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Reg Rogers (I) (Actor, Primal Fear (1996))
Reg Rogers (II) (Actor, Boon (1986))
Reg Rogers (V) (Actor, Vice News (2013))
Greg Rogers (I) (Actor, The Thaw (2009))
Reg Rogers (III) (Camera Department, Waste Disposal (2010))
Greg Rogers (XV) (Transportation Department, Milk (2008))
Greg Rogers (III) (Editor, Metallica: S&M (2000))
Greg Rogers (IX) (Actor, The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure (2012))
Greg Rogers (II) (Music Department, Dogville (2003))
Greg Rogers (VI) (Camera Department, A Thousand Words (2005))
Greg Rogers (VII) (Editor, Unsung (2008))
Greg Rogers (XXIII) (Actor, Silver Bells (2013))
Greg Rogers (XII) (Actor, Nuclear Family (2006))
Greg Rogerson (Actor, Egg Nog (2010))
Greg Rogers (XVIII) (Actor, The Hook (2011))
Greg Rogers (V) (Actor, The Marshal of Gunsight Pass (1950))
Greg Rogers (XI) (Actor, Motion Studies: Gravity (2005))
Greg Rogers (XX)
Greg Rogers (IV) (Producer, Mastering the College Experience (2000))
Greg Rogers (XVII) (Actor, Lift Off (1984))
Greg Rogers (XIV) (Self, When Vacations Attack (2010))
Greg Rogers (X) (Composer, The End of a Relationship... (2008))
Greg Rogers (XIX) (Actor, Running Brave (1983))
Greg Rogers (VIII) (Actor, Fraternity House (2008))
Greg Rogers (XIII) (Actor, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (1997))
Roger Egret (Production Manager, Le Minotaure (2009))
Roger E. Green
Gregg Rogers (Actor, The Lone Ranger (1949))
Roger Egge (Cinematographer, Roommate Wanted (2012))
Doug Rogers (I) (Director, Hello, Larry (1979))
Amy Keating Rogers (Writer, The Powerpuff Girls (1998))
Roger Negron (Actor, Notes on a Napkin (2010))
Roger DeGroat (Self, American Native (2014))
Eddie Groger (Miscellaneous, Nothing But Net (2006))
Roger De Groof (Actor, Wittekerke (1993))
Craig Rogers (VII) (Actor, The Point of Regret (2011))
Greg Rodgers (II) (Miscellaneous, The Italian Job (2003))
Greg Rodgers (I) (Editor, Metallica: St. Anger Rehearsals (2003))
Eric G. Rogers (Producer, Front Sight Story: Your Legacy (2012))
Doug Rogers (IV)
Doug Rogers (III) (Miscellaneous, Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder (1989))
Doug Rogers (V) (Self, 1982 NFL Draft (1982))
John G. Rogers (I) (Camera Department, The Beiderbecke Tapes (1987))
King Rogers (Actor, My Roommate the (2010))
Craig Rogers (II) (Location Management, The Notebook (2004))
Craig Rogers (IX) (Actor, The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas (2012))
Erik G. Rogers (Miscellaneous, The Dentist (1996))
Craig Rogers (XI) (Camera Department, The Prevailing Winds (2016))
John G. Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, My Little Pony Tales (1992))
Roy G. Rogers (Composer, Men in Scoring Position (1999))
Craig Rogers (V)
Craig Rogers (I) (Composer, Bob's Video (2000))
Gerald G Rogers
Doug Rogers (VIII)
Craig Rogers (IV) (Actor, Chatterbox! (1977))
Craig Rogers (X) (Miscellaneous, Fred's Shed (2016))
Doug Rogers (VI) (Visual Effects, Duet (2014))
Doug Rogers (VII) (Actor, Carving a Life (2016))
Craig Rogers (III) (Producer, Party Girl (2005))
Craig Rogers (VI)
James G. Rogers (Writer, Don't Fall Asleep (2010))
Doug Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, Bill Cosby: Himself (1983))
Craig Rogers (VIII) (Camera Department, The Adventures of Pete & Pete 20th Anniversary Reunion (2013))
Mark G. Rogers (Miscellaneous, It's a Disaster (2012))
Regina Rogers (Production Designer, The Application Cafe (2012))
Roger Egeberg
Reggie Rogers (Self, 1987 NFL Draft (1987))
Greg F. Rogers (Actor, Booker (1989))
aka "Greg Rogers"
Greg Rodgers (IV) (Actor, Only Stars Die Twice (2014))
Greg Rodgers (III) (Actor, Intersections (2000))
Roger DeGroat II (Self, American Native (2014))
Roger Del Negro (Art Department, Gross Anatomy (1989))
Roger Lovegrove (Self, In Deepest Britain (1976))
Genave King Rogers (Producer, Waitin' to Live (2006))
Grover Rogerson
Frederick G. Rogers (Actor, Radio Salutes (1931))
Amy Grove-Rogers (Actress, Body Melt (1993))
Whatarang Rogers (Actor, Heartbreak High (1994))
Ted Grove-Rogers (Actor, Lonely Hearts (1982))
Reginald Rogers (Actor, Lenny Go Home (1991))
Gregory Rogers (Sound Department, The Hit (2008))
Gregory T. Rogers
Richard Gere Grover (Miscellaneous, Address Unknown (1997))
Andrew Armstrong Rogers (Editorial Department, Pot Barons of Colorado (2014))
Rhonda Carling-Rogers (Actress, Howard the Mild Colonial Boy (1990))