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Richard Boone (I) (Actor, Medic (1954))
Richard Boone (II) (Actor, Cabin Fever (2002))
Richard Boone (III)
Richard Boone (IV) (Music Department, Den store Kul-Tur (1996))
Richard Boon (II) (Self, Joy Division (2007))
Richard Boon (I) (Writer, Ghost Master (2003))
Richard Bonehill (Actor, Rob Roy (1995))
Richard Booth (V) (Director, Live for the Moment (2004))
Richard Botto (I) (Producer, Another Happy Day (2011))
Richard Bond (I) (Actor, The Declaration of Independence (1938))
Richard Boden (I) (Director, 2point4 Children (1991))
Richard Boyle (V) (Writer, Salvador (1986))
Richard Bohringer (Actor, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989))
Richard Boes (Actor, Night on Earth (1991))
Richard Booz (Transportation Department, Sid and Nancy (1986))
Richard Book (Camera Department, The Rock 'n' Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher (2010))
Richard Booth (VIII) (Self, Dispatches (1987))
Richard Booty (Miscellaneous, Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997))
Richard Boote (Producer, Love Made Visible (2015))
Richard Booth (VII) (Producer, Phase Me Up (2014))
Richard Booth (I) (Actor, Adeus Princesa (1992))
Richard Booth (VI) (Sound Department, No Victims, No Angels (2011))
Richard Booth (IV) (Production Designer, Bernard's Watch (1997))
Richard Booth (II) (Visual Effects, Flight of Black Angel (1991))
Richard Boland (I) (Actor, Grandpa's Magical Toys (1988))
Richard Boland (III) (Actor, Danny and the Human Zoo (2015))
Richard Bond (X) (Director, Tupac: Aftermath (2009))
Richard Bo (Sound Department, Smoke & Mirrors (2006))
Richard Boonisar
Richard Bond (V) (Producer, The F Word (2005))
Richard Bone (II) (Sound Department, Time Bleeds (2013))
Richard Bone (IV)
Richard Bone (I) (Composer, Underwater NSW: Sydney (2009))
Richard Bone (III) (Cinematographer, The Case (2012))
Richard Bone (V) (Camera Department, Vicious (2013))
Richard Boris (Art Department, Die Hard (1988))
Richard Boadu (Self, BBC Proms (2013))
Richard Bock (I) (Sound Department, Colors (1988))
Richard Boddington (Producer, Against the Wild (2013))
Richard Bowen (I) (Cinematographer, The Little Rascals (1994))
Richard Bonsall (Actor, The Plagarist's Game (2013))
Richard Doone (Actor, The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
Richard Boleslawski (Director, Les Misérables (1935))
Richard Bowne (Actor, Snow White Live (1980))
Richard Bond (XVI) (Actor, Locked Up Abroad (2007))
Richard Bonnot (Actor, Le retour des Charlots (1992))
Richard Bowers (I) (Composer, Killer Mom (2017))
Richard Boggs (Make Up Department, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014))
Richard Bonin (III) (Producer, 60 Minutes (1968))
Richard Bona (Music Department, An Evening with Harry Belafonte & Friends (1997))
Richard Bond (IX) (Actor, The American Ruling Class (2005))
Richard Borg (I) (Actor, The American Bride (1986))
Richard Borg (III)
Richard Boyd (IV) (Actor, Hard to Swallow (2009))
Richard Bond (VII) (Camera Department, Live & Sweaty (1991))
Richard Boyd (V) (Actor, If the Shoe Fits (2012))
Richard Bonds (I) (Producer, Peter Arthur Stories (2009))
Richard Bond (XII)
Richard Boehm (Editorial Department, Serendipity (2001))
Richard Bosci (Composer, Mia (2010))
Richard Boese
Richard Bond (XIII)
Richard Boyes (Self, Capri 4 Me (2003))
Richard Boyle (VI) (Actor, Big Dreams Little Tokyo (2006))
Richard Bos (Sound Department, Briefgeheim (1983))
Richard Boyle (I) (Actor, French Quarter Undercover (1986))
Richard Borge (I) (Director, Icon (2014))
Richard Bouma (Miscellaneous, White Mischief (1987))
Richard Boyd (II) (Director, Caveman Theory (2011))
Richard Boger
Richard Boyer (IV) (Actor, The White Shadow (1978))
Richard Boyce (III) (Self, Journey to Royal (2017))
Richard Bowen (VIII) (Actor, Talion (2014))
Richard Bohn (II) (Camera Department, The Dirtiest Game (1970))
Richard Boyle (II) (Camera Department, Argo (2012))
Richard Boland (II) (Producer, Love is a Sting (2015))
Richard Board (II) (Writer, Black Sheep Boy (1995))
Richard Boyle (X) (Actor, Separations Agency (2009))
Richard Bond (XI)
Richard Bond (XIV) (Self, Summer in Sydney (2013))
Richard Boyle (VII) (Visual Effects, Skyfall (2012))
Richard Bosch (Sound Department, The Art of Living (2006))
Richard Bohne (Actor, Die Bürger von Calais (1968))
Richard Bodor (Self, Untold Stories of the ER (2004))
Richard Bock (III) (Casting Department, Frankly Jazz (1962))
Richard Bolz (Production Manager, Der Schuh des Manitu (2001))
Richard Bowen (III) (Miscellaneous, Generosity (2011))
Richard Bock (IV) (Sound Department, Something to Do with the Wall (1991))
Richard Boyce (II) (Actor, Marrow (2014))
Richard Boij (Sound Department, Levande Skuggrik Död (2012))
Richard Boice (Actor, Normal (2003))
Richard Bolik (Actor, The Killing Time (1987))
Richard Bolks (Music Department, Earth (2007))
Richard Bowen (VII) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Richard Boyce (I) (Self, History Cold Case (2010))
Richard Boyer (I) (Actor, Them! (1954))
Richard Boa (Actor, The Last Equinox (2015))
Richard Bond (II) (Camera Department, Field of Dreams (1989))
Richard Bong (Camera Department, Blink (2015))
Richard Bond (VIII) (Actor, Give and Take (2005))
Richard Box (Sound Department, The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America (2007))
Richard Boyd (VIII) (Transportation Department, Quest OutWest: Wild Food (2015))
Richard Boyle (IV) (Self, The 100 Greatest War Films (2005))
Richard Boyle (III) (Writer, East of Elephant Rock (1978))
Richard Boch (II) (Actor, Underground U.S.A. (1980))
Richard Bond (VI) (Actor, Festival (1960))
Richard Bock (V) (Sound Department, America's Cutest Disney Side Howl-O-Ween (2014))
Richard Boyer (III) (Actor, Dark Cuts (2012))
Richard Bozzo (Art Department, Holiday on the Moon (1994))
Richard Bois (I) (Editor, zicocratie (2013))
Richard Boase (Miscellaneous, Art Is... (2013))
Richard Bohn (I) (Miscellaneous, The Ghosting (1992))
Richard Bond (IV) (Actor, Chopped (2007))
Richard Bosi (Self, Inside Australia (1967))
Richard Borin (Self, This Is Your Life (1952))
Richard Boué (Stunts, The Matrix (1999))
Richard Borge (II) (Visual Effects, The Butcher (2015))
Richard Bonin (II) (Art Director, Radio Enfer (1995))
Richard Borbe (Actor, Mga kwento ni Lola Basyang (1985))
Richard Bon (Editor, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (2003))
Richard Bonn (Producer, Beck '08: Unelectable (2008))
Richard Bonds (II) (Art Department, Bad Sister (2015))
Richard Botto (II)
Richard Boeth (Writer, City of Angels (1976))
Richard Bonin (I) (Camera Department, Set Me Free (1999))
Richard Boyd (VI) (Self, XFC 8: Regional Conflict (2009))
Richard Bowen (II) (Self, Trekkies (1997))
Richard Borg (II) (Visual Effects, Boogeyman (2005))
Richard Boyd (I) (Self, Digging for the Truth (2005))
Richard Boyer (II) (Actor, Donkey (2010))
Richard Bota (Camera Department, Body Slam (1986))
Richard Bohm (Actor, Karuzela zycia (1930))
Richard Bowen (IV) (Assistant Director, The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012))
Richard Bond (XV)
Richard Bohem
Richard Bond (III) (Editorial Department, Babar (1989))
Richard Boden (II) (Miscellaneous, The Scar Crow (2009))
Richard Bock (II) (Music Department, Soul to Soul (1971))
Richard Boal (Actor, Urban Legends (2007))
Richard Bouchard (Actor, Ten (2014))
Richard Boch (I) (Sound Department, Nora (2008))
Richard Bowen (V) (Cinematographer, Mormons: Missionaries to the World (1987))
Richard Bobet (Art Department, L'amour d'Emmanuelle (1993))
Richard Bolt (Actor, Un vampiro a Miami (1993))
Richard Bode (I) (Art Department, The Dead Girl (2006))
Richard Bode (II) (Self, Justice Denied (2013))
Richard Boyle (XI) (Self, Kreuz & Quer (1997))
Richard Boyd (VII) (Cinematographer, Homosexuality: A Christian View (2016))
Richard Bowie (Editor, Something for the Weekend (2006))
Richard Boyle (IX) (Actor, Fei fat yi man (1985))
Richard Bonte (Actor, Falcon Crest (1981))
Richard Boddy (Actor, Train of Dreams (1987))
Richard Boland (V)
Richard Boyle (XII) (Animation Department, Homeless Joe (2015))
Richard Boyd (III) (Producer, The Agent (2008))
Richard Bois (II) (Make Up Department, I'd Rather Be... Gone (2001))
Richard Board (III) (Self, Pervert Park (2014))
Richard Boyle (VIII)
Richard Boem (Production Manager, I Had Sex with Bradan Palecky (2010))
Richard Bobek (Assistant Director, Druhý dych (2012))
Richard Bohn (III) (Actor, The Perfect Murder (2014))
Richard Bolger (Producer, Hunters Fall (2015))
Richard Boorman (Actor, Grange Hill (1978))
Richard Booker (Actor, Palmetto (1998))
Richard Boothby (Music Department, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014))
Paul Richard Booth (Actor, Niemals Dein Leben (2013))
Richard Boosey (Actor, You've Got to Start Somewhere (2008))
Richard Booroojian (Miscellaneous, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm (1994))
Richard Bonnin (Actor, Sana pag-ibig na (1998))
Richard Bronskill (Music Department, Ghost in the Shell (2017))
Richard Boneville (Producer, Lily (2007))
Richard Bonelli (Self, Richard Bonelli (1929))
Richard Bonser (Producer, Animal Cops: Phoenix (2009))
Richard Bonner (I) (Actor, Blankman (1994))
Richard Borowski (Sound Department, Head-On (2004))
Richard Brooner (Composer, In the Fall of Gravity (2008))
Richard Bon Bon Centeno (Actor, Stop the Bleeding! (2013))
Richard Borchiver (Producer, Kratts' Creatures (1995))
Richard Bowman (I) (Animation Department, Challenge of the GoBots (1984))
Richard Bosada (Actor, Section 753.2 (2009))
Richard Bowden (I) (Music Department, TRON (1982))
Richard Bowler (I) (Actor, I Drink Your Blood (1970))
Richard Toone (II) (Actor, Hatton Garden the Heist (2016))
Richard Bogosian (Camera Department, Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering (2014))
Richard Coons (Art Department, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (2004))
Richard Toone (I) (Miscellaneous, The World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed (1998))
Richard Bojorquez (Actor, Smartphone Therapy (2013))
Richard Bong Soon Meng (Art Department, Girlfriend Kontrak (2015))
Richard Bondarev (Actor, Bezdelniki (2011))
Richard Bostard (Costume Department, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: The 20th Reunion (1988))
Richard Borthwick (Actor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Richard Botkin (Producer, Ride the Thunder (2015))
Richard Bourdeau (Actor, Over Exposed (1984))
Richard Bosworth (II) (Music Department, In Search of Dr. Seuss (1994))
Richard Borkovec (Actor, Andelé vsedního dne (2014))
Richard Bowling (I) (Composer, Last Chair (2003))
Richard Boateng (Actor, Children of the Mountain (2016))
Richard Bonney (Self, We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen (2005))
Richard Boitano (Costume Department, Passions (1999))
Richard Boultbee (Self, Right to Work March (1972))