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Peter Cullen (I) (Actor, Transformers Prime (2010))
Peter Cullen (V) (Stunts, Broken City (2013))
Peter Cullen (VI) (Art Department, The Nutcracker (1993))
Peter Cullen (III) (Self, Difference of Opinion (2007))
Peter Cullen (IV) (Art Department, Tool Academy (2009))
Peter Cullen (II) (Self, I Killed John Lennon (2005))
Peter Cull (Art Department, The Meaning of Life (1983))
Peter Cullins (Miscellaneous, They Must Eat (2006))
Peter Cullas (Visual Effects, Shake Rattle & Roll XI (2009))
Ger Cullen (Miscellaneous, Wild Trials (2004))
Peter Culp (Writer, Postcards from the Parks (2010))
Peter Culpan (Stunts, Ned Kelly (2003))
Amber Cullen (Actor, Refracture: An Abortion Film (2011))
Tyler Cullen (Miscellaneous, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014))
Oliver Cullen (Director, The Attendant (2016))
Heather Cullen (Self, Born Different: Unbelievable Medical Conditions (2010))
Peter Culpin (Miscellaneous, Mr. Nice Guy (1997))
Peter Culin (Art Department, 30 Rock (2006))
Christopher Cullen (III) (Assistant Director, Guiding Light (1952))
Peter Cullingford (Transportation Department, E.M.S. (2014))
Peter Mullen (Sound Department, Laggies (2014))
Jennifer Cullen (Actress, She, Barbarian (2016))
Christopher Cullen (IV) (Actor, Claudette (2015))
L. Peter Callender (Actor, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993))
Christopher Cullen (VII)
Christopher Cullen (V) (Self, Explosions: How We Shook the World (2010))
Rae Spencer-Cullen (Self, Picnic at Ray's (1975))
Alexander Cullen (Art Department, Karma (2014))
Christopher Cullen (II) (Actress, Under the Night That Covers (2014))
Olivier Cullen (Actor, 12:35 (2002))
Christopher Cullen (VI) (Music Department, 3 Backyards (2010))
Christopher Cullen (IX)
Jeanne Fisher-Cullen
Lee Fraser-Cullen (Miscellaneous, Love Song: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tchaikovsky (2014))
Christopher Cullen (I) (Actor, The Brotherhood (2001))
Peter Pullen (Visual Effects, The Meaning of Life (1983))
Peter Culverwell (Editorial Department, Alien (1979))
Brett Cullen (I) (Actor, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Peter-Gray Mullen (Actor, A Streetcar Named Desire (2012))
Peter McMullen (Actor, War of the Dead (2006))
Sydney-Hanilei Spencer-Cullen
Clay Cullen (Stunts, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016))