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Pete Rose (Self, The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams (1974))
Peter Rose (VI) (Sound Department, Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969))
aka "Pete Rose"
Peter Rose (XVII) (Sound Department, Don't Quit Your Gay Job (2009))
aka "Pete Rose"
Pete Rosen (II) (Writer, Child Support (2018))
Pierre Roseman (Camera Department, Red Eye (2005))
aka "Pete Roseman"
Peter Rosenzweig (Visual Effects, Armageddon (1998))
aka "Pete Rosenzweig"
Pete Rosen (I)
Pete Rose Jr. (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Peter Ostrum (Actor, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971))
Peter O'Toole (I) (Actor, Lawrence of Arabia (1962))
Peter O'Brien (II) (Actor, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009))
Peter Outerbridge (Actor, Lucky Number Slevin (2006))
Jose Rosete (Actor, Lowlife (2017))
Peter Grosz (Actor, Veep (2012))
Peter Onorati (Actor, Goodfellas (1990))
Peter Parros (Actor, The Haves and the Have Nots (2013))
Peter Nero (Composer, Sunday in New York (1963))
Rosenda Monteros (Actress, The Magnificent Seven (1960))
Peter O'Meara (Actor, Band of Brothers (2001))
Peter Brosens (Producer, King of the Belgians (2016))
Peter Pedrero (Stunts, Free Fire (2016))
Terence Rosemore (Actor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017))
Pete Rockwell (Actor, Changeling (2008))
Peter Joseph (VII) (Writer, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011))
Peter Oser (Producer, Merci Natercia! (1963))
Peter Ortiz (Actor, Rio Grande (1950))
Peter De Rose (Soundtrack, There's Something About Mary (1998))
Peter Oldring (Actor, Lost and Delirious (2001))
Peter Ocko (I) (Producer, Dinosaurs (1991))
Peter O'Fallon (Director, Suicide Kings (1997))
Peter Cameron (IV) (Producer, Pray for Dawn (2018))
Kate Rosen (Writer, Undressed (1999))
Peter O'Connor (II) (Actor, Atonement (2007))
Peter de Rosa (Writer, Bless Me Father (1978))
Peter Oxley (VI) (Producer, The House of Violent Desire (2017))
Petero Serevi (Actor, Eliki (2009))
Peter Owen (I) (Make Up Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Peter Rose (I) (Producer, EastEnders (1985))
Peter Organ (Actor, The Shadow Within (2017))
Peter Rosen (I) (Director, First Person Singular: I.M. Pei (1997))
Peter Tharos (Actor, My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002))
Peter Rose (IV) (Director, Metalogue (1997))
Peter O'Brien (XIV) (Writer, Halo: Reach (2010))
Peter Ross (I) (Actor, Maudits (1999))
Pete Rowe (I) (Cinematographer, The Bad Education Movie (2015))
Petter Ose (Miscellaneous, Christmas Cruelty! (2013))
Peter Rose (XI) (Actor, Wind von vorn (1962))
Peter Rose (IX) (Camera Department, Glass Spider (1988))
Peter Rose (XIV) (Art Department, Fast Track: No Limits (2008))
Peter Rose (VIII) (Actor, Prisoner (1979))
Peter Rose (VII) (Art Department, The Cat's Meow (2001))
Peter Rose (III) (Editor, Chasing India's Monsoon (1991))
Peter Rose (XVIII) (Stunts, White Star (1983))
Peter Rose (II) (Miscellaneous, The Day I Ran Into All My Ex-Boyfriends (1998))
Peter Rose (V) (Actor, La clemenza di Tito (1991))
Peter Rose (XVI) (Actor, Genrevolt (2012))
Peter Rose (XIII) (Sound Department, Storeys (2011))
Peter Rose (XV) (Actor, Imerologia amnisias (2012))
Peter Rose (XII) (Editor, The Onedin Line (1971))
Peter Rose (X) (Actor, 2B or Not 2B (2005))
Peter Rosenfeld (Camera Department, Suicide Squad (2016))
Pete Rosa (Actor, Long Night (2014))
Pete Ross (I) (Actor, Chasing the Deer (1994))
Pete Ross (V) (Self, Crying Shame (2013))
Pete Ross (III) (Miscellaneous, Slavery and the Making of America (2005))
Pete Rosky (Miscellaneous, Ultra Bust-A-Move (2004))
Pete Rossi (Actor, Live at Graffitti's (1994))
Pete Ross (IV) (Producer, Hair Goddess (2017))
Pete Romano (I) (Camera Department, Inception (2010))
Peter O'Shea (I) (Actor, Ned Kelly (2003))
Peter Pamela Rose (Miscellaneous, The Devil Wears Prada (2006))
Pete Rock (Soundtrack, Role Models (2008))
Peter Ochotta (Art Director, Deadpool 2 (2018))
Peter Osborn (I) (Actor, Breaker Morant (1980))
Peter O'Farrell (Actor, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002))
Peter Ormond (Actor, Churchill (2017))
Peter O'Hara (I) (Actor, Adam (2009))
Peter Moseley (II) (Cinematographer, The Magic Door (2007))
Peter Penrose (Actor, Sorrell and Son (1933))
Peter Bose (I) (Producer, Max Manus: Man of War (2008))
Peter Oliver (IV) (Actor, So SOHA (2015))
Peter Ross (IV) (Actor, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968))
Miranda Peters Roseman (Miscellaneous, The World of Lee Evans (1995))
Peter Olejnik (Director, Boston Under: After Hours (2012))
Peter Tadros (Editorial Department, Run All Night (2015))
Peter O'Brian (III) (Actor, The Stabilizer (1986))
Peter Brosnan (I) (Writer, The Lost City of Cecil B. DeMille (2016))
Peter Rosenberg (VI) (Writer, HOT 97: STAY SLEEPIN' (Music Video) (2012))
Peter O'Leary (I) (Actor, Bastards of Young (2013))
Peter Crosman (Visual Effects, Across the Universe (2007))
Peter Oliphant (I) (Actor, Hot Rods to Hell (1967))
Peter O'Brien (VI) (Director, Living Hell (2015))
Peter J. Rose (Producer, Haiti: Where Did the Money Go (2012))
Peter Brose (Production Manager, Kinder Zauberschule (2006))
Peter Rosen (III) (Miscellaneous, Union City (1980))
Peter Rosel (Music Department, Frank Lloyd Wright (1998))
Peter Rosen (IV) (Camera Department, Nova (1974))
Peter Rosei (Writer, Wer war Edgar Allan? (1984))
Peter Rosen (VI) (Composer, The Point (2009))
Peter Rosen (VII) (Camera Department, Frontline (1983))
Peter S. Rosen (Cinematographer, China at the Crossroads (1989))
Peter Milrose (Composer, Through the Night (1986))
Peter Grose (Self, Chequerboard (1969))
Peter H. Rose
Rose Peterson (Camera Department, #1 Serial Killer (2013))
Peter Melrose (Art Department, The Mission (1986))
Peter Croser (Self, Piano Lesson (1950))
Peter Ambrose (Miscellaneous, Educating Julie (1984))
Peter Roseney (Actor, Aktiv ins Alter (2017))
Peter Moser (I) (Writer, Kommissar Rex (1994))
Pete Roa (Actor, Kadenang bulaklak (1994))
Peter O'Neal (Actor, Zombie Holocaust (1980))
Peter Olsen (III) (Actor, Queen of the Damned (2002))
Peter Drost (Actor, The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (2001))
Peter Osborne (II) (Composer, Metropolis (1927))
Peter Osusky (Actor, Heaven's Gate (1980))
Peter Osborne (VI) (Writer, The Two Ronnies (1971))
Peter Osilaja
Peter Osborne (X) (Actor, Georgia (2015))
Peter Osinski (Editorial Department, Pawn Stars (2009))
Peter Oskam (I) (Sound Department, Antonia's Line (1995))
Peter Osborne (VIII) (Cinematographer, Freight Flow (1969))
Peter Oskam (III) (Sound Department, Holland: Natuur in de Delta (2015))
Peter Ostebo (Editor, Don't Waste Your Life Sentence (2010))
Peter Osborn (III) (Self, In Your Arms: At Christmas )
Pete Rostosky (Self, 1984 AFC Championship Game (1985))
Peter Osterland (Writer, From the Earth to the Moon (1998))
Peter Oslaj (Actor, Karácsonyi varázslat (2000))
Peter Ostrin (Camera Department, Tenth of a Second (1987))
Peter Osler (Producer, Blood Moon (2011))
Peter Osgood (Self, The Football Factory (2004))
Peter Oszlik (Actor, Broken Promise (2009))
Peter Osborne (XI) (Actor, No Story Time (2015))
Peter Osborne (IV) (Art Department, Grange Hill (1978))
Peter Oskam (II) (Self, Pauw & Witteman (2006))
Peter O'Story
Peter Osborne (I) (Cinematographer, Elly & Jools (1990))
Peter Osborne (V) (Special Effects, Avatar (2009))
Peter Osborn (II) (Cinematographer, The Movie Show (1986))
Peter Osborne (III) (Actor, The SnowWhite File (2007))
Peter Osborne (IX) (Self, Talking Ideas (1993))
Peter O'Shea (II)
Eros Peterson (Editor, Look! iCook! (2010))
Peter Ostroff (Actor, Studio One in Hollywood (1948))
Peter Osborne (VII) (Miscellaneous, Daring Capers (1999))
Peter Osghian (Composer, Applause! (2001))
Peter Osegueda (Costume Department, White on Rice (2009))
Pete Rosenberg (Art Department, A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! (2008))
Benjamin Pete Rose (Actor, Who Do You Love (2008))
The Pete Rose Jazz Band (Self, No 73 (1982))
Pete Rosenbauer
Peter Mosen (Miscellaneous, Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (1995))
Peter Cameron (I) (Writer, The City of Your Final Destination (2009))
Peter Ostroushko (Soundtrack, Into the Wild (2007))
Peter Overton (I) (Self, The Tunnel (2011))
Peter O'Toole (III) (Soundtrack, In Country (1989))
Jose Terreros (Actor, Barcelona, ciutat neutral (2011))
Margarete Rose (Editor, Paul Bowles - Halbmond (1995))
Pete Arias Rose (Camera Department, Gift til gods og guld (2001))
Jens Rosenlund Petersen (Sound Department, '71 (2014))
Peter Cameron (VII) (Writer, Carnival Row (in development))
Malte Rosenfeld (Cinematographer, Smolarze (2010))
Pete Rox (Actor, The Obscurists (2014))
Peter Oh (I) (Visual Effects, Tears (2004))
Pete Roe (III) (Actor, The Knight Train (2014))
Pete Roe (II) (Camera Department, Gently, Gently (2014))
Peter Oh (II) (Producer, Fairytales for the Fatherless (2017))
Pete Roe (I) (Director, Alone (2012))
Peter On (Producer, Hometown (2012))
Peter O'Connor (VIII) (Actor, Grand Theft Auto IV (2008))
Peter Ambrosio (Director, Amateur History (2013))
Peter O'Toole (VII) (Actor, New Ireland (2014))
Peter O'Connor (XV) (Self, Bar Rescue (2011))
Peter Herold (Actor, Robin (2015))
Cara Chute Rosenbaum (Casting Department, The Mindy Project (2012))
Peter Oso Snell (Music Department, The Dark Knight (2008))
Peter Gross (VII) (Actor, Rip-Off (1971))
Peter Pittaros (Actor, Greek Pete (2009))
Peter Orton (I) (Director, TV Burp (2001))
Peter Oillataguerre (Production Manager, Spectre (2015))
Sophie Rosentreter (Self, Die Harald Schmidt Show (1995))
Peter Rosenthal (I) (Director, Madonna: Celebration - The Video Collection (2009))
Peter Moses (III) (Actor, Villiantine's Day (2016))
Kate Rose (II) (Actress, Lexx (1997))
Peter Ross-Murray (Actor, The Tapes (2011))
Peter Oliver (III) (Actor, Along the Way (1972))
Peter O'Byrne (Actor, The Beauty of Ballybrack (2013))
Peter O'Toole (XI) (Actor, Remembering Yesterday (2014))
Peter Owht (Actor, Kidô senshi Gandamu (1981))
Peter Ots (Director, The Big Schmooze (2000))
Peter Odeke (Actor, Queen of Katwe (2016))
Peter Jose (Writer, Teen Flies (2012))
Peter Bose (II) (Actor, Breakfast (2000))
Peter O'Toole (X) (Camera Department, High-Rise (2015))
Peter Owen (IV) (Art Department, Dalziel and Pascoe (1996))
Peter Ross (XII) (Actor, Shitkicker (2010))
Peter Joseph Lewis (Actor, Company Retreat (2009))
Peter Ross (XV) (Miscellaneous, Total Slaughter 1 (2015))
Peter Ross (XVII) (Actor, Sliders of Ghost Town: Origins (2016))
Peter Ross (XVIII)