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Barbara Perry (I) (Actress, Father of the Bride (1991))
Perry Barndt (Stunts, Fear Factor (2001))
Perry Barber (Self, Throw Like a Girl )
Perry Barbarino (Actor, Hey, Old Man (2011))
Larry Barbato (Music Department, Is That It? (2008))
Terry Barber (III) (Self, Fashion News Live (2004))
Barbara J. Perry
Barbara Perry (II) (Producer, The Strange Ones (2017))
Barbara Perry (III)
Jerry Barber (I) (Actor, I Dream of Jeannie (1965))
Sherry Barber (Miscellaneous, The Kingdom (2007))
Jerry Barbee (Actor, Sarah (1986))
Kerry Barber (III) (Director, Dear Hatetts (2017))
Jerry Barber (III) (Art Department, Remember Me (2009))
Terry Barber (I) (Actor, Abraham & Sarah, the Film Musical (2014))
Cherry Barbo (Producer, Who Killed Carl Washington (2016))
Terry Barber (II) (Sound Department, Running (2014))
Terry Barbour (Writer, Haunters of the Deep (1984))
Jerry Barber (II) (Sound Department, Who's the Boss? (1984))
Kerry Barbon (Actress, The World's Astonishing News! (2000))
Kerry Barber (I) (Actress, A Magic Helmet (2010))
Kerry Barber (II)
Barbara Berry (I) (Camera Department, Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts (2016))
Barbara Terry (IV) (Writer, In the Driver's Seat with Barbara Terry (2007))
Perry Barker (Camera Department, Rude (1995))
Perry Bartelt (Actor, Nova (1974))
Perry Barwick (Camera Department, Son of God (2014))
John Perry Barlow (Self, I Am JFK Jr. (2016))
Gerry Barad (Self, Bloodied But Unbowed: Uncut (2011))
Thierry Bara (Music Department, Contrainte par corps (1988))
Mary Barbara Alexander (Actress, Headin' for Broadway (1980))
Larry Barbatsoulis (Producer, Live PD (2016))
Barbara Sherry
Barbara Wherry (Actress, Nobody's Perfekt (1981))
Barbara Berry (II) (Make Up Department, War Without End (1986))
Barbara Kerry (Producer, Feeding Obesity (2014))
Barbara Terry (III) (Actress, Contact from Beyond (2005))
Barbara Terry (I) (Actress, The Belle of 14th Street (1967))
Barbara Ferry
Barbara Cherry (Actress, Brotherhood of Death (1976))
Barbara Terry (II) (Actress, Around the World in 80 Days (1956))
Barbara Perrin (Actress, It Casting (2011))
Barbara Kline-Perry (Costume Designer, Fay in the Life of Dave (2006))
Thierry Barbedette (Producer, Kom Zot ni plus, ni moins (2017))
Thierry Barber (Producer, Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye (1996))
Thierry Barbet (Actor, Tempête sur anorak (2014))
Shawn Terry Barber (Actor, Shadow Nation (2009))
Thierry Barbier (Visual Effects, Pola X (1999))
Gerry Baracena (Miscellaneous, Nasaan Ka Man (2005))
Barbara Newberry (Actress, Footlights (1931))
Barbara June Berry (Self, Save Our History (1998))
Barbara Perrin Rivemar (Actress, Workers (2013))
Barbara and Terry Pekron
Barbara Milburn (Actress, Stealing God (2005))