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Carl Reiner (Self, Your Show of Shows (1950))
Heiner Carow (Director, Coming Out (1989))
Rainer Carls (Self, Anonym (1991))
Carl Greiner (Visual Effects, Predator Bay (2003))
Carl R. Reiner (Costume Designer, Napoleon auf St. Helena (1929))
Reiner Calderero (Self, Dreamer's Reality (2014))
Reiner Calmund (Self, Das Promi-Kochduell (2009))
Angela Schreiner-Carter
Jacqueline R. Carlos (Assistant Director, Trops (2016))
Carla Day-Reiner (Production Designer, Shaolin Delivery Boy (2005))
Carl Schreiner (Actor, Narrenliebe (1920))
Jasmine Warner-Carlisle (Actress, The Man with the Many Umbrellas (2014))