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Quentin Lee (I) (Director, White Frog (2012))
Quentin Lee (III) (Writer, Wedding Plan (2013))
Quentin Lee (II) (Actor, Valkyrie Queen (2013))
Quentin Lee Murphy (Producer, Faults of the Father (2016))
Quentin Levi (Actor, The Son of Joseph (2016))
Quentin Letts (Self, This Week (2003))
Quentin Lewis (Actor, Magma Head (2003))
Quentin Lentz (Camera Department, Night Fare (2015))
Quentin Legac (Production Manager, Borders (2016))
Quentin Leach (Actor, Star Trek: Osiris (2009))
Quentin Leroy (Composer, Kiss Me Not (2015))
Quentin Leca (Actor, Disparus (2014))
Quentin Lecollaire (Sound Department, Should I Stay or Should I Go? (2015))
Quentin Louis (Cinematographer, Un ange passe (2015))
Quentin Land (Miscellaneous, Four Seasons (2014))
Quentin Lowry (Stunts, Brokeback Mountain (2005))
Quentin Lareau (Camera Department, Were the World Mine (2008))
Quentin Lin (Sound Department, Eat (2008))
Quentin L. Cook
Quentin L. Boyd (Actor, Bonus Content (2013))
Quentin Lévy (Sound Department, Brick Mansions (2014))
Quentin Logan (Actor, The British Guide to Showing Off (2011))
Quentin Luna (Visual Effects, Miss Sloane (2016))
Quentin Lestienne (Art Department, Transporter 3 (2008))
Quentin Lemenu (Actor, Menteur (2009))
Quentin Le Carrour (Miscellaneous, Une histoire, une urgence (2014))
Quentin Lepoutre (Soundtrack, Fifty Shades of Grey (2015))
Quentin Lechemia (Composer, Bavardages (2011))
Quentin Le Saout (Assistant Director, Expats: Paris (2014))
Quentin Lebegue (Art Department, Angelo Rules (2010))
Quentin 'Q-Nice' Finley (Actor, The Doomsloop (2012))
Quentin Legrand (II)
Quentin Lecomte (Camera Department, Peine De Mort (2013))
Quentin Le Bouluach (Miscellaneous, Petit frère (2016))
Quentin Lemaire (II) (Actor, Coluche: l'histoire d'un mec (2008))
Quentin Leclerc (II)
Quentin Le Guillou (Editor, La passeuse (2014))
Quentin Leonard (Miscellaneous, The Boot (2008))
Quentin Le Querrer
Quentin Letwin (Camera Department, Russell Peters: Notorious (2013))
Quentin Leuiller (Production Designer, Camellias (2014))
Quentin Legros (Actor, Ma vie en l'air (2005))
Quentin Leopold (Actor, Sage femme (2017))
Quentin Lemaire (I) (Writer, Dossier: disparus (1998))
Quentin Lecocq (Director, La force de l'âge (2015))
Quentin Leclerc (I) (Self, Le grand journal de Canal+ (2004))
Quentin Lawrence (Director, The Crawling Eye (1958))
Quentin Ladrière (Actor, Un enfant de lumière (2009))
Quentin Lathan (Actor, Trooper (2013))
Quentin Little (I) (Producer, Beautiful Dreamer (2016))
Quentin Lachapele (Composer, Bubbles (2016))
Quentin Laurent (I) (Production Manager, L'inconnu du lac (2013))
Quentin Lashermes (Actor, Nous irons voir la mer (2009))
Quentin Lanneluc (Visual Effects, La planète Nam (2014))
Quentin Laffont
Quentin Laurent (III) (Location Management, Sigi tolo (2016))
Quentin Largouet (Cinematographer, Embrase-Moi (2014))
Quentin Lahjaily (Camera Department, Avaliëa (2015))
Quentin Lamouroux (Sound Department, Enquêtes réservées (2009))
Quentin Lazzarotto (Editor, The Mathematics Engraver (2016))
Quentin Lavanant (Assistant Director, Hero Corp (2008))
Quentin Little (III)
Quentin Little (II) (Camera Department, Brothers (2002))
Quentin Laurent (II) (Producer, Ollie Boy (2015))
Quentin Lugnier (Art Department, Félix et les lois de l'inertie (2011))
Quentin Labail (Director, Processus (2017))
Quentin Llanfair (Actor, In The Mind's Eye of Nicole X #1 (2013))
Quentin La Fond (Visual Effects, Boys & Girls Are Different: Men, Women & the Sex Difference (1995))
Stanley Quentin (Actor, Look Before You Love (1948))
Marleen Quentin (Actress, Katie Fforde: Zurück ans Meer (2015))
Lee Murphy Quentin (Casting Department, Julia (2016))
Quentin Laulu-Togaga'e (Self, BBC Super League Show (1999))
Quentin Lasbazeilles (Actor, Sheitan (2006))
Quentin Wallon-Leducq (Editorial Department, Les travailleu(r)ses du sexe (2009))