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Peter Strauss (I) (Actor, xXx: State of the Union (2005))
Peter E. Strauss (Producer, The Jacket (2005))
aka "Peter Strauss"
Peter Strauß (Actor, The Counterfeiters (2007))
aka "Peter Strauss"
Peter Strauss (IV) (Producer, On the Beach (2000))
Peter Strauss (VII) (Editor, Van Gore (2011))
Peter Strauss (II) (Actor, Van de Velde: Das Leben zu zweit - Sexualität in der Ehe (1969))
Peter Strauss (X) (Writer, Analogue (2013))
Peter Strauss (XI)
Peter Strauss (III) (Editorial Department, Fourth Story (1991))
Peter Strauss (V) (Actor, Kleine Fische (2009))
Peter Strauss (IX) (Self, The Century of the Self (2002))
Peter Strauss (XIII)
Peter Strauss (VIII) (Editorial Department, National Geographic Specials (1965))
Peter Strauss (VI)
Peter Strauss (XII)
Peter Straub (I) (Writer, Ghost Story (1981))
Peter Straughan (Writer, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011))
Peter Strauch (I) (Actor, Exhibitionisten Attacke (2000))
Peter Stray (Actor, Lost (2004))
Peter Strauch (II) (Composer, Jesus allein - Wilhelm Busch und die Kraft des Evangeliums (2009))
Peter Straub (II)
Peter Straker (Actor, What's Your Name 41? (2005))
Roger Strauss (Miscellaneous, The Wizard of Gore (1970))
Xander Strauss (Actor, Bubblegum Smackers (2011))
Peter Strain (I) (Actor, The Choir (2003))
Peter Stranks (Camera Department, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005))
Peter Strand Rumpel (Actor, The Revenant (2015))
Peter Daniel Strauss
Peter Hendry Strauss (Special Effects, Flight of the Phoenix (2004))
Spencer Strauss (II) (Writer, Our RoboCop Remake (2014))
Dieter Straub (Actor, Kinder, Mütter und ein General (1955))
Walter Strauss (Music Department, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War (2016))
Olivier Strauss (I) (Cinematographer, Bake a Cake (2012))
Peter Strand (I) (Writer, Lights Out (1946))
Peter Stratte (III) (Producer, Sweepstakers (2013))
Peter Strain (II) (Director, The Mary G Show (2000))
Peter Strand (II) (Music Department, What Goes Up (2009))
Peter Stramyk (Actor, Event Zero (2017))
Peter Strange (I) (Actor, Dark Roasted Death (2004))
Peter Strader (Miscellaneous, Fleshpot on 42nd Street (1973))
Peter Strand (IV) (Miscellaneous, Stevie (2002))
Peter Straka (Actor, Z mrtvého domu - From the House of the Dead (2008))
Peter Strange (II) (Self, See Hear (1981))
Peter Strain (IV) (Self, 72 Cutest Animals (2016))
Peter Strain (III) (Animation Department, Bobby Sands: 66 Days (2016))
Peter Strand (III)
Peter Stratte (II)
Peter S. Traynor (Producer, Knock Knock (2015))
Heather Strauss (V)
Alexander Strauss (III) (Editorial Department, Karl Hodina: Musiker und Maler (2015))
Alexander Strauss (II) (Actor, Zombies from Outer Space (2012))
Tanner Strauss (Visual Effects, Hansel & Gretel Get Baked (2013))
Jenifer Strauss
Warner Strauss (Location Management, A History of Violence (2005))
Jennifer Strauss (Make Up Department, Untraceable (2008))
Holger Strauss (Camera Department, Her Night (2011))
Heather Strauss (I) (Actress, Inside the Woods (2016))
Heather Strauss (IV) (Miscellaneous, A Haunted House 2 (2014))
Spencer Strauss (III) (Producer, Harrison Kipner: Monster (2015))
Esther Straussberg (Production Designer, Queen of Heaven (2003))
Christopher Strauss (III) (Actor, You My Star )
Olivier Strauss (II) (Actor, L'avenir de Jéremy (1980))
Spencer Strauss (I) (Actor, Little Secrets (1991))
Christopher Strauss (II) (Producer, White Knight (2014))
Peter Daniel Straus (I) (Actor, The Ride of Tom & Valkyrie (2011))
Peter Daniel Straus (III) (Actor, For Better and Worse (2013))
Peter Daniel Straus (IV) (Actor, The Sonnet Project (2013))
Peter Stratford (I) (Actor, Damned by Dawn (2009))
Peter Strachan (IV) (Producer, Life and Death on the A9 (2014))
Dieter Straube (Actor, Hochzeitsnacht im Regen (1967))
Peter Stratford (II) (Art Department, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009))
Peter Verstraten (Self, De wereld leert door (2013))
Peter Stratford (III) (Actor, The Silent Weapon (1961))
Peter Straton Bejger
Peter Hägerstrand (Composer, Lärjungen (2013))
Peter Strathern (Actor, Mission (2013))
Peter Strawrowski
Peter Strandberg (Self, The Eurovision Song Contest (2001))
Peter Stratful (Actor, The Day the Fish Came Out (1967))
Peter Strandgårdh (Actor, The Grief (2009))
Peter Stracuzzi
Peter Stranger (Actor, Sacred Love-Making (2007))
Peter Strachan (III) (Transportation Department, The Iron Lady (2011))
Peter Strasser (III) (Sound Department, Romy 2016 (2016))
Peter Stratford (IV) (Actor, Sarah (2009))
Peter Strachan (II) (Sound Department, Africa: Search for Common Ground (1998))
Peter Strawbridge (Actor, The Clown Murders (1976))
Peter Strasser (II) (Sound Department, Moses und Aron (2006))
Peter Stracina (Actor, Mrakodrap (2014))
Peter Strasser (IV) (Self, Kreuz & Quer (1997))
Ruth Peters-Train (Production Manager, EastEnders: E20 (2010))
Peter Stratford (V) (Actor, Snapshot (2012))
Peter Strachan (I) (Director, The Town That Wants a Twin (2005))
Günther Peter Straschek (Actor, Introduction to Arnold Schoenberg's Accompaniment to a Cinematic Scene (1973))
Florian Schindler-Strauss
Russian Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg (Music Department, Perestroika (2009))