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Rick Hoffman (I) (Actor, Suits (2011))
Rick Hoffman (VII) (Actor, Battleship (2012))
Rick Hoffman (VI) (Self, Battleship: Commander Pete (2012))
Rick Hoffman (II) (Actor, Slumber Party '57 (1976))
Rick Hoffman (IV) (Miscellaneous, Puncture (2011))
Rick Hoffman (V)
Rick Hoffman (VIII)
Rick Hoffman (III) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Nick Hoffman (I) (Actor, 13 Seconds (2003))
Jack Hoffman (IX) (Self, Gold Rush: Alaska (2010))
Zack Hoffman (Actor, Untraceable (2008))
Jack Hoffman (I) (Actor, The Lovely Bones (2009))
Jerick Hoffer (Actor, Drag Becomes Him (2015))
Patrick Hoffmann (I) (Miscellaneous, The Merchant of Venice (2004))
Dick Hoffman (Actor, Eames Lounge Chair (1956))
Nick Hoffmann (Sound Department, Freigeist (2015))
Nick Hoffman (II) (Sound Department, The Stranger in Us (2010))
Nick Hoffman (III) (Camera Department, BB Brown & Friends (2016))
Jack Hoffman (XII) (Self, MasterChef Junior (2013))
Chuck Hoffman (Actor, Dawn of the Dead (1978))
Jack Hoffman (XIV) (Actor, Madam Secretary (2014))
Jack Hoffman (III) (Soundtrack, Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988))
Jack Hoffman (XIII) (Actor, The Lost Episode (2012))
Jack Hoffmann (Self, Superpower (2008))
Jack Hoffman (VIII) (Actor, The Fence (1994))
Brock Hoffman (Producer, Under Surveillance (2010))
Jack Hoffman (V) (Actor, Tricks of the Trade (1968))
Jack Hoffman (X) (Camera Department, Hail the Conquering Hero (1944))
Jack Hoffman (II) (Special Effects, Let Freedom Ring (1939))
Jack Hoffman (XV)
Jack Hoffman (IV) (Stunts, Getting Lucky (1990))
Jack Hoffman (XVI) (Actor, Vegas High Stakes (1996))
Eric Hoffman (I) (Actor, The Red Sandwich Christmas Hour (2007))
Derek Hoffman (I) (Producer, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
Patrick Hoffmann (II) (Actor, The Door Stop (2005))
Patrick Hoffmann (III) (Actor, Spieltrieb (2013))
Cédrick Hoffmann (Cinematographer, La douleur de la mort (2016))
Frederick Hoffman (Actor, A Sensitive, Passionate Man (1977))
Garrick Hoffman (Actor, Connect (2016))
Mark Hoffman (I) (Camera Department, Screamers (1995))
Dark Hoffman (I) (Visual Effects, 300 (2006))
Derek Hoffman (XI) (Self, Canadian Idol (2003))
Hank Hoffman (III) (Producer, Slumber (2017))
Derek Hoffmann (Camera Department, The Apprentice (2004))
Mark Hoffman (XXXI) (Sound Department, The Animal Express (1982))
Mark Hoffman (XXV) (Actor, Conversations Across Time (2013))
Derek Hoffman (II) (Camera Department, Cake (2014))
Mark Hoffman (XXX) (Sound Department, Digs (2013))
Mark Hoffmann (I) (Camera Department, Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001))
Derek Hoffman (IX) (Camera Department, Möbius (2011))
Mark Hoffman (XXIV) (Miscellaneous, Shark Tank (2009))
Mark Hoffman (XXXII) (Actor, Hippocampus M 21th (2014))
Mark Hoffman (XV) (Miscellaneous, The Howlin' Wolf Story (2003))
Mark Hoffmann (IV) (Actor, Bob Mazooka: Fun Time Action Hour for Kids (2013))
Mark Hoffman (VII)
Mark Hoffman (XXIII) (Actor, MindScans (2013))
Marek Hoffmann (Actor, Strasidla (2016))
Derek Hoffman (XII) (Actor, High and Bye (2009))
Derek Hoffman (XIII) (Camera Department, Something More: The Music Video (2011))
Derek Hoffman (III) (Art Department, Indecision (2008))
Hank Hoffman (I) (Actor, Panic in Echo Park (1977))
Mark Hoffman (VI)
Mark Hoffman (XIX) (Sound Department, Tunnels Above Ground (2017))
Mark Hoffman (XVI) (Self, Glasnost Coda: Singing in Siberia (2011))
Erik Hoffman (II) (Camera Department, Waning Solstice (2005))
Nik Hoffman (Music Department, Dust Up (2012))
Mark Hoffman (X) (Actor, Saints and Soldiers (2003))
Dark Hoffman (II) (Stunts, Young Warriors (1983))
Mark Hoffman (XIV) (Music Department, The Toxic Avenger (1984))
Mark Hoffman (XIII) (Transportation Department, ... Just a Job (2007))
Derek Hoffman (X) (Camera Department, Wyatt Earp's Revenge (2012))
Mark Hoffmann (II) (Animation Department, Home Movies (1999))
Erik Hoffmann (Director, Once Upon a Time in the Dark (2012))
Mark Hoffman (V) (Producer, Sai Gon nhat thuc (2007))
Mark Hoffman (III) (Editor, 15:30:03 (1997))
Mark Hoffman (XII) (Sound Department, The Hit (2008))
Derek Hoffman (VII) (Camera Department, Double or Nothing (2012))
Mik Hoffman (Sound Department, Miami Connection (1987))
Mark Hoffman (XVII) (Producer, The Lair (2010))
Mark Hoffman (IV) (Miscellaneous, Death Shot (1973))
Mark Hoffman (XX) (Miscellaneous, Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (2004))
Maik Hoffmann (Actor, Schmiede 21 (2013))
Erik Hoffman (I) (Actor, Hemslavinnor (1923))
Mark Hoffman (XXVIII)
Mirek Hoffman (Soundtrack, Mapa zámorských objevu (1979))
Derek Hoffman (VIII)
Mark Hoffmann (III) (Actor, Post Traumatic (2014))
Derek Hoffman (VI) (Camera Department, Rock Jocks (2012))
Mark Hoffman (II) (Camera Department, Kolobos (1999))
Mark Hoffman (XXI)
Mark Hoffman (VIII) (Actor, An Ignoble Caper (2011))
Erik Hoffman (III) (Actor, Really Decadent Guys (2007))
Isaak Hoffman (Miscellaneous, Hannah and Her Fruit Flies (2011))
Derek Hoffman (V) (Camera Department, Another Period (2015))
Clark Hoffman (Camera Department, Fear Factor (2001))
Frank Hoffman (Camera Department, The Remarkable Andrew (1942))
Mark Hoffman (IX) (Sound Department, Sturgis: Motorcycle Mania (2008))
Jusik Hoffman (Producer, Another Stupid Day (2013))
Eric Hoffman (IX) (Sound Department, Noah (2014))
Jon Eric Hoffman (Actor, Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood (2012))
Carl 'Block' Hoffman (Actor, Home in Indiana (1944))
Geoffery Jack Hoffman (Art Department, Celebrity Deathmatch (1998))
Eric Hoffmann (III) (Actor, Puppet Show (2011))
Kole Selznick Hoffman (Actor, The Mindy Project (2012))
Robin Selznick Hoffman (Actress, Technically, Marvin (2017))
Nicky Hoffman (Miscellaneous, Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV (1985))
Ann Rickhoff (Actress, 2wks, 1yr (2002))
Patrick Hoff (Music Department, Vocabulary of the Mysteries (2013))
Eric Hoffman (IV) (Sound Department, Projecting (2017))
Eric Hoffman (XIV) (Actor, Call 911 (2008))
Eric D. Hoffman (Actor, Treasures (2017))
Eric Hoffman (XI) (Actor, 684 Brewster (2008))
Rich Hoffman (III) (Transportation Department, Dawn of the Crescent Moon (2014))
Eric Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, Down by Law (1986))
Eric Hoffman (VIII) (Composer, Reflection (2007))
Eric Hoffman (XVI)
Eric Hoffman (VI) (Thanks, It Was a Colossal Teenage Movie Machine: The American International Pictures Story (2015))
Eric Hoffman (XVII)
Eric Hoffman (XXIII) (Actor, A Fix and a Kiss (2000))
Eric Hoffman (XVIII)
Eric Hoffman (XIX)
Eric Hoffman (XII) (Producer, Black Gold: Behind the Scenes (2011))
Eric Hoffman (III) (Miscellaneous, The Last Days (1998))
Eric Hoffman (XIII) (Animation Department, Milroy: Santa's Misfit Mutt (1987))
Eric Hoffman (XXI) (Sound Department, Bullit: The Documentary (2013))
Eric Hoffman (V)
Eric Hoffmann (II) (Cinematographer, Wie war denn das, Veronika? (2008))
Rich Hoffman (II)
Eric Hoffman (X) (Actor, Enchanted (2007))
Brice Hoffman (Camera Department, Beyond the Ropes (2008))
Eric Hoffman (XX) (Actor, Rocketman Flies Again (1966))
Rich Hoffman (I) (Actor, Front Man (2008))
Eric Hoffmann (I) (Producer, Digging for the Truth (2005))
Eric Hoffmann (IV) (Actor, Lady's Night (2008))
Frank Hoffmann (I) (Actor, Ace of Aces (1982))
Tricia Jo Hoffman (Actress, Mulberry Stains (2012))
Patrick Hofmann (Miscellaneous, Motocross Madness (2013))
Ricky Coffman (Self, 1982 NFL Draft (1982))
Patrick Hoffacker (Editor, La Vie en Rose (2016))
Shawn Erik Hoffman (Actor, In an Instant (2015))
Patrik Hoffmann (Actor, Doktori z Pocátku (2013))
Frank Hoffmann (VII) (Assistant Director, Dr. Ketel (2011))
James K. Hoffman (Producer, Mommy (1995))
Zdenek Hoffman
Frank Hoffmann (III) (Camera Department, Trutz (1991))
Erik Hoffman-Bang (Actor, Darling (2007))
Frank Hoffmann (VIII) (Director, Les brigands (2015))
Hendrik Hoffmann (Self, Der große Preis (2001))
Frank Hoffmann (IV)
Frank Hoffmann (VI)
Domenik Hoffmann (Camera Department, Buddy (2013))
Frank Hoffmann (II) (Producer, Extra - Das RTL Magazin (1994))
Sean Erik Hoffman (Actor, Coffee (2015))
Frank Hoffmann (V) (Writer, Antons Fest (2013))
Maik Hoffmannbeck (Actor, Sherlock Holmes und die sieben Zwerge (1994))
Meltina K. Hoffman (Make Up Department, Jimmy P. (2013))
Richard Hoffman (XIII) (Actor, Trigger Happy Hands (2010))
Richard Hoffman (XVII) (Animation Department, She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985))
Heinrich Hoffmann (I) (Miscellaneous, The World at War (1973))
Vickie Hoffman
Nicklaus A. Hoffman (Producer, Apples & Oranges (2001))
Mickey Hoffman (Self, Pit Trading 101 (2013))
Angelique Rickhoff
Richard Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, Foxfire (1987))
Béatrice M. Hoffmann (Miscellaneous, Tatort (1970))
Jan Hinrich Hoffmann (Camera Department, Cloud Atlas (2012))
Eric D. Hoffmann (Actor, Gone Fishing (2014))
Richard G. Hoffman (Miscellaneous, Captain Phillips (2013))
Richard Hoffman Jr. (Actor, The Star (2006))
Richard J. Hoffman (Self, Crucifixion (2008))
Richard Hoffman (V) (Make Up Department, Wichita (2014))
Tricia Hoffman (II) (Actress, Cheerleader Massacre 2 (2011))
Richard Hoffman (X) (Actor, Qagaldis Tkvia (2007))
Richard Hoffmann (V) (Director, Space Bollocks (in development))
Tricia Hoffman (I) (Miscellaneous, My New Gun (1992))
Richard Hoffman (I) (Actor, Payday (1973))
Friedrich Hoffmann (Self, Welche Richtung geht's nach Hause? (2008))
Richard Hoffman (III) (Sound Department, The Origin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the J.O.I.N.T. (2005))
Ulrich Hoffmann (II) (Self, Les moissons du futur (2012))
Mauricio Hoffman (I)
Enrico Hoffmann (Actor, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014))
Richard Hoffmann (VII) (Writer, Wassa Schelesnowa (1984))
Maurice Hoffmann (Art Department, Souvenir (2016))
Richard Hoffman (XI) (Producer, Even the Heavens Weep: The West Virginia Mine Wars (1985))
Richard Hoffmann (IV) (Camera Department, Heading for Glory (1974))
Heinrich Hoffmann (II) (Writer, Der Struwwelpeter (1955))
Richard Hoffmann (III) (Director, Watermelon Magic (2014))
Richard Hoffman (XVIII) (Sound Department, The Dianne and Ashly Show Presents: Murder Mystery (2017))
Richard Hoffman (IV)
Richard Hoffman (IX) (Actor, Lawrence Jones y el bastón de mando (2008))
Patricia Ann Hoffman
Richard Hoffmann (VI)
Mauricio Hoffman (II) (Self, Bailando por un sueño (2007))
Richard Hoffman (XII) (Actor, The Quest for Gold (2014))
Richard Hoffman (XVI) (Actor, The Fursona Files (2015))
Richard Hoffman (XIV) (Self, Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War (1998))
Richard Hoffmann (II) (Writer, Qu'est-ce qui fait courir les crocodiles? (1971))
Patricia Hoffmann (Miscellaneous, Dolce Vita (2001))
Richard Hoffman (VII) (Miscellaneous, Zodiac (2007))
Ulrich Hoffmann (I) (Actor, Mord im Wald (1992))