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Richard Pryor (Actor, Superman III (1983))
Richard Pryor Jr. (Miscellaneous, The Color Purple (1985))
Taylor Richardson (IV) (Actress, A Most Violent Year (2014))
Richard 'Cactus' Pryor (Actor, Hellfighters (1968))
Richard Morrison (III) (Actor, Death Dreams (1991))
Lorrie Richards (Actress, The Magic Sword (1962))
Richard Norris (XIII) (Actor, Teenage Health Freak (1991))
Richard Orrick (Art Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Ivor Richards (Actor, Unnatural Causes (1986))
Ivor Richard (Self, A Week in Politics (1982))
Adlor Richard (Actor, La Sawndr akwa Mawtoowin: The Green Lake Story (2011))
Richard & Jennifer Pryor
Taylor Ri'chard (Writer, The Final Project (2016))
Richard Morriss (Self, Time Team (1994))
Richard Morris (IV) (Visual Effects, Sunshine (2007))
Richard Morris (I) (Writer, Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967))
Richard Morrison (I) (Miscellaneous, Jupiter Ascending (2015))
Richard Norris (II) (Actor, Abie's Irish Rose (1946))
Richard Morrison (IV) (Actor, The Mikado (2001))
Richard Morris (XIII) (Actor, Extras (2005))
Richard Morris (V) (Production Designer, When the Boat Comes In (1976))
Richard Corrigan (I) (Self, The Great British Menu (2006))
Taylor Richardson (II) (Actor, Son of Rambow (2007))
Richard Torrington (Actor, The Machinist (2004))
Richard Morris (II) (Actor, The Spirit of the USA (1924))
Richard Norris (VII) (Self, Naked Science (2004))
Richard A. Morris (Actor, Flashback (2011))
Taylor Richard (I) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Richard Corriere (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Richard Morris (XL) (Miscellaneous, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016))
Richard Morris (XXXVI) (Self, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Richard Morris (XX) (Actor, Richard (2004))
Richard Morrison (XVII) (Visual Effects, Coming Up Roses (1986))
Richard Morris (XXXVIII) (Actor, Press Call for Help (2017))
Richard deMorris
Connor Richardson (IV) (Visual Effects, Noctis (2018))
Richard Morris (XXIV)
Richard Morris (XVI) (Art Department, Pride and Glory (2008))
Theodoor Richard
Connor Richardson (I) (Director, Chosen )
Taylor Richardson (XI) (Self, Fly Like a Girl )
Richard Morris (XXIII) (Producer, Mercenaries (2011))
Junior Richards (II) (Camera Department, Clouds (2018))
Richard Norris (IV) (Actor, Fat Boy (2013))
Richard Morris (XXXIX)
Richard Morris (XIV) (Miscellaneous, The Baby-Sitters Club (1990))
Taylor Richards (Animation Department, Pass It On (2007))
Richard Morris (XXXV) (Actor, Thoughts of a Twelve Year Old (2015))
Richard Morris (XV) (Actor, Gilbert and Sullivan (1953))
Victor Richardson (II) (Self, Cricket Story (1961))
Lorria Richards (Actress, Pootie Tang (2001))
Hector Richardson (I) (Music Department, Augustus (2011))
Richard Morris (VII) (Actor, The Intruder (1953))
Richard Morris (XXXIV) (Self, Sexters (2013))
Victor Richardson (I) (Art Department, Orgazmo (1997))
Taylor Richardson (X) (Sound Department, Skratcher VR (2017))
Richard Norris (VI) (Soundtrack, Grosse Pointe Blank (1997))
Richard Corrie (Self, The Elastic Zenith (1996))
Richard Morris (XXXII) (Composer, Nick and the Ne'er-Do-Wells (2012))
Richard Morris (XII) (Miscellaneous, Seizure (1974))
Trevor Richardson (II) (Sound Department, Gluebags (2016))
Richard S. Dorrity (Art Department, Battleship (2012))
Richard Norris (XV) (Miscellaneous, Arena (1975))
Richard Morrison (XIX) (Actor, Missing in Greenwood (2017))
Richard Norris (VIII) (Editor, Cybernet (1995))
Richard Morrison (VI) (Actor, From Tha Bottom 2 Tha Top (2016))
Richard T. Norris (Music Department, Buffalo Soldiers (2001))
Richard Corrigan (III) (Actor, Abar (1977))
Taylor Richardson (III) (Actor, The Survivor Chronicles )
Richard Norris (III) (Actor, The Boomerang (1919))
Richard Norrie (Camera Department, Celebrity Scissorhands (2006))
Junilor Richard (Stunts, Get Carter (2000))
Richard Morris (IX) (Camera Department, The Glass Shield (1994))
Victor Richardson (III) (Self, Decoded (2010))
Richard Morrison (XIII) (Art Department, Who Dares Wins (1983))
Connor Richardson (III) (Actor, Death Follows (2017))
Richard Morris (XIX) (Producer, Say It, Fight It, Cure It (1997))
Richard Morrison (XVI) (Miscellaneous, Black Jack (1979))
Richard Morris (XXV) (Editor, Athena Reich: The Logical Song (2010))
Connor Richards (Camera Department, 13 Score (2014))
Conor Richardson (Actor, Innocent (2009))
Richard Morris (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Great British Railway Journeys (2010))
Richard Morris (XXX)
Richard W. Morrison
Richard H. Morris
Richard Norris (IX) (Actor, Chronicles of the Dead (2012))
Eleanor Richardson (Self, Commonwealth Games (1954))
Taylor Richardson (I) (Miscellaneous, Labou (2008))
Richard Morrill (Actor, Captain Milkshake (1970))
Richard Norris (XIV) (Composer, Part & Parcel a Yoga Documentary Satsang (2014))
Richard Morris (VI) (Director, Wallowitch & Ross: This Moment (1999))
Torrie Richardson (Sound Department, Hair of the Dog (2016))
Taylor Richardson (IX)
Richard Morris (XXXVII) (Producer, CNN Election Night in America 2008 (2008))
Taylor Richardson (V) (Camera Department, Through the Glass )
Richard Morrissette (Camera Department, Departure (2017))
Connor Richardson (II) (Location Management, Glue (2014))
Richard Morrison (X)
Junior Richards (I) (Transportation Department, Chained (2012))
Morrice Richardson (Producer, Eric Wilson: Smokescreen (2012))
Richard D. Morris (Editor, Svengali (2004))
Richard Morris (XVII) (Actor, The Tree Inside )
Richard Morrison (XIV) (Writer, Pay It No Mind: Marsha P. Johnson (2012))
Richard Morrison (XV) (Actor, Fortune Cookie (1991))
Richard Norris (XII) (Sound Department, The Bricklayer (2015))
Victor Richardson (IV) (Set Decorator, With Children (2017))
Richard Morris (XXVI) (Actor, Easy Hustle (2012))
Richard Morrison (VIII) (Writer, The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1950))
Richard Morris (XXI) (Actor, Mia (2016))
Taylor Richardson (VIII) (Miscellaneous, The Almond Sorters (2009))
Richard Morris Jr.
Richard Morris (XI) (Actor, The Animated Kid's Bible (2005))
Richard Morrison (XI) (Actor, Summer Job (2007))
Richard Norris (XI) (Composer, The Bricklayer (2015))
Richard Lee Norris (Self, Ann Curry Reports: A Face in the Crowd (2013))
Taylor Richardson (VII) (Self, A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports (2016))
Richard Morris (VIII) (Assistant Director, Dead by Monday (2001))
Taylor Richard (II) (Visual Effects, The Final Project (2016))
Hector Richardson (II) (Self, I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010))
Richard Morris (X) (Soundtrack, Captain Apache (1971))
Richard L. Morrison (Sound Department, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Richard Morrison (VII) (Actor, Noir (1996))
Richard Norris (I) (Actor, The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939))
Trevor Richard (Actor, Another World (1964))
Richard Morrison (XVIII)
Richard Morrison (II) (Art Department, The Quiet Earth (1985))
Ivor Richardson (Camera Department, Georges Seurat: Point Counterpoint (1979))
Richard B. Morris (Miscellaneous, The World Turned Upside Down (1973))
Richard Morris (XXXI) (Actor, Kane (2013))
Richard Morris (XXVIII) (Sound Department, Ingress (2014))
Taylor Richardson (VI) (Camera Department, The Emissary (2017))
Richard Norris (X) (Actor, Chronicles of the Dead (2012))
Richard Morris (XXII) (Actor, Invictus (2009))
Richard Morris-Adams (Producer, Caravan to Vaccares (1974))
Junior Richard (Camera Department, Invasion of Privacy (1996))
Richard Morrison (IX) (Camera Department, Keane (2004))
Richard Morris (XXVII) (Actor, Underbelly (2008))
Richard Morris (XXIX) (Art Department, Frankenweenie (2012))
Richard Morris (III) (Actor, Jumpin' at the Boneyard (1991))
Richard Morrison (V) (Sound Department, Once Were Warriors (1994))
Richard Morrison (XII) (Actor, Lost Connection (2011))
Trevor Richardson (I) (Actor, Pandemic (2009))
Richard Morris (XXXIII) (Art Department, Guniguni (2012))
Richard Corriveau (Actor, 3 x rien (2003))
John Richard Morris IV (Sound Department, Option 3 (2008))
Jonathan Taylor Richard (Actor, Kung Fu Comedy (2012))
Professor Richard Overy (Miscellaneous, Hitler (2016))
Richard Patrick Morris (Actor, I Am Soldier (2014))
Victor Richard Syperek