes of an Epic (2006))
Robert Patrick Stern (Cinematographer, The Rake )
Chuck Stearns (Self, To Tell the Truth (1956))
Jack Stearns (Camera Department, Don't Save Me (2017))
Erica Jane Beckstead (Make Up Department, Axiomatic (2015))
Nick Steadman (Miscellaneous, Constructor (1997))
Nick Steain (Actor, Through Anything (2017))
Patrick Stettner (Director, The Night Listener (2006))
Tom Patrick Stephens (Actor, The Following (2013))
Patrick Stehr (Actor, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (1954))
Rick Stevenson (I) (Director, Expiration Date (2006))
David Patrick Stearns (Writer, The Face on the Barroom Floor: The Poem, the Place, the Opera (2013))
Cody Kilpatrick Steele (Actor, Sincerely, Me (2016))
Patrick Stevenson (Actor, Outlander (2008))
Patrick Beckstead (Actor, Identity Theft (2009))
Rick Steiner (III) (Miscellaneous, Hairspray (2007))
Rick Sterker (Writer, Gare Snaaiers (2015))
Patrick Steel (II) (Miscellaneous, The Thin Blue Line (1995))
Rick Steward (II) (Actor, The Dread (2007))
Rick Stevens (XII)
Rick Steward (I) (Editor, The Pink Panther Show (1969))
Patrick Stein (III) (Editor, Connected (2011))
Rick Stevens (VIII)
Rick Stevens (IX) (Actor, Broken Faith (2012))
Rick Stephens (III) (Self, 16th Annual Prism Awards (2012))
Patrick Stein (II) (Actor, All in my Head - The Patrick Stein Story (2014))
Rick Stephen (Actor, Goldy 2: The Saga of the Golden Bear (1986))
Patrick Stein (IV) (Location Management, Nesseltal (2016))
Rick Stevens (VI) (Actor, Free Love Confidential (1967))
Jo Krickstein (Set Decorator, Rock n' Roll Cops (2002))
Rick Steere (Actor, Ulterior Motives (2008))
Rick Stewart (III) (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
Rick Steiner (II) (Self, Cincinnati: Just Around the Corner (2003))
Derrick Steel
Rick Stevens (XIII) (Music Department, Mistress (1987))
Rick Steele (I) (Composer, Rock and Roll Mud Wrestling (2009))
Patrick Steve (Composer, Match (2000))
Patrick Steel (I) (Costume Designer, Hot Target (1985))
Rick Stevens (I) (Actor, Unfair Game (1996))
Rick Stewart (I) (Actor, A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990))
Rick Stevens (X) (Self, Iowa City Shorts (2003))
Rick Stepton (Actor, Calle 54 (2000))
Rick Stefanko (Self, Trauma: Life in the E.R. (1997))
Patrick Sterl (Production Manager, A Girl on Her Own (1976))
Rick Steiner (IV) (Self, Black Ice (2014))
Rick Stephens (II) (Cinematographer, Club Crystal (2008))
Rick Steele (IV) (Actor, The Embers (2012))
Rick Sterling (Self, IWS: Freedom to Fight (2003))
Patrick Stein (I) (Editorial Department, NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage (2014))
Rick Stevens (XV)
Erick Stevens (I) (Actor, Far West (1973))
Rick Stetson (Self, Tokens of War (2009))
Rick Eckstein (Music Department, Incident at Oglala (1992))
Rick Stephens (I) (Miscellaneous, Peter Gabriel's Secret World (1994))
Varick Steel (Actor, Rosa de Francia (1935))
Rick Stetta (Self, Special When Lit (2009))
Rick Stevens (VII) (Camera Department, Red Moon (2010))
Rick Stevens (II) (Sound Department, The Undertaker and His Pals (1966))
Rick Steble (Actor, Mind the Gap )
Rick Stephans (Sound Department, Terror in the Jungle (1968))
Rick Stelow (Editor, Pet Doctors of Atlanta (2014))
Rick Stevens (IV) (Self, Coming Home (1978))
Rick Stevens (XIV) (Producer, Bump City (2015))
Erick Steiner (Director, Gus vs. Chester (2014))
Rick Stewart (IV) (Self, Hometown Sports Game of the Week (1996))
Erick Steeg (Camera Department, Omega bûsuto (1999))
Patrick Steel (III) (Director, King of the Road: Peter Pickles and the Homeless Industry (2014))
Rick Stevens (V) (Actor, Mind Malady (2009))
Michael Patrick Stevens (Director, Brutal (2012))
Frederick Stephani (Writer, Flash Gordon (1936))
Patrick Steele (I) (Producer, True Nature (2010))
Patrick Stenberg (Stunts, Jurassic World (2015))
John Patrick Stewart (Actor, Blanks (1995))
Rick Sternbach (Art Department, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Patrick Steltzer (Stunts, Kiss of the Dragon (2001))
Patrick Stewart (XIX)
Patrick Stephenson (IV) (Actor, Mango Tango (2009))
Patrick Stewart (IV) (Actor, Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1979))
Ring Hendricks-Tellefsen (Actor, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012))
Patrick Steven Greene (Actor, Rellik (2015))
Jeff Wickstead (Director, Run Zombie Run (2009))
Elicia Wickstead (Actress, Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket (2013))
Brian Wickstead (Assistant Director, The Ray Bradbury Theater (1985))
Bert Wickstead (Self, The Underworld (1994))
Margaret Wickstead (Self, Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister (2013))
Claude Wickstead (Sound Department, This Is New Zealand (1970))
Rebecca Eicksteadt (Assistant Director, Mister Scrooge to See You (2013))
Patrick Steffensen (Self, Paradise Hotel (2005))
Loetfi Hendricks & Team
Patrick Stewart (X) (Location Management, Detaljer (2003))
Eric Beckstead (Actor, Olympus (2015))
Eric Blackstead (Music Department, Woodstock (1970))
Patrick Stewart (II) (Editor, Sahara (1995))
Patrick Stevens (VI) (Actor, Star Trek: Absolution (2015))
Patrick Stevens (V) (Writer, Barinia: Food and People of the Mediterranean (2015))
Patrick Steward (III)
Patrick Stewart (XVII) (Cinematographer, 7 Secrets with Victoria Justice (2010))
Rick Stephenson (IV) (Producer, The 34th Annual Chicago Music Awards (2015))
J. Patrick Stern (I)
Patrick Stephenson (II) (Transportation Department, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016))
Roderick Steel (Producer, Nem Dia. Nem Noite (2010))
Patrick Steward (IV) (Actor, Claire (2016))
Patrick Stemelen (Special Effects, Flesh (2005))
Rick Stevenson (IV)
Patrick Stenglein (Editor, Once More for the Underdog (2016))
Patrick Sterckx (Miscellaneous, Manneken Pis (1995))
Patrick Stewart (XVI)
Patrick Steinweden (Cinematographer, Boney M. aus Lämmerspiel (2012))
Rick Stethenson (Producer, Jersey 4 (in development))
Rick Stefanowski (Producer, Wapos Bay: The Series (2005))
Patrick Steele (II) (Music Department, Do You Know This Girl? (2014))
Kedrick Stellway (Actor, Waking North Haven (2013))
Patrick Stelter (I) (Director, Background Noise (in development))
Patrick Stewart (XVIII) (Cinematographer, Peter O'Toole: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival (2012))
Jim Erickstein (Miscellaneous, Universal Groove (2007))
Patrick Stenber (Actor, Dungeons and Something Else (2009))
John Patrick Stenman (Actor, PS sista sommaren (1988))
Patrick Stewart (V) (Camera Department, Article 99 (1992))
Patrick Stergos (II) (Actor, The Comix Scrutinizer (2012))
Roderick Stephenson (Actor, Baby Brown (1990))
Patrick Stevens (III) (Actor, Last Call (2012))
Patrick Stewart (XI) (Miscellaneous, The Insider (1999))
Patrick Stelter (II) (Actor, The Rackaracka (2013))
Rick Stephenson (III) (Editorial Department, Chuck's Eat the Street (2012))
Patrick Steede (Actor, Miss World (1973))
Airick Stevenson (Assistant Director, The Chaos Protocol: From the Adapt or Die Files (2017))
Frederick Steim (Editor, Investigative Reports (1991))
Derick Stephenson (Art Department, The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005))
Patrick Steele (III)
Chester Myrick Stacy (Actor, Shutter (2004))
Patrick Stewart (XX) (Cinematographer, The Birth of a Band (2006))
Fredrick Stewart (Actor, Frostbite (2013))
Rick Stevenson (V) (Sound Department, What Happened Was... (1994))
Patrick Stewart (XIV) (Cinematographer, TeenNick Halo Awards (2009))
Patrick Stewart (XV) (Composer, Brocket 99: Rockin' the Country (2006))
Patrick Stephenson (I) (Composer, Good Morning Tomorrow (2003))
Patrick Stefurak (Miscellaneous, Little Devil (2009))
Patrick Steinegger (Production Manager, Wo ist Max? (2008))
Derrick Stephney (Camera Department, For the Love of Cats (2016))
Patrick Sterrett (Actor, A Time for the Heart (2009))
Tom Patrick Stehens (Miscellaneous, The Seismic Sense: How Animals Predict Earthquakes (2012))
Patrick Stergos (I) (Producer, Billi & Theodore (2012))
Patrick Steve Müller (Production Designer, Eierdiebe (2003))
Derrick Steele (Miscellaneous, Helix (2008))
Patrick Stewart (XII) (Special Effects, Ancient Mysteries (1994))
Patrick Stevens (IV) (Art Department, He's Such a Girl (2009))
Derick Stewart (Camera Department, The Apocalypse (1997))
Frederick Steyne (Actor, Chandar, the Black Leopard of Ceylon (1972))
Patrick Stengel (Actor, Zombie Reanimation (2009))
Frederick Steiss (Actor, Je me souviens (2008))
Patrick Stewart (VIII) (Actor, Oklahoma Tragedy (2001))
Rick Stefanucci
Patrick Stelmach (Animation Department, At the Mountains of Madness (2016))
Patrick Steichen (Actor, All Roads Lead to Occidental (2014))
Patrick Stenzel (Writer, Neo Magazin (2013))
Patrick Stegall (Camera Department, The Night Listener (2006))
Patrick Stephen (Art Department, Once a Fox (2016))
Patrick Steenberge (Producer, Inside the Legends: 2009 Notre Dame Japan Bowl (2009))
Richard Glickstein (Miscellaneous, The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (1998))
Rick Steigerwald (Actor, Foxcatcher (2014))
Kendrick Stewart (Self, 2007 Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (2007))
Frederick Stevens (Actor, Magnificent Obsession (1954))
Patrick Steinzer (Stunts, K (1997))
Patrick Stedman (Transportation Department, Misguided Behavior (2017))
Patrick Stewart (III) (Actor, The Ware Case (1928))
Patrick Steward (II) (Camera Department, Below the Line with George Peroulas (2009))
Patrick Steiner (I) (Miscellaneous, Harald Schmidt (2004))
Roderick Stewart (Self, Treks in a Wild World (2000))
Patrick Steward (V) (Miscellaneous, Safe Harbour Amsterdam (2016))
Aaron Krickstein (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Rick Stephenson (I) (Editorial Department, Clubhouse Detectives (1996))
Patrick Stevens (II) (Miscellaneous, Thuis (1995))
Patrick Steiner (II) (Cinematographer, Coming Home (2015))
Patrick Steller (Actor, Three Murderesses (1959))
Eric Dickstein (Self, RiverBlue (2016))
Patrick Stewart (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Land Girls (1998))
J. Patrick Stern (II) (Sound Department, Smokes (2008))