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Nick Pugliese (II) (Actor, A Denied Dream (2017))
Al Pugliese (Actor, Bird (1988))
Elisa Pugliese (Actress, School of Rock (2003))
Michael Pugliese (Actor, Occupants (2015))
Pugliese (Soundtrack, Rocco and His Brothers (1960))
Dina Pugliese (Self, Canada's Got Talent (2012))
Frank Pugliese (Producer, House of Cards (2013))
Maud Pugliese (Actress, Kingspin (2017))
Joseph Pugliese (Actor, Saturday Night Fever (1977))
Lisa Pugliese (Editorial Department, How I Met Your Mother (2005))
Sam Pugliese
Paul Pugliese (Self, Mysterious World (1980))
Carl Pugliese (Miscellaneous, America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (1988))
Jim Pugliese (Composer, Tramas (2008))
Pepé Pugliese (Actor, Once Upon a Time in the Wild, Wild West (1973))
André Pugliese (Transportation Department, Superpai (2015))
John Pugliese (Camera Department, Exploring Psychic Powers Live (1989))
Joe Pugliese (II)
Alec Pugliese (Editor, There's a Soul Behind That Screen (2017))
Rick Pugliese (Thanks, 30 for 30 (2009))
KB Pugliese (Miscellaneous, Lincoln (2012))
P.P. Pugliese (Actor, Os Amadores (2005))
Erin Pugliese (Actress, Studio A Entertainment (2002))
Ella Pugliese (Director, We Want (U) to Know (2011))
Nono Pugliese (Soundtrack, Los nuevos y clásicos bloopers (2004))
Nick Pugliese (I) (Special Effects, 6:15 (2015))
Rob Pugliese (Actor, Bluish (2011))
Marc Pugliese (Actor, Inattendue (2011))
Mike Pugliese (Camera Department, A Death in the Woods (2007))
Joe Pugliese (I) (Camera Department, A Mighty Wind (2003))
Jack Pugliese (Camera Department, The Who's Tommy, the Amazing Journey (1993))
Ted E. Pugliese (Actor, Cesar Salad (2008))
Ago Pugliese (Animation Department, 2012: Time for Change (2010))
Don Pugliese (Actor, Girl Missing (2007))
Tony Pugliese (Actor, Piano 17 (2005))
Ben Pugliese (Sound Department, Listen (2016))
Pino Pugliese (Actor, Movimenti (2004))
Matt Pugliese (Producer, The Wise Kids (2011))
Teena Pugliese (Actress, Another Day with You (2015))
Charles Pugliese (Producer, I'm Not There. (2007))
Pasquale Pugliese (Actor, Big (1988))
Jeffrey Pugliese Jr. (II) (Actor, Patriots Day (2016))
Kevin Pugliese (Producer, Samuel Bleak (2013))
Osvaldo Pugliese (Soundtrack, The Tango Lesson (1997))
Dante J. Pugliese (Producer, The Great Man: W.C. Fields (2005))
Rossella Pugliese (Actress, Effetti indesiderati (2015))
Giuseppe Pugliese (III) (Production Manager, Salvo (2013))
Albert Pugliese (Actor, Cast Away (2000))
Robbie Pugliese (Sound Department, Ziggy's Will (2017))
Matthew Pugliese (Actor, Downsizing (2014))
Michelle Pugliese (Miscellaneous, Call Girl of Cthulhu (2014))
Giovanni Pugliese (I) (Actor, Les dernières volontés de Richard Lagrange (1972))
Barbara Pugliese (Costume Designer, Death Walks at Midnight (1972))
Licia Pugliese (Actress, Ultima pallottola (2003))
Antonio Pugliese (Actor, Crimini (2006))
Christina Pugliese (Actor, Dead End (2011))
Patrick Ray Pugliese (Actor, Striscia la notizia (1988))
Constanza Pugliese (I) (Special Effects, Los Super bonaerenses (2014))
Zaida Pugliese (Actor, Mergulho (2009))
Riccardo Pugliese (I) (Art Department, The Fall (2006))
Pablo Pugliese (I) (Assistant Director, Silvia in the waves (2017))
Alyssa Pugliese
Vittorio Pugliese (Actor, East Zone, West Zone (1962))
Susana Pugliese (Animation Department, Ico, el caballito valiente (1983))
Daniele Pugliese (Actor, A chi appartieni (2012))
Angela Pugliese (Make Up Department, Hidden Agenda (2015))
Pablo Pugliese (II) (Cinematographer, Leagan (2017))
Guilia Pugliese
Mary Ann Pugliese (Production Manager, Starship Farragut (2007))
Gregory Pugliese (Actor, Cast Away (2000))
James Pugliese (III) (Producer, Devil Woman (2017))
Pedro Paulo Pugliese (Actor, Mico Preto (1990))
Leandro Pugliese (Visual Effects, El Invierno (2016))
Jeanette Pugliese (II)
Alberto Pugliese (Producer, Fantomas (1964))
Antonia Pugliese (Actress, A Doorman's Lullaby (2009))
Shiann Pugliese (Art Department, I See You (2017))
Cecilia Pugliese (Composer, El peso de la ley (2017))
Alessandra Pugliese (Actress, Pasolini (2014))
Dominic Pugliese (Actor, Dead End (2011))
Johana Pugliese (Actress, Vuelven (2012))
Giulio Pugliese (Camera Department, Piove (2017))
Romano C. Pugliese (Art Department, Far from Heaven (2002))
Humbert Pugliese (Producer, The Church and the Woman (1917))
Aaron Pugliese (Writer, Broke as a Joke (2012))
Carlos Pugliese (Actor, Los taxistas del humor (1987))
Linda Pugliese (I) (Producer, Sticks and Stones (2012))
María Rosa Pugliese (Miscellaneous, The Tango Lesson (1997))
Cassandra Pugliese (Assistant Director, End of the Road (2015))
Davide Pugliese (Actor, Non dirlo al mio capo (2016))
Marie Appugliese (Self, Youngstown: Still Standing (2010))
Vanesa Pugliese (Actress, La Pageant Diva (2011))
Sebastián Pugliese (Composer, Roxi tenía razón (2015))
Mimmo Pugliese
Martine Pugliese (Actress, Julien Fontanes, magistrat (1980))
Hailey Pugliese (Actress, Pool Bitch (2011))
Laura Pugliese (Actress, No Pay, Nudity (2016))
Terry Pugliese (Actor, IPantellas (2009))
Beverly Pugliese (Production Manager, Ready, Set, Move! (2017))
Francesco Pugliese (Actor, La ragazza di Via Millelire (1981))
Delfina Pugliese (Actress, Silencios (2009))
Jeanette Pugliese (I) (Miscellaneous, The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made (2004))
Mauro Pugliese (Cinematographer, Hombre mirando al oeste (2005))
Ralph Pugliese (Miscellaneous, I've Got a Secret (1952))
Giuseppe Pugliese (I)
Roberto Pugliese (Self, De Palma & Donaggio: Masters of Pure Cinema (2016))
Elaine Pugliese (Producer, Jack Hanna's Into the Wild (2007))
Sammy Pugliese (Actor, Amongst Friends (1993))
Stanislao Pugliese (Self, Frank Serpico (2017))
Analía Pugliese (Make Up Department, Resistiré (2003))
Arcangelo Pugliese (Camera Department, Cinecittà on Wheels (2016))
Domenico Pugliese (Actor, The Spectaculis )
Teri-Lyn Pugliese (Costume Department, We're the Millers (2013))
Valeria Pugliese (Camera Department, 8 (2011))
Alejandro Pugliese (Actor, Eternamente te veo (2006))
Paul J. Pugliese (Actor, The Blackout (2014))
Giacomo Pugliese (Actor, Good as you (2015))
Judith Liko Pugliese
Eleonora Pugliese (Production Manager, Luisa Spagnoli (2016))
Anna rita Pugliese (Make Up Department, Sono cavoli amari (2011))
Luis Pugliese Sánchez (Director, El detector (1960))
Walter Pugliese (Camera Department, Clase media (2012))
Carmichael Pugliese (Director, My Other Half (2013))
Gabrielle Pugliese (Actress, Chronicles of Humanity: Descent (2011))
Jessica Pugliese (Actress, Aquaman: The Teen Drama (2013))
Stella Pugliese (Production Designer, A Lei e o Crime (2009))
Linda Pugliese (II) (Miscellaneous, Weird U.S. (2004))
Rocco Pugliese (Producer, Tiger (2017))
Fabrizio Pugliese (Actor, Leaning (2014))
Carmelo Pugliese (Actor, Mocosos y chiflados (1986))
Salvatore Pugliese (Actor, 20 Something (2006))
Nicholas Pugliese (Writer, Kings of the New City (2014))
Kelsey Pugliese (Actress, Witching Hour II (2016))
Melissa Pugliese (II) (Actress, Downsizing (2014))
Helcio Pugliese (Art Director, Vai que Cola (2013))
Marcella Pugliese
Armando Pugliese (Actor, Fortezza Bastiani (2002))
Ana María Pugliese (Actress, Una prueba de Cariño (1938))
Mario Pugliese (Actor, Una prueba de Cariño (1938))
Jeffrey Pugliese Jr. (I)
Victoria Pugliese (Costume Designer, El premio (2011))
Ornella Pugliese (Self, AM - Antes del mediodía (2006))
Caroline Pugliese (Actress, Sophia Grace and Rosie... 10 Years Later (2012))
Patricia Pugliese (Producer, Je dis non, Ali (2008))
Enrico Pugliese (Cinematographer, La banda dei rossi (1920))
Irineu Pugliese (Actor, O Caçador de Esmeraldas (1979))
Giuseppe Pugliese (II) (Writer, Wagner e Venezia (1982))
Maurizio Pugliese (Actor, Forti i paleddi (1996))
Mercedes Appugliese (Actress, Verloren in Dolores (2012))
Mario Pugliese Cariño (Actor, Mamá Gloria (1941))
Martín Pugliese (Actor, Habano y cigarrillos (2012))
Peter Pugliese (Actor, One Hour 2 Live (2009))
Nazario Pugliese (Production Designer, Güemes - la tierra en armas (1971))
Andrea Pugliese (Producer, Masterchef (2010))
Giovanni Pugliese (II) (Make Up Department, L'ultima mazurka (1986))
Bridget Pugliese (Actress, A Christmas Carol, 50th Anniversary (2015))
Ann-Linda Pugliese
Corey Pugliese (Assistant Director, Almost Paris (2016))
Marina Pugliese (Self, Universum History (2013))
Maximo Pugliese (Actor, A Serra da Aventura (1950))
Alessandro Pugliese (Camera Department, La mia classe (2013))
Nicholas Appugliese (Actor, Tutti i sogni del mondo (2003))
Roberta Pugliese (Actress, The Spectaculis )
Franco Pugliese (Actor, Aida (1973))
Patti Pugliese
Jeremy Pugliese (Writer, Stay Wide Awake (2012))
Susan Bello Pugliese (Miscellaneous, The Portrait of a Lady (1996))
Giulia Pugliese (I) (Self, My Words and I (2012))
Alice Pugliese (Self, Alice im Land der Hoffnung (2012))
Sergio Pugliese (Writer, Acque di primavera (1942))
Carlo Pugliese (Editor, Le voci di dentro (2014))
Irene Pugliese (Actor, I Signori del Destino (2016))
Brittany Pugliese (Miscellaneous, Adventures of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown (2013))
Francisco Pugliese (Producer, Kidnappeando (2010))
Saverio Pugliese (Self, Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen (2006))
Luciana Pugliese (Self, Maggio musicale (1990))
Angelica Pugliese (Miscellaneous, The Better Golf Academy Presents: Better Golf for Kids, Volume I (2007))
James Pugliese (I) (Writer, The Better Golf Academy Presents: Better Golf for Kids, Volume I (2007))
Riccardo Pugliese (II) (Director, I.M. (2016))
Patrizia Pugliese (II) (Actress, Sei tutto quello che voglio (2015))
James Pugliese (II) (Production Manager, Starship Farragut (2007))
Giulia Pugliese (II) (Camera Department, La leggenda del muto organetto (2014))
Constanza Pugliese (II) (Special Effects, La Cuota (2015))
Bianca Pugliese (Actress, Surprise Me (2015))
Melissa Pugliese (I) (Make Up Department, They Came Back (2004))
Catherine Pugliese (Production Manager, Avocats & associés (1998))
Ismael Pugliese (Production Manager, A Infidelidade ao Alcance de Todos (1972))
Daniel Pugliese (Composer, Australian Summer (2005))
Nicole Pugliese (Actor, Cross Country (2012))
Patrizia Pugliese (I) (Actress, Ferragosto a pezzi (2009))
Roger Joseph Pugliese (Production Manager, Pretty Woman (1990))
Anthony V. Pugliese III (Producer, The Last Sentinel (2007))
Gianvincenzo Pugliese (Director, Showertime (2015))
Franco Trigo Pugliese (Actor, Bola 8 (2013))
Luiz d'Angelo Pugliese (Actor, Symphonia Colonialis (1991))
Alfonzo Maria Pugliese (Actor, Quale Baia! (2007))
Luiz D'Angelo Pugliese (Actor, O Trem Caipira (1994))
Sofía Libertad Pugliese (Self, La otra magia (2016))
María Victoria Pugliese (Costume Department, Armonías del caos (2016))
Matias Ezequiel Pugliese (Sound Department, Voto de silencio (2012))