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Richie Jen (Actor, Breaking News (2004))
aka "Richie Ren"
Richie Rich (I) (Self, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006))
Richie Rey
Richie Sanders (I) (Actor, Robin Hood (1973))
Richie Rich (IX) (Self, Richie Rich: The Boy with the Bucks (1981))
Richie Lawrence (I) (Actor, The Best Man Holiday (2013))
Richie Ramone (Self, End of the Century (2003))
Richie Rich (IV) (Casting Department, The Dark Party (2013))
Richie Redz (Composer, Portobello (2011))
Richie Reitz
Richie Recks (Actor, Eden (2008))
Richie Rekhi
Richie Resseo (Actor, If... Dog... Rabbit (1999))
Richie Regan (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Richie Reiner (Actor, The Jerk (1979))
Richie Rich (XV)
Richie Rich (VII) (Self, The King Assassin Show (2014))
Richie Rich (XIII) (Self, Unsung (2008))
Richie Rich (III) (Editorial Department, Goin' Down to South Park (1999))
Richie Ray
Richie Rich (XII) (Composer, The Bass That Ate Miami: The Foundation (2013))
Richie Rich (VIII) (Self, Stopper: The Rise and Fall of the Bastard Squad (2015))
Richie Rich (VI) (Composer, Going Commando (2011))
Brenda Harvey-Richie
Richie Rocco (Actor, Stiffs (2010))
Richie Redding (Actor, Ski Trippin' (2005))
Richie Roberts (Self, Fallen Empire: Making 'American Gangster' (2008))
Richie Rayfield (Actor, Valence Theory (2004))
Rocco Chierichella (Actor, Something About Ryan (2009))
Richie Rose (Camera Department, 54 (1998))
Richie Romero (I) (Animation Department, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005))
Richie Pierce (I) (Actor, Curtains (1983))
Richie Ryan (I) (Camera Department, Chasing Normality (2011))
Richie Root (Writer, Tvoovies (2013))
Jamie Richie (Art Department, Requiem for Herstory (2011))
Richie Rich Swim (Miscellaneous, Remote Control (1987))
Richie Rucks (Actor, Outlane (2014))
Richie Ross (Actor, The Last Rung on the Ladder (2012))
Richie Russek (Self, All-Star Dealers (2012))
Tyler Richier (Actor, Animate Your Dead Date (2014))
Richie Ricardo (Actor, Permainan cinta (1983))
Richie Ribar (Actor, Deadtona (2015))
Richie Pierce (II) (Actor, Streets of East L.A. (2016))
Richie Pierce (IV) (Actor, Unholy Passion (2006))
Richie Ryan (II) (Actor, Pat Shortt: Live and a Bit Dangerous (2003))
Richie Raith (Camera Department, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995))
Juan Richieri (Editor, Buscando al comandante Andresito (2012))
Richie Rotten (Actor, The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: The Re-Make (2008))
Richie Ring (Miscellaneous, The Sentinel (2006))
Richie Rosati (Actor, Home of Angels (1994))
Richie Riley (Miscellaneous, Ballet Black (1986))
Richie Ranieri (Actor, A Bronx Tale (1993))
Richie Roman (Self, Tabatha's Salon Takeover (2008))
Richie Rubin (Producer, Burn Out the Day (2010))
Richie Rubion (Art Department, The Mommy Returns (2012))
Richie Romero (II) (Miscellaneous, Six Ladies Laughing (1990))
Richie Raposa (Costume Designer, Puppy Love (2000))
Lauren Richie (Miscellaneous, The What?! (2010))
Larren Richie (Sound Department, Descent of a Superstar (2013))
Richie Lorenz (Actor, La casa loca (2007))
Richie Rollins (Actor, Pink Heat (2015))
Richie Perez (I) (Actor, King of the Jungle (2000))
Richie Evers (Actor, The Perfect Day (2017))
Richie Powers (Self, The NBA on USA (1979))
Richie Akers (Actor, Puppy (2005))
Richie Sanders (II) (Actor, Admins (2015))
Richie Peters (Camera Department, Tick Tock (2015))
Richie Perez (II) (Cinematographer, La Mandragora (2012))
Richie Hersch (Actor, Law & Order (1990))
Richie Ackers (Actor, Wally (2005))
Richie Reinares (Actor, Cedie (1996))
Richie Redfern (Camera Department, No One Doubts the Camera Eye (2008))
Richie Richardson (III) (Self, Texaco Trophy 1984: England vs West Indies (1984))
Charlie Richie
Michiel van Ieperen (Actor, Fataal (2016))
Erskine Richie (Actor, All the Beautiful Things (2014))
Taichi Erskine (Editor, Allergic to Flowers (2016))
Marco Chierichella (Producer, The Bastard Men of Root Flats (2009))
Andre Schierenbeck (Composer, Room (2004))
Richie Riot Garcia (Actor, Game Over (2015))
Juan María Richieri (Producer, Paraná, Historias de un Río (2012))
Richie Richardson (II) (Actor, The Girls of Elizabeth Street (2006))
Ricardo 'Richie' Ray (Self, Sonido Bestial (2012))
Gilberto Richiero (Composer, Weltgenie (1988))
Yanchie Richardson
Marinette Richier (Actress, The Ninth Gate (1999))
John Chierichella
Jean-Marie Richier (Actor, Jeanne la Pucelle I - Les batailles (1994))
Archie Richards (Thanks, Lost Heroes of World War One (2011))
Richie Roefaro (Editorial Department, Black Swan (2010))
Richie Roachclip (Special Effects, Stabbed in the Face (2004))
Richie Rauscher (Sound Department, Sniper 3 (2004))
Bernard Richier (Actor, The Ninth Gate (1999))
Richie Richardson (I) (Camera Department, Steptoe and Son (1962))
Richie Rodriguez (Actor, Real Estate - Crime (2014))
Khier Korrichi (Actor, Accidental Saint (2002))
Heinrich Schier (Producer, The Mountain Calls (1938))
Richie Rothenberg (Actor, Perception (2012))
Richie Rosario (Art Department, Stranger Inside (2001))
Richie Rutledge (Actor, Kung Pao Chicken (1997))
Richie Rainero (Actor, Love in a Coffee Shop (2013))
Richie Robinson (Sound Department, RocKwiz (2005))
Maria Chierichetti (Actress, La vuole lui... lo vuole lei (1968))
Richie Richardson (IV) (Actor, Field Trip (2003))
Sandrine Richier (Actress, Les dix commandements (2001))
Richie Baccellieri (Self, Over/Under (2014))
Heinrich Schierbaum
Tristan Richier (Actor, Appelez-moi Tonton (1991))
Jacqueline Richier (Actress, All Mad About Him (1967))
David Chierichetti (Thanks, Edith Head: The Paramount Years (2002))
Gabriel Richieri (Producer, Despedida (2010))
Richie Frazier (Actor, The Irrepressibles: The Unforeseen (2014))
Richieri Pazzeti (Editor, Extremos da Cidade (2014))
Nina Chierichetti (Visual Effects, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989))
Richie Racioppi (Camera Department, The Comedian (2017))
François Richier (Actor, Arise, My Love (1940))
Patrick Chierichella (Writer, Stranger Safety: One Is a Lonely Number (2011))
Oléc Schierenberg (Production Manager, Measures to Better the World (2005))
Olaf Schierenberg (Camera Department, Luna (1998))
Warren Schierenbeck (Self, Chopped (2007))
Richie Salreno (Producer, Sending Out the Clowns (2011))
Richie Llorens (Actor, Walt Disney Is Cryogenically Frozen: The Director's Cut (2010))
Richie Pedrena (Camera Department, Dirty Sock (2015))
Richie Padrena (Camera Department, Dirty Sock (2015))
Richie Lawrence (II) (Actor, Elbow Grease (2016))
Richie Brennan (Cinematographer, Queue This Way (2014))
Franco Rattichiere (Actor, The Killer Lasagna (2002))
Richie Walters
Michiel van Iperen (Visual Effects, Nova Zembla (2011))
Richie Emerson (Miscellaneous, Missing Pieces (2012))
Richie Anderson (II) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Richie Summers (Transportation Department, Telling Lies in America (1997))
Richie Anderson (III) (Actor, The Ballad of Mott the Hoople (2011))
Richie Masters (Actor, The Turtle Stone: The Legacy of Abbott Farm (1995))
The Richie Brothers (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Ben Richie Okereke (Producer, Through the Glass (2008))
Richie Coterelle (Actor, Teenage (2013))
Richie Anthony Perez (Composer, Queens Bound (2008))
Richie Henderson
Richie Landerer (Special Effects, Seven Psychopaths (2012))
Richie Anderson (I) (Stunts, Rad (1986))
Didier Sainderichin (Art Department, La discrète (1990))
Richard Reniere (Actor, Seaside Seduction (2001))
Marie Renèe Richter (Miscellaneous, Obendrüber da schneit es (2012))
Fiorella Chieririchetti (Make Up Department, Kriminal (1966))
Leonardo Chierichetti (Producer, Un Supereroe in Affido (2011))
Richie Rich and the Poor People
Tai Shan Schierenberg (Self, Portrait Artist of the Year (2013))
Quentin Schierenberg (Art Department, Spider-Man 2 (2004))
Tai-Shan Schierenberg (Self, Oil on Canvas (1997))
Johannes Schierenberg (Cinematographer, Picknick - Von der Lust, im Freien zu tafeln (2004))
Spencer Edward Richie (Producer, Justice on the Border (2011))
Olivier Enselme-Trichard (Animation Department, T'choupi et Doudou (2000))
Ricardo Richie Rojas Fonseca (Miscellaneous, Brother from Another Time (2014))