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Penelope (Penelopa (2009))
Penelope (Saturday Night Live (1975))
Penelope (Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (2005))
Penelope Pitstop (Wacky Races (1968))
Penelope Toop (See How They Run (1955))
Penelope Cruz (Stella Street (2004))
Penelope 'Penny' Widmore (Lost (2004))
Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds (2005))
Pénélope (A Bigger Splash (2015))
Penelope (Accidentally on Purpose (2009))
Penelope (Lucifer (2015))
Penelope (Carson's Vertical Suburbia (1998))
Penelope (Club Dread (2004))
Penelope (Wishenpoof! (2014))
Penelope (Something New (2006))
Penelope (The Bed Sitting Room (1969))
Penelopé (Európa nem válaszol (1941))
Penelope (Step Up Revolution (2012))
Penelope (Goyband (2008))
Penelope (Wannabe (2005))
Penelope (Yakkity Yak (2003))
Penelope (Rites of Passage (2012))
Penelope (Family Guy (1999))
Penelope (Alone (2016))
Penelope (Garfield and Friends (1988))
Penelope (Friends with Kids (2011))
Penelope (Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012))
Penelope (My Name Is Earl (2005))
Penelope (Who Is KK Downey? (2008))
Penelope (Archie's Final Project (2009))
Penelope (Vicious (2013))
Penelope (Reign (2013))
Penelope (Barbie as Rapunzel (2002))
Penelope (Poetic Justice (1993))
Penelope (The Brothers Bloom (2008))
Penelope (Motel Hell (1980))
Penelope (Earthsea (2004))
Penelope (VeggieTales: Lyle, the Kindly Viking (2001))
Penelope (Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (2010))
Penelope (Desire (2014))
Penelope (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014))
Penelope (Baskets (2016))
Penelope (Existo (1999))
Penelope (Wishbone (1995))
Penelope (LoveTouchHate (in development))
Penelope (The Creeping Flesh (1973))
Penelope (Double Negative (1980))
Penelope (My Soul to Take (2010))
Penelope (90210 (2008))
Lady Penelope (Thunderbirds (2004))
Penelope Betteredge (The Moonstone (1972))
Penelope Keeling (The Shell Seekers (2006))
Penelope Townes (The Genie from Down Under (1996))
Penelope Pinfeather (Melody (1953))
Penelope Gough (Stranger on the Shore (1961))
Penelope's Friend (Knife Fight (2012))
Penelope Benson (Goosebumps (1995))
Penelope Clearwater (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002))
Penelope Shafai (Gossip Girl (2007))
Penelope Smallbone (Octopussy (1983))
Princess Penelope (Learning About Letters (1986))
Penelope Graybridge (Ugly Betty (2006))
Penelope Alvarez (One Day at a Time (2017))
Penelope Witherspoon (Trading Places (1983))
Penelope Ellis (Revenge (2011))
Penelope Heslop (Muriel's Wedding (1994))
Penelope Parsons (A Country Christmas (2013))
Penelope Ryan (Happy Birthday, Wanda June (1971))
Penelope Marsh (Home of the Brave (2006))
Sister Penelope (Popetown (2005))
Penelope Worth (Angel and the Badman (1947))
Penelope Pritchard (The Haunted Hathaways (2013))
Penelope Belman (The Perfect Woman (1949))
Penelope Nelson (Knife Fight (2012))
Penelope's Friend (Knife Fight (2012))
Penelope Bailey (What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002))
Penelope Smith (All Aboard (1958))
Penelope Blossom (Riverdale (2017))
Penelope Longstreet (Carnage (2011))
Penelope Little (What Goes Up (2009))
Princess Penelope (The Simpsons (1989))
Penelope Taynt (The Amanda Show (1999))
Penelope Schweitzer (Sturm der Liebe (2005))
Penelope's Aide (Knife Fight (2012))
Penelope Maddox (The House of Eliott (1991))
Penelope Cloud (The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud (2007))
Princess Penelope (The Royals (2015))
Penelope Wood (Big Nothing (2006))
Penelope Hampton (A Twentieth Century Pirate (1914))
Penelope Elcott (Penelope (1966))
Penelope Wilhern (Penelope (2006))
Penelope Gardiner (Witches of East End (2013))
Penelope Protoceratops (Dinosaur Train (2009))
Principal Penelope (Faking It (2014))
Lady Penelope Gray (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939))
Penelope the Fat Cat (Shinbone Alley (1970))
Lady Penelope Berrington (Touched by an Angel (1994))
Aunt Penelope Hardwick (Naughty But Nice (1939))
Penelope 'Annabelle' Hampton (The Runaround (1946))
Penelope Likkum, Miss Massachusetts (Miss Congeniality (2000))
Miss Penelope Budd (Oh Boy! (1919))
Penelope 'Penny' Wood (Her First Beau (1941))
Penelope St. Clair (Magnum, P.I. (1980))
Lady Penelope Peasoup (Batman (1966))
Penelope Del Rios (Ugly Betty (2006))
Penelope 'P.J.' Franklin (My Boys (2006))
Dr. Penelope Russell (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000))
Penelope 'Penny' Barnes Barrington (Good Morning, Miami (2002))
Penelope Barrington-Blake (You Rang, M'Lord? (1988))