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Rick James (II)
Rick James (IV) (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
Rick James (III) (Sound Department, Specter's Rock (2003))
Patrick J. Adams (Actor, Suits (2011))
Nick James (II) (Actor, Hank Zipzer (2014))
Nick Jameson (Actor, Frozen (2013))
Derrick James (II) (Actor, Lola: Érase una vez (2007))
Rick James (XVII)
Rick James (VIII) (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Rick James (V) (Camera Department, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Rick James (XI) (Editor, The Making of the Monarch (2013))
Rick James (XIII) (Camera Department, A Star for Christmas (2012))
Rick James (VII) (Actor, Oile (2008))
Rick James (VI)
Rick James (IX)
Rick James (I) (Sound Department, The Set (1970))
Rick James (XVI) (Actor, The Unforgettable Words (2014))
Rick James (XV) (Camera Department, Fight for Your Right Revisited (2011))
Rick James (XIX) (Actor, In:Sight (2016))
Rick James (X) (Actor, Iniquitous )
Rick James (XIV) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Rick James (XVIII) (Composer, Mourning for Mangatopi (1974))
Patrick James (X) (Producer, The Horizon Series (2009))
Dick James (I) (Costume Department, Young Frankenstein (1974))
Nick James (XV) (Cinematographer, Vampyre Web (2013))
Patrick James (I) (Visual Effects, Monsters, Inc. (2001))
Patrick James (XII) (Actor, Zorro (1990))
Patrick James (XIX) (Actor, You (2011))
Dick James (III) (Actor, High Hell (1958))
Nick James (V) (Actor, 51.50 (2004))
James Patrick Stuart (Actor, All My Children (1970))
Jack James (X) (Director, Malady (2015))
Chuck James (I) (Self, Denise Richards: It's Complicated (2008))
Rick James Jr. (Self, I'm Rick James (2009))
Patrick James O'Hare (Actor, Pandora (2016))
Nick James (IV) (Sound Department, Exspiravit (2016))
Nick James (III) (Actor, Perdu (2014))
Nick James (XIV) (Actor, Cold Blood (2008))
Mick James (I) (Writer, Smack the Pony (1999))
Nick James (XIII) (Miscellaneous, The Comet's Tale (2007))
Nick James (XI) (Miscellaneous, Leprechaun 3 (1995))
Nick James (VI) (Actor, Nightmare Weekend (1986))
Dick James (IX) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Nick James (XII) (Camera Department, Chronicle (2012))
Mick James (II) (Sound Department, Friends from Afar (2016))
Nick James (VII) (Self, Real James Dean (2006))
Dick James (VI) (Actor, Hot Splash (1988))
Nick James (I) (Editor, Battle of Lake Erie (2013))
Nick James (XVI) (Producer, This Is Jayde: The One Hit Wonder (2016))
Nick James (X) (Actor, Poster Boy (2006))
Patrick James Lynch (Actor, Stop the Bleeding! (2013))
Patrick James (XX)
Patrick James (VII) (Self, Wild Thing: I Love You (2006))
Patrick James (VI) (Actor, A Slice of Life (1983))
Patrick James (V) (Production Manager, Football Challenge (2003))
Patrick James (XVI) (Miscellaneous, The Order of Things (2012))
Patrick James (XIV) (Writer, Moving Takahashi (2011))
Patrick James (XXV) (Actor, Never Hesitate (2014))
Patrick James (IX) (Editorial Department, The Ride (2003))
Patrick James (II) (Stunts, Raging Fists (1975))
Patrick James (XVIII) (Sound Department, Planting Seeds (2015))
Patrick James (XXVI) (Miscellaneous, Madhouse Mecca (2016))
Patrick James (XI) (Director, A Mother's Lie (2012))
Patrick James (XXII) (Actor, Short Term 12 (2013))
Patrick James (XXI) (Art Department, The Signal Hill Speed Run (2013))
Patrick James (XIII) (Actor, Lavolta (2012))
Patrick James (XXIII) (Sound Department, Sex, Drugs & Student Loans (2014))
Patrick James (VIII) (Composer, Imitation Life (2008))
Patrick James (XV) (Actor, Breaking Point (2012))
Patrick James (IV) (Actor, Bloodlust (2013))
Patrick James (XXVIII) (Cinematographer, A Powerful Demonstration )
Patrick James (III) (Actor, Le tribunal de l'impossible (1967))
Patrick James (XVII) (Actor, Mantuition (2012))
Patrick James (XXVII) (Sound Department, Door of Fear (2016))
Merrick James (Special Effects, The Dead Pit (1989))
Derrick James (III) (Actor, AbsurdTV Show (2015))
Brandon Jack James (Actor, Even Stevens (1999))
Patrick James Stephens (Assistant Director, That Good Night (2017))
James Broderick (I) (Actor, Family (1976))
James Hamrick (I) (Actor, Devil's Knot (2013))
Jack James (XV) (Actor, Todd: Before the Bat (2016))
Jack James (III) (Actor, Madras Town (2010))
Patrick James Clarke (Actor, The Protector (1985))
Jack Jameson (II) (Director, Gigglebiz (2009))
Frederick-James Koch (Actor, A Common Man (2013))
Jack James (XI) (Editorial Department, Earth (2007))
Jack James (IX) (Actor, Silk (2011))
Buck James (I)
Jack James (XIV) (Actor, It's a Boy (2015))
Mack James (Music Department, Speedo (2003))
Jack James (VI) (Actor, A Sense of Carol Reed (2006))
Jack James (XII) (Actor, Red Pier (1958))
Jack James (II) (Visual Effects, Swept Away (2002))
Jack James (IV) (Writer, Liquid Country (2004))
Jack James (XIII) (Sound Department, The End Is Cow (2009))
Jack James (VII) (Miscellaneous, Luwte (2010))
Jack James (VIII) (Art Department, Hot Rod Dogs & Cool Car Cats (1995))
Jack James (I) (Actor, Blue Scar (1949))
Jack James (V) (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Zack James (Writer, Yo Mama (2011))
Nick Jamee (Transportation Department, Sheryl Crow: C'mon America 2003 (2003))
Patrick Jamen (Miscellaneous, Peoria Babylon (1997))
Patrick Jamet (Producer, Second Star (2015))
Rick Jamerson (Actor, Resurrecting the Champ (2007))
Rick James Kneifl (Actor, Crazy Gals (2010))
Chuck James (VI)
Rick James Willis (Actor, The Night Before Easter (2014))
Frederick Jameson (Writer, Tristan and Isolda (1938))
Patrick Jameson
Patrick James Dean (Actor, HorrorCon (2014))
Maverick James (Sound Department, Kidnap Party (2012))
Patrick James Quinn (Writer, Heart (2012))
Patrick James Bird
Patrick James Diaz (Assistant Director, Suits (2011))
Roderick James (Writer, Stoplifters! (2015))
Patrick James Turner (Assistant Director, Undressed (1999))
Rick James Monahan (Actor, Cain and Abel (2006))
Patrick James Ross
Patrick James Ryan (Camera Department, Fear Clinic (2015))
Frederick James (Production Manager, The Proud Valley (1940))
Patrick James Sisi (Self, Pilipinas Got Talent (2010))
Patrick James Leach (Costume Department, Taking Woodstock (2009))
Roderick James II (Editor, The Kitchen (2006))
Chadrick James (Actor, Staying Vigilant (2015))
Patrick James Grossi (Writer, Ellie Goulding: Hanging on Feat. Tinie Tempah (2012))
Patrick James Thomas (Producer, Bonds (2010))
Patrick James Evans (Editor, Kill Everyone (2009))
Erick James Sernat (Art Department, Ipaglaban mo (2014))
Chuck James (III) (Actor, Taxi (1978))
Franck James (Actor, Inspector Blunder (1980))
Jack James Ford (Camera Department, Cold Roads )
Jack Jameson (I) (Actor, Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard (1940))
Chuck James (II) (Actor, Deep Jaws (1976))
Chuck James (V)
Jack Jameson (III) (Actor, Meet Me There (2014))
Chuck Jameson
Chuck James (IV) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Nick James Williams (Actor, The Pledge (2011))
Yannick Jamey (Camera Department, One with the Devil (2015))
Patrick Jamot (Art Department, Ronin (1998))
Rick Jamison (I) (Sound Department, Stripteaser II (1997))
Rick Jamison (II) (Actor, Guns & Ammo Television (2003))
Rick Jamieson (Camera Department, 31st Annual Genie Awards (2011))
Patrick Jamaa (Visual Effects, Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001))
James Patrick Pitt (Actor, Avatar (2009))
Patrick James Slattery (Music Department, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (2010))
James Patrick (XIV) (Editor, Frontier (2016))
James A. FitzPatrick (Producer, Minnesota: 'Land of Plenty' (1942))
Nick James Parker (Actor, Crowe County (2015))
Nick James Frechette (Producer, Petrified (2006))
Nick James Hannah (Actor, Perspective (2013))
Nick James Clark (Director, Get to Work in Record Time (2014))
Rodnick James Turner (Miscellaneous, Rooster Teeth: Entertainment System (2015))
Nick James Kitchen (Costume Department, Bitter Almonds (2013))
Sedgewick James (Miscellaneous, Double Happiness (1994))
Nick James Pearce (Director, The Forgotten City (2015))
Chadwick James (Actor, The Suicide Game (2008))
Nick James Johnson (Cinematographer, The Eyelash (2013))
Patrick Jammes (Assistant Director, Charlie et ses deux nénettes (1973))
James Patrick Huggins (Actor, Carry Me Home (2004))
Allerick Jamerson (Art Department, Mind of Its Own (2010))
Patrick James Arboleda (Art Department, Captive (2012))
Derick James Sherrier Jr. (Actor, Pity Applause (2016))
Patrick James Schwartz (Actor, Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell (2010))
Patrick James Whitney (Camera Department, What We Live For (2014))
Patrick James Thompson (Visual Effects, Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs (2012))
Patrick James Grosswendt (Camera Department, Gosford Park (2001))
Fredrick James Staves (Self, Baby Gangster (2014))
Frederick James Preston (Writer, Ain't Nothing Funny (2009))
Patrick Jamain (I) (Director, Navarro (1989))
James Brickhouse (Actor, Love Like This (2014))
Austin James Horick (Actor, Haven (2015))
James A. Dick Jr. (Self, Mighty Musical Monday (2014))
James Gohrick (Actor, Eagle Eye (2008))
Jack James Troisi (Visual Effects, Gods of Egypt (2016))
James Seppelfrick (Producer, Redefining Love (2009))
James Ricker II (Actor, Big Significant Things (2014))
James Hendricks (V)
James Rick (Editor, Call of the Wild (1992))
John Mack James (Camera Department, Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion (1996))
Bruce Brock James (Art Department, The Ghost Dance (1982))
Brock James Smith (Actor, It Came for Friendship But Found Food (2010))
Jack James Roday (Actor, A Christmas Tail (2014))
Partick James Thompson (Editor, Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs (2012))
Roderick Jamie
Patrick J. Amgar (Actor, Meeting Place (2012))
Patrick Jamain (II) (Art Director, Navarro (1989))
James Garrick (I) (Actor, Wicked Stepmother (1989))
Ricki Jameson (Actor, Persona (2014))
James Patrick Dunne (Producer, Happy Days (1974))
James Patrick (I) (Actor, For the Boys (1991))
James Patrick Cronin (Actor, Static Shock (2000))
James Patrick Freetly (Actor, Trouble with the Curve (2012))
Philip James McGoldrick (Director, Siemiany (2009))
James Fitzpatrick (III) (Music Department, District 9 (2009))
James Ricks (Actor, The Waiting Man (2012))
James Patrick Nelson (Actor, Adam (2016))
James Wirrick
James Pedrick
Patrick James Brian Farley (Miscellaneous, Love Conquers Paul (2009))