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Phil Davis (XXXIX) (Actor, Alien³ (1992))
aka "Philip Davis"
Phil Davis (XII) (Writer, Mandrake, the Magician (1939))
Philip Davis (V) (Camera Department, Cry-Baby (1990))
Davis Guggenheim (Producer, An Inconvenient Truth (2006))
Philip Davis (VI)
Philip Davis (XI) (Actor, We Defiled Your Daughter (2010))
Philip Davis (III) (Writer, Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (1963))
Philip Davis (IX) (Producer, Lost Bullets (2010))
Phillip David Lewis (Actor, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005))
Philip Day (I) (Producer, Amityville Terror (2016))
Philip Davis (XIII) (Actor, The Jungle Book: Make-A-Wish (2017))
Philip Davis (VII) (Actor, Anamnesis (2006))
Philip Davis (XII) (Self, Britain's Racist Election (2015))
Philip Davis (X) (Self, The Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Mysteries of the Bible Unravelled (1990))
Philip Davis (II) (Actor, Horsefeathers (1928))
Philip Davis (VIII) (Miscellaneous, The Yogis of Tibet (2002))
Philip Davis (IV) (Editor, Walk in the Light (2005))
Phillip Davis (III) (Actor, Roll Call (2011))
Brian Philip Davis (Editor, Bad Day for the Cut (2017))
Phillip Davis (VI)
Phillip Davis (VIII) (Director, The Wonderful World of Peter Williams (2014))
Phillip Davis (I) (Actor, The Antagonist (2009))
Phillip Davis (VII) (Actor, Lincoln's Last Day (2015))
Phillip Davis (IX) (Actor, Unremarkable (2016))
Phillip Davis (IV) (Producer, Three Touches (2011))
Phillip Davis (II) (Director, Living in Community (2008))
Phillip Davis (V) (Producer, The Kiss (2009))
Philip David (I) (Actor, Lethal Impact (1991))
Philip Davies (VII) (Self, Ancient Mysteries (1994))
Philip Davies (I) (Actor, Snow (2015))
Philip Davies (IV)
Philip Davies (V) (Actor, Guru in Seven (1998))
Philip David (III) (Director, Elizabeth (2010))
Philip Davies (II) (Self, Vote 2012 (2012))
Philip David (II) (Editorial Department, Can You Hear Me Now: The Evolution of Gospel Music (2008))
Philip Davies (III) (Visual Effects, Titus (2013))
Philip David Segal (Producer, Ice Road Truckers (2007))
Philip Day (III) (Actor, The Bill (1984))
Philip Day (VI) (Actor, A Bunch of Fives (1977))
Philip Day (II) (Art Department, The 2007 TV Week Logie Awards (2007))
Philip Day (IV) (Miscellaneous, Ski Patrol (2008))
Philip Day (V) (Miscellaneous, Out for Blood (1992))
Esq. Philip Davis
Beverly & Philip Davis
Philip Davison (II) (Editorial Department, A Child's Voice (1978))
Philip Davison (I) (Writer, The Crooked Man (2003))
Michael Philip Davis (Writer, Regina Resnik Presents Colors of Diaspora: A Kaleidoscope of Jewish Classical Song (2011))
Philip Davey (Director, Star Test (1989))
Philip David Pickard (Actor, A Father's Dying Wish (2014))
Philip D'Antoni (Producer, The French Connection (1971))
Philip Daay (Writer, Left in Darkness (2006))
Philip Dalkin (Writer, McLeod's Daughters (2001))
Philip D'Amore (Actor, My First Time (2008))
Philip Dann (Camera Department, The Hunger Games (2012))
Philip d'Amecourt
Philip Dawson (I) (Camera Department, Still Game (2002))
Philip Dale (I) (Actor, Space Suit for Johnny (1954))
John Philip Dayton (Producer, Tracy and Hepburn (in development))
Filip David (Writer, Bure baruta (1998))
Philip DaCosta (Actor, Scum (1979))
Philip Daimon (Actor, A vírus (2005))
Philip Dauber (Producer, Spaceborne (1977))
Philip David Black (Actor, Nero Bloom: Private Eye (2009))
Philip Davidson (VI)
Philip Davidson (II)
Philip Davidson (III) (Sound Department, Our Power (2015))
Philip David Dean (Actor, Ridley's Corner (2014))
Philip Davidson (IV) (Actor, Love at the Christmas Table (2012))
Philip Davidson (I) (Actor, Your Lucky Day (2010))
Philip David Hogan (Director, A Still Small Voice (2005))
Philip David Lamb
Philip Davidson (V) (Actor, Comfort Zone Extreme (2002))
Philip David Lee (Writer, Nowhere Street (2006))
Philip Dale (III) (Assistant Director, Love You, Joseff Hughes (2006))
Philip Dale (VII)
Philip Dawson (II) (Art Department, Der weisse Afrikaner (2004))
Philip Dale (VI) (Actor, Where the Red Fern Grows: Part Two (1992))
Philip Dakota (Cinematographer, The Godson (1971))
Philip Dalton (Producer, Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice (2011))
Philip D'Arcy
Philip Dale (IV) (Miscellaneous, Amores Perros (2000))
Philip Dallas (Actor, Acqua e sapone (1983))
Philip Dale (II) (Director, Emergency-Ward 10 (1957))
Philip Dada (Producer, Mayowa (1999))
Philip Dawson (III) (Camera Department, Solitary (2009))
Philip Dakin (Actor, Great Expectations (1934))
Philip Dale (V) (Writer, The Magic Fishbone (1955))
Philip Dang (Producer, Kae (2013))
Philip Dadson (Sound Department, Test Pictures: Eleven Vignettes from a Relationship (1975))
Philip Daly (Producer, Fifty Years a Winner (1967))
Philip Dale (VIII) (Sound Department, Renfroe's Christmas (1997))
Philip D'Amour (Production Manager, Destination Truth (2007))
Phillip Davey (III) (Sound Department, The Number of Times the Wheel Turns (2015))
Phillip Davey (II) (Actor, Over the Edge (2011))
Phillip Davey (IV) (Composer, Waldgeist )
Phillip Davey (I) (Producer, Moloch (2001))
Filip Davidik (Actor, Jánosik (1936))
Phillip David Collins (Location Management, Stomp the Yard (2007))
Philip Davetas (Visual Effects, PG Porn (2008))
Philip Davenport (Actor, Seer's Catalogue (2009))
Phillip David Rogers (Production Manager, The Screen Junkies Show (2011))
Phillip David Holt (Transportation Department, Mind of Its Own (2010))
Phillip David Lee (Actor, The Christmas Ornament (2013))
Phillip Davidson (Actor, The Gumeracha Medieval Fair (2016))
Philip W. Davis (Director, Hejira (2008))
Philip R. Davis (Sound Department, Heart Full of Soul (1990))
Philip H. Davis (Producer, Guy Parker: Murder at Midnight (in development))
Philip L. Davis
Philip David Robinson (Actor, Mad City (1997))
Ophilia Davis (Actress, The Silo (2009))
Philip D'Ambrosio (Actor, Warriors (2016))
Philip Daileader (Self, The Dark Ages (2007))
Philip Dantowitz (Self, Berga: Soldiers of Another War (2003))
Philip Dahlheimer (Sound Department, V-Day (2013))
Philip Daugherty (Self, The Critical Hour: Shock Trauma (2004))
Philip Daniels (I) (Actor, Modele (2009))
Philip Dahlager
Mark-Philip Dansel (Actor, Bethune (2006))
Philip D'Arbanville (Production Manager, Harem (1985))
Philip Dalmage (Actor, Manny's Orphans (1978))
Philip Daniel Wigner (Director, Celestial (2014))
Sigurd Philip Dalgas (Actor, Far til fire's vilde ferie (2015))
Philip Danowsky (Camera Department, Mendelssohn Gala aus dem Gewandhaus zu Leipzig (2009))
Philip Dallmann (Producer, Direction (2014))
Philip Dahlsbakken (Actor, Ona fyr (2017))
Philip Dampier (Self, The Royals (2013))
Philip DasReich (Stunts, Sync (2014))
Philip Dacunto (Actor, Calvin's Dream (2011))
Philip Daniels (II) (Miscellaneous, Video Game High School (2012))
Travis Philipsen (Actor, Seven's Eleven (2004))
Karl-Filip Davilén (Soundtrack, The Sound of Zero (2015))
David Philipp (Sound Department, Snowpiercer (2013))
David Philips (II) (Actor, Homage (1995))
David Philip (Assistant Director, Dirt (2013))
David Philips (X) (Self, Miradas 2 (2004))
David Philips (VI) (Actor, Buscando (2006))
David Philips (V) (Actor, Judas the Lost Soul (2010))
David Philips (XI)
David Philips (IX) (Actor, Smoke (1993))
David Philips (IV) (Actor, Gunblast (1986))
David Philips (XIII) (Self, Charlie Rose (1991))
David Philips (VII) (Miscellaneous, Travel the Road (2003))
David Philips (XII) (Actor, Finger Guns (2015))
David Philips (VIII)
David Philips (I) (Writer, Demonstone (1990))
David Philips (III)
Philip D. Mervis (Actor, Miss 420 (1998))
David Philip Reed (Actor, Battle of the Sexes (2017))
Philip 'Sid' Davis (Actor, Covies (2010))
Philip Clark Davis (Art Director, See (2012))
Philip Da Rocha Antunes (Art Department, Blood Diamond (2006))
Philip Dalton Crawford (Stunts, Rio Bravo (1959))
Phillip Clark Davis (Writer, A Teenage Drama (2014))
David Philip Reiner (Self, 1000 Ways to Die (2008))
Philippe Da Villa (Actor, L'abandon (1996))
Phillip David Martin Goodman (Camera Department, Tyler vs. the Zombies (2011))
Philip Travisano
Phillip J. Davis (Actor, Monday Morning (2012))
Steve Davis Phillips (Camera Department, Baggage Battles (2012))
Phillipa Davis (Producer, Manny & Lo (1996))
Phillip R. Davis (Sound Department, Last Night at the Alamo (1983))
Phillip A. Davis (Actor, Awaiting Time (2005))
Philippe David Gagné (II) (Editor, Bleu tonnerre (2015))
David Philip J. Elviña (Sound Department, Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Story (2013))
Philippe David (V) (Actor, Gabrielle (2013))
Philippe David Gagné (I) (Cinematographer, Where the River Widens (2014))
Philippe David (III) (Actor, Bluff (1982))
Philippe David Gagné (II) (Editor, The Routes (2014))
David Philipp Kotai (Actor, Malina (1991))
Philippe David (IV) (Visual Effects, Edge of Tomorrow (2014))
Philippa Davies (II) (Music Department, Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009))
Philippe David (II) (Writer, Le secret du petit milliard (1992))
Philippe David (I) (Actor, La calanque (1987))
Philippe-David Gagne (Miscellaneous, Madwoman of God (2008))
David Butt Philip (Actor, Turandot (2014))
David Philippus (Actor, Matt Dusk: Live from Las Vegas (2011))
David Philippaerts (Actor, Moto the Movie (2009))
John David Philip (Director, Exploring the Vancouver Public Library (2010))
Philippa Davies (I) (Actress, Prick Up Your Ears (1987))
David Philippe (Actor, Cidade do Sol (2015))
David Philipps (Actor, The Lucky Star (1980))
Philippe Davin (Writer, Brigade Navarro (2007))
Philippe David Gagné (III) (Camera Department, Obedjiwan 5-0 (2016))
David Philipson (Music Department, The Other End of the Line (2008))
Philippe David Gagné (I) (Director, Anata O Korosu (2012))
David Philip Stripinis (Visual Effects, Avatar (2009))
Phillip Michael Davis (Composer, Burying the Past: Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre (2004))
Philippe-David Bohelay
Louis-Philippe Davignon-Daigneault (Actor, Trunk (2015))
Philippa Kingscote-Davies
Nick Millard (Director, Criminally Insane (1975))
Phil Davies (IX)
Phil Davis (XIX) (Director, Ephemeral City (2013))
aka "Philip Davis"
Phil Sawyer (I) (Soundtrack, Happily N'Ever After (2006))