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Richard Ford (VI) (Writer, Wildlife (2017))
Richard Ford (III) (Music Department, The Descendants (2011))
Richard Ford (II) (Writer, Bright Angel (1990))
Richard Ford (VII) (Assistant Director, Machine (2007))
Richard Fordham (Sound Department, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
Richard Ford Jr. (Producer, Missy Elliott: The Rain Supa Dupa Fly (1997))
Richie Ford (Camera Department, The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
aka "Richard Ford"
Richard Ford (XI)
Richard Flood (III) (Actor, Killing Kennedy (2013))
Richard Bradford (I) (Actor, The Untouchables (1987))
Richard Farnsworth (Actor, Misery (1990))
Richard Fancy (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Richard Foronjy (Actor, Once Upon a Time in America (1984))
Richard Jordan (I) (Actor, The Hunt for Red October (1990))
Richard Ford (IV) (Composer, Radiopetti (2015))
Richard Forde (I) (Miscellaneous, Amy's Orgasm (2001))
Richard Ford (XV) (Art Department, Taking Woodstock (2009))
Richard Ford (VIII) (Actor, Flying Tiger (2004))
Richard Ford (I) (Actor, Paratrooper (1953))
Richard Ford (XIII) (Self, Frontline (1983))
Richard Ford (XVI) (Actor, Count Time the Movie (2017))
Richard Foord (Miscellaneous, King of Fridges (2004))
Richard Ford (XXI)
Richard Ford (V) (Actor, Maintenance (1992))
Richard Ford (X) (Miscellaneous, Lawrence of Arabia (1962))
Richard Ford (XII) (Art Department, Brideshead Revisited (2008))
Richard Ford (XIV) (Actor, Soul of a People: Writing America's Story (2009))
Richard Ford (XVIII)
Richard Fleischer (Director, Conan the Destroyer (1984))
Richard Foo (Actor, Kickboxer (1989))
Richard Fox (I) (Actor, Titanic (1997))
Richard Fortey (Writer, Survivors (2012))
Richard Foley (VI) (Actor, Sides (2010))
Richard Foos (Producer, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998))
Richard Forsgren (Actor, Jordskott (2015))
Richard Fike (Stunts, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014))
Richard Fiske (I) (Actor, The Devil Commands (1941))
Richard Foy (I) (Self, Popular Players Off the Stage (1913))
Richard Franklin (I) (Director, Psycho II (1983))
Richard Frank (I) (Actor, Amadeus (1984))
Richard Fojo (Art Director, Paul (2011))
Richard Fonda (Actor, ...and Then It Happened (1972))
Richard Foxon (Actor, Blood Relative (2004))
Richard Forbes (I) (Actor, American Hot Wax (1978))
Richard Fire (Writer, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986))
Richard Forget (Self, Penn & Teller: Fool Us (2010))
Richard Fleeshman (Actor, Coronation Street (1960))
Richard Fong (I) (Actor, Around the World in 80 Days (1956))
Richard Fitzpatrick (I) (Actor, Good Will Hunting (1997))
Richard Felix (I) (Thanks, Most Haunted (2002))
Richard Clifford (I) (Actor, My Week with Marilyn (2011))
Richard Forman (V) (Camera Department, The Amazing Race (2001))
Richard F Law (Stunts, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Richard Foody (Production Manager, Finding a Match (2008))
Richard Fox (XVII)
Richard Fortin (IV) (Miscellaneous, Canada: A People's History (2000))
Richard Forge (Sound Department, W.O.Man Wife of Man (2010))
Richard Foltz
Richard Foley (V)
Richard Fox (VI) (Visual Effects, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Richard Foy (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Black Ships (1970))
Richard Foch
Richard Fox (XV) (Actor, Burke's Law (1994))
Richard Forest (I)
Richard Fox (III) (Cinematographer, Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream (2005))
Richard Fox (X) (Actor, Animated Stories from the New Testament (1987))
Richard Fox (XIV) (Actor, America's Victoria: Remembering Victoria Woodhull (1998))
Richard Fox (V)
Richard Fork (Self, The Universe (2007))
Richard Forkin (Actor, The Last Day (2010))
Richard Forjoe (Miscellaneous, Black (2006))
Richard Fox (IV) (Art Department, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (1996))
Richard Foley (I) (Actor, Harry and the Hendersons (1987))
Richard Fox (XXII) (Camera Department, The Pioneer (2014))
Richard Foty (Actor, Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story (2004))
Richard Fox (XXIV) (Director, Universal Language (2016))
Richard Foss (Self, Food: Fact or Fiction? (2015))
Richard Fox (XXIII)
Richard Foy (V) (Music Department, The 3 Little Pigs: The Movie (1996))
Richard Fox (XII) (Art Department, Maleficent (2014))
Richard Forman (I) (Visual Effects, Hotel Transylvania (2012))
Richard Foy (II) (Miscellaneous, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979))
Richard Forbes (VII) (Actor, Rubberneck (2012))
Richard Foy (III) (Self, Ground Force (1998))
Richard Fortas (Actor, Fais-moi rêver (2000))
Richard Fox (II) (Soundtrack, Stone of Destiny (2008))
Richard Fox (XXI) (Cinematographer, Betty Oliphant: A Life in Dance (2001))
Richard Fomo (I) (Editorial Department, My Sister, the Psychopath (2015))
Richard Forbes (V) (Camera Department, How Eunice Got Her Baby (2009))
Richard Forbes (II) (Miscellaneous, The Reggae Movie (1995))
Richard Forest (II) (Camera Department, Awaken (2018))
Richard Fox (XXVI) (Actor, P2 (2017))
Richard Fortin (V) (Music Department, Good Riddance (2015))
Richard Fox (IX) (Self, Wild About Your Garden (2008))
Richard Forbes (IV)
Richard Fox (XI) (Actor, The Hard Drive (2009))
Richard Fox (XVIII) (Actor, Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars (1993))
Richard Fomo (II) (Camera Department, Peach Pie (2016))
Richard Fortin (I) (Composer, Nowhere to Hide (2002))
Richard Forman (II) (Special Effects, Macarrão (2015))
Richard Fort (Producer, The Dark Avengers (2005))
Richard Fong (II) (Animation Department, Toonstruck (1996))
Richard Fox (XIII) (Self, Neil Morrissey's Risky Business (2008))
Richard Fox (XX)
Richard Foes (Animation Department, Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore (1983))
Richard Foley (IV) (Actor, The Gold Rush (1925))
Richard Forbes (VI) (Actor, Night Job (2010))
Richard Foge (Miscellaneous, God of War (2005))
Richard Foley (II) (Director, Baptism of Thieves (1996))
Richard Fox (XVI) (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Richard Fortin (III) (Actor, Maria Theresia (1980))
Richard Fortin (II) (Actor, La turbulence des fluides (2002))
Richard Forman (III) (Camera Department, Cops: Beyond the Bust (2017))
Richard Fox (VII) (Self, Horizon (1964))
Richard Forney (Camera Department, Army Men (2006))
Richard Fortus (Music Department, Monster (2003))
Richard Foley (III) (Camera Department, Duck, Duck, Goose! (2005))
Richard Fox (VIII) (Actor, Legends & Lies (2015))
Richard Fox (XIX) (Actor, Treelore Theatre (2012))
Richard Forbes (III) (Cinematographer, Everyone's Got One (2005))
Richard Foat (Actor, Barnet's Folly (1955))
Richard Fox (XXV) (Actor, Candi Kids (in development))
Richard Cordery (Actor, About Time (2013))
Richard F. Esposito (Make Up Department, 30 Rock (2006))
Richard Frame (Actor, National Theatre Live: London Assurance (2010))
Richard Felix (III) (Actor, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006))
Richard Fell (II) (Producer, Stan Lee's Lucky Man (2016))
Richard Fowler (XIII) (Self, The Kelly File (2013))
Richard Friedman (I) (Director, 5th & Alameda (2011))
Richard Fullerton (Actor, Remember the Titans (2000))
Richard Franklin (II) (Actor, Rogue One (2016))
Richard Fegen (Writer, Woof! (1989))
Richard Friedenberg (Writer, A River Runs Through It (1992))
Richard France (I) (Actor, Dawn of the Dead (1978))
Richard Foreman Jr. (Camera Department, No Country for Old Men (2007))
Richard Folmer (I) (Actor, Cleaner (2007))
Richard Foreman (I) (Director, Strong Medicine (1981))
Richard Ford Grayling (Actor, Ride the Hot Wind (1971))
Richard Nord (Editor, The Fugitive (1993))
Richard Faraci (Actor, Timecop (1994))
Richard Feynman (Writer, Infinity (1996))
Richard Foster (XVII) (Producer, So This Is Christmas (2013))
Richard Foxton (Miscellaneous, Tales of the Unexpected (1979))
Richard Fass (Actor, The Godfather (1972))
Richard Fraser (I) (Actor, How Green Was My Valley (1941))
Richard Finch (I) (Soundtrack, Forrest Gump (1994))
Richard Fish (I) (Stunts, London's Burning (2011))
Richard Fontana (Actor, Noires sont les galaxies (1981))
Scott Richard Foster (Actor, Ichabod! (2004))
Richard Forrest (I) (Assistant Director, The Incredible Hulk (1978))
Richard Francis-Bruce (Editor, The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
Richard Fern (Self, 9/11: Surviving the Impact (2012))
Richard Foster-King (Actor, It Never Sleeps (2014))
Richard Forrest (IV) (Camera Department, Furious 7 (2015))
Richard Foster (I) (Actor, Pool Days (1993))
Richard Fisher (IX)
Richard Feldstein (Miscellaneous, Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001))
Richard Francese (Writer, Saturday Night Live (1975))
Richard F. Mays (Art Department, The Avengers (2012))
Richard Franc (I) (Director, Letters and Numbers (2010))
Richard Frost (II) (Actor, Crossroads (1964))
Richard Flynn (I) (Sound Department, Hot Fuzz (2007))
Richard Finn (II) (Editorial Department, Dive Olly Dive! (2005))
Richard Fee (Miscellaneous, The Royal Today (2008))
Richard Fryer (Cinematographer, Flash Gordon (1936))
Richard Flower (I) (Assistant Director, The Bourne Legacy (2012))
Richard Fysh (Director, Unbytractive (2008))
Richard Fidler (Writer, Aftershock (2001))
Richard Furch (Music Department, Son of the Mask (2005))
Richard Foster (II) (Cinematographer, Land of the Anaconda (1998))
Richard Friedlander (Visual Effects, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013))
Richard Ferrone (Actor, The Demon Murder Case (1983))
Richard Fiske (VII) (Actor, Ink & Steel (2014))
Richard Falomir (Actor, The Aquabats! Super Show! (2012))
Richard Wordsworth (Actor, The Curse of the Werewolf (1961))
Richard Flynn (IV) (Writer, Among the Stars (2018))
Richard Flood (II) (Actor, Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen (2008))
Richard Falk (I) (Camera Department, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016))
Richard Finger (Actor, Sex, Marriage and Infidelity (2014))
Richard Fung (I) (Director, Sea in the Blood (2000))
Richard File (Soundtrack, Saw II (2005))
Richard Farrell (VI) (Writer, High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell (1995))
Richard F. Outcault (Writer, Buster's Dog to the Rescue (1904))
Richard Foster (XXVI)
Richard Fogler (Actor, Hysterical Psycho (2009))
Richard Fowkes (Miscellaneous, Valkyrie (2008))
Richard Fowler (IX) (Camera Department, Road of Death (1973))
Richard Foster (XXXIII) (Writer, The Notorious Bettie Page (2005))
Richard Formoso (Editor, Running Russell Simmons (2010))
Richard Forsyth (II) (Actor, Brighton Wok: The Legend of Ganja Boxing (2008))
Richard Foster (XX) (Actor, First Fruits (1982))
Richard Fournaux (Self, The Devil's Horn (2016))
Richard Foster (XVIII)
Richard Forsyth (I) (Actor, The Doughnuts (1963))
Richard Foster Baker (Director, The Fable of the Wandering Boy and the Wayward Parents (1917))
Richard Forest Kern (Art Department, Virus (1999))
Richard Fowler (III) (Self, House of the Tiger King (2004))
Richard Fortikiewicz (Camera Department, My One and Only (2009))
Richard Forauer (Actor, Ditch (2010))
Richard Fortinberry (Cinematographer, Secrets (1997))