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Peter Chung (I) (Animation Department, Rugrats (1990))
Peter Cheung (I) (Editor, Enter the Dragon (1973))
aka "Peter Chung"
Peter Chung (VI) (Self, Kollaboration SF: Movement in Motion (2015))
Peter Chung (VII) (Producer, The Rift (2016))
Peter Chung (II) (Miscellaneous, Monster High: Freaky Fusion (2014))
Peter Chun (I) (Miscellaneous, Mulan (1998))
Peter Chun (V) (Composer, The Message (2015))
Peter Chun (III)
Peter Chun (IV) (Sound Department, A Piece of My Mind (2015))
Peter Chun (II) (Actor, Hawaii Five-O (1968))
Peter Chun (VI) (Actor, Sketch Juice (2014))
Dieter Chung (Set Decorator, Sotto voce (2009))
Peter Chudyba (Actor, Bluebird Street (2013))
Peter Chu (V) (Actor, Bayarang puso (1996))
Peter Chu (IV)
Peter Chu (II) (Sound Department, The Cellar Door (2007))
Peter Chu (VIII)
Peter Chu (I) (Location Management, Battleship (2012))
Peter Chu (IX) (Actor, A Love Complacent (2013))
Peter Chua (I) (Director, Moon (2000))
Peter Chu (III) (Actor, The Visiting (2007))
Peter Chu (VII) (Actor, The Witching Hour (2012))
Peter Chu (VI)
Peter Chua (II) (Actor, Ako legal wife: Mano po 4? (2005))
Yuchung Peter Chan (Art Department, How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014))
Yu Chung Peter Chan
Peter Chu Chi Hung (Art Department, Kickboxer (1989))
Peter Chung-Rowe (Sound Department, Two People in a Room (2010))
Peter Church (I) (Actor, Star! (1968))
Lester Chung (IV) (Visual Effects, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014))
Walter Chung (Actor, When the Door Opened (1925))
Lester Chung (III) (Cinematographer, The Manzanar Fishing Club (2012))
Lester Chung (I) (Producer, The Difference (2004))
Lester Chung (II) (Camera Department, Good Soil (2007))
Peter Churey (Actor, Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case (2012))
Peter Church (III) (Actor, Archon Defender (2009))
Peter Church (IV)
Peter Chudy (Actor, Gospel According to Harry (1994))
Peter Chumpon (Actor, Raiders of the Doomed Kingdom (1985))
Peter Church (II) (Art Department, Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1986))
Peter Cheung (II) (Actor, Color Me Love (2010))
Peter Cheung (IV) (Producer, The Deadly Camp (1999))
Peter Chun Mao Wu (Camera Department, X-Men: The Last Stand (2006))
Peter Chursin Jr. (Actor, Winter's Tale (2014))
Walter Chun-Man Leung (Director, Lonely Apartment (2008))
Grand Master Chung (Actor, Fish Mich (2009))
Peter Yunho Chung (Director, Name, Age, Sex (2008))
Peter Chubenko (Location Management, Bad Company (2002))
John Peter Chua (Director, Senisado (2015))
Peter Churchill (Miscellaneous, Odette (1950))
Peter Chursin Sr.
Peter Chi-Keung Chan (Producer, All's Well, Ends Well 2009 (2009))
Peter Christian Schultz (Actor, The Arctic Giant (2013))
Peter-Christoph Runge (Actor, The Love for Three Oranges (1982))
Kuo-Chung Chou (Editor, Peace Hotel (1995))