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Paul Rudd (I) (Actor, Ant-Man (2015))
Paul Rudd (II) (Actor, Beulah Land (1980))
Paul Rudd (V) (Actor, Love Hate (2009))
Paul Ruddy (Casting Director, Cold Turkey (2013))
Paul Rudd (III) (Writer, Colour of War: The ANZACs (2004))
Paul Rudd (IV)
Paul Rudd (VI) (Producer, Goa Hippy Tribe (2010))
Paul Ruddock (Sound Department, The Music of Erich Zann (1980))
Paul Rust (Writer, Love (2016))
Paul Rudnick (Writer, Addams Family Values (1993))
Paul Rudd (VII)
Paul Rugg (Actor, Animaniacs (1993))
Paul Rudish (Art Department, Mickey Mouse (2013))
Paul Rud
Paul Rudder (Art Department, Drie Susters (1984))
Paul Ruddle (Cinematographer, Catching Clouds (2016))
John Paul Ruttan (Actor, RoboCop (2014))
Paul Ruven (Writer, De tranen van Maria Machita (1991))
Paul Rudge (I) (Cinematographer, Outrageous Acts of Science (2012))
Paul Rudy (Composer, Terminal (2015))
Paul Rudyk (Miscellaneous, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996))
Paul Rude (Actor, Sugar Cain (1996))
Paul Rudge (II) (Editorial Department, Bring Back... The Christmas Number One (2005))
Paul Rubell (Editor, Transformers (2007))
Paul Rudolph (III) (Music Department, Sesame Street (1969))
Paul Rutman (Writer, Indian Summers (2015))
Paul Russo (III) (Visual Effects, Game of Thrones (2011))
Paul Rudolph (V)
Paul Rudeen (Self, Trekkies (1997))
Paul Rudolph (IV)
Paul Rudolph (II) (Actor, Mein Bruder, der Vampir (2001))
Paul Rudolph (I) (Editorial Department, La passion de l'innocence (1995))
Paul Rudoff (Miscellaneous, Animating 'The Real Ghostbusters' (2008))
Paul Rudolph (VII) (Self, Marc (1977))
Paul Rudziak (Actor, Same Fruit, Different Tree (2017))
Paul Rudolph (VI)
Paul Rudkin (Editor, Fiddley Foodle Bird (1991))
Paul Rud Will (Camera Department, Kill the Irishman (2011))
Paul Rush (I) (Miscellaneous, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002))
Paul Ruehl (Writer, For the Love of Grace (2008))
Paul Rut (II) (Actor, Chopped (2007))
Paul Rut (I)
Paul Russell (I) (Actor, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989))
Paul Rubens (Soundtrack, A Little of What You Fancy (1968))
Saul Ruda (Sound Department, Independent Lens (1999))
Paul Ruffino (Location Management, The New Hollywood Squares (1986))
Paul Ruth (Actor, All the Small People (2008))
Paul Ruben (Writer, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Paul Ruffolo (Miscellaneous, The Dark Knight (2008))
Paul Ruck (Actor, We Are Human (2014))
Paul Ruta (II) (Director, Unrepresented (2011))
Paul Rubin (I) (Actor, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1990))
Paul Rubio (I) (Producer, El día (2009))
Paul Rusu (Actor, Michael the Brave (1970))
Paul Rubin (V) (Actor, Robert (2006))
Paul Russo (I) (Actor, The Ungovernable Force (2015))
Paul Ruiz (I) (Art Department, Walking with the Enemy (2013))
Paul Ruta (I) (Actor, Deep River: The Island (2009))
Paul Rubin (VII)
Paul Ruske (Sound Department, Last Ride (2009))
Paul Runko (Miscellaneous, The Dr. Oz Show (2009))
Paul Rubin (IX) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Paul Ruess (Actor, Pitch Perfect (2012))
Paul Rubie (II) (Costume Department, The First Fagin (2012))
Paul Ruijs (Self, Het zwarte schaap (1999))
Paul Ruiz (III) (Visual Effects, Thor (2011))
Paul Rubin (II) (Producer, Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years (1955-1970) (2000))
Paul Ruff (Self, Black Diamond Rush (1993))
Paul Ruby (Producer, Vestige (2016))
Paul Rush (II) (Actor, A House of Ill Fame (2014))
Paul Ruban (Miscellaneous, Couleurs Locales (2014))
Paul Rubie (I) (Costume Designer, The Jelly Wrestler (2013))
Paul Ruig (Art Director, Impala (1999))
Paul Rush (III) (Writer, The Edge of Us (2016))
Paul Rubin (VIII)
Paul Ruark
Paul Ruys (Actor, Pillar (2006))
Paul Runge (Self, 1984 World Series (1984))
Paul Ruiz (II) (Self, Strikeforce Challengers (2009))
Paul Rush (IV) (Actor, The Edge of Us (2016))
Paul Ruffy (Writer, Heidi and Peter (1955))
Paul Rubin (VI) (Editorial Department, A Little Bit of Heaven (2011))
Paul Rusch (II) (Visual Effects, In This Economy (2016))
Paul Räuber (Actor, Elbe (2006))
Paul Rubio (II) (Soundtrack, Beerfest (2006))
Paul Rusca (Actor, Cu mâinile curate (1972))
Paul Ruest (Sound Department, How to Survive a Plague (2012))
Paul Rubio (III) (Miscellaneous, 3Xtreme (1999))
Paul Rubin (IV) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Paul Russo (V) (Actor, The Act of Love (2010))
Paul Russo (II) (Make Up Department, The Bay (2012))
Paul Rubin (III) (Miscellaneous, Peter Pan (2000))
Paul Ruiz (IV) (Self, Bellator Fighting Championships (2009))
Paul Rufo (Actor, Naked City (1958))
Paul Russell (VIII) (Location Management, The Butterfly Effect (2004))
Paul Ruskay (Sound Department, Ill Fated (2004))
Paul Russell (II) (Casting Department, The Siege (1998))
Paul Rutherford (I) (Self, Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Hard On (2000))
Paul Ruggeri (Self, Colgate Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular (2017))
Paul Ruscher (Actor, La cage dorée (2013))
Paul Rustin (Actor, Oriental Evil (1951))
Paul Rutledge (I) (Stunts, The Incredible Hulk (2008))
Paul Rusnak (Sound Department, Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004))
Paul Ruffman (Producer, Rudderless (2014))
Paul Rudelhoff (Producer, Fragile Storm (2015))
Paul Rudzinski (Actor, Trees (2000))
Paul Ruebsam (Actor, A Guiding Hand (2010))
Paul Ruppert
Paul Rutan Jr. (Visual Effects, Spartacus (1960))
Paul Rumpen (Actor, Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht (1957))
Paul Ruckel (Actor, What's Next? (2010))
Paul Ruellas
Paul Rusconi (Actor, Novel Desires (1991))
Paul Russell (V) (Producer, The Wager (1998))
Paul Russell (VII) (Thanks, DVD Discoveries (2003))
Paul Russell (XV) (Actor, The Doll (2012))
Paul Russell (XXIX) (Self, Fade to Black (2016))
Paul Russel (III) (Actor, Amnesia: Fear in Hands )
Paul Runyan (I) (Visual Effects, The Guardian (2006))
Paul Russo Jr. (Producer, The Wages of Spin (2008))
Paul Rushforth (I) (Actor, All For Nothing? (2010))
Paul Runyan (III)
Paul Russell (XXVIII) (Location Management, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016))
Paul Ruibol (Cinematographer, La canción que tú cantabas (1939))
Paul Rusking (Actor, The Wind and the Lion (1975))
Paul Russel (VI)
Paul Ruskin (Producer, Recycling in Happy Valley (2008))
Paul Rumpel (Actor, Kommissar Rex (1994))
Paul Rushton (III)
Paul Russell (X) (Actor, The Big Hurt (1986))
Paul Rumsey (Sound Department, 976-WISH (1997))
Paul Russel (IV) (Actor, Scammerhead (2014))
Paul Rubery (Assistant Director, Doctor Who (2005))
Paul Rumbol (I) (Music Department, Alberto Goes to Rio (2014))
Paul Rumsford (Special Effects, After Last Season (2009))
Paul Russon (Editor, The Soldier (2007))
Paul Rutter (II) (Composer, Snug and Cozi (1994))
Paul Rushforth (II)
Paul Russell (XIV) (Self, A History of Celtic Britain (2011))
Paul Rummel (Writer, Botschafter im Blauhemd (1984))
Paul Russell (XII) (Actor, Roe (2010))
Paul Russell (IV) (Camera Department, Call Northside 777 (1948))
Paul Russell (III) (Special Effects, The Milagro Beanfield War (1988))
Paul Russell (XVIII)
Paul Russell (XXVI) (Producer, Time (2009))
Paul Russell (XIII) (Actor, Late Rush (2011))
Paul Ruubel (Actor, Perekond Männard (1960))
Paul Runquist (Miscellaneous, Earthling (2005))
Paul Ruggieri (Cinematographer, Long Road Home (2011))
Paul Rutherford (II) (Producer, Beyond the Epic Run (2009))
Paul Russell (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Inside Secret Societies (2016))
Paul Rutter (III) (Sound Department, Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List (2015))
Paul Ruelarde (Self, Slaves and Ensigns: The Far Side of the Border (2004))
Paul Rutenis (Actor, Homicide (1964))
Paul Russell (XXI) (Self, The Jennie Garth Project (2014))
Paul Rucker (Art Department, Our RoboCop Remake (2014))
Paul Rubera (Actor, The Grapedealer's Daughter (1970))
Paul Rutten (Sound Department, Thuis (1995))
Paul Rutherford (IV) (Self, Power 30 (1991))
Paul Russell (XXIV) (Composer, Sink (2015))
Paul Rutherford (VII) (Actor, Hills and Hollers (2016))
Paul Ruthner (Actor, Vom Mädchen zur Frau (1949))
Paul Ruhland (Composer, Up! (1976))
Paul Ruggiero (Producer, A Magic Helmet (2010))
Paul Russell (XXIII) (Location Management, Spooksville (2013))
Paul Russell (XVI) (Actor, After Love (2016))
Paul Runnals (Production Manager, Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music (1997))
Paul Ruhman (II) (Transportation Department, Dry Run (2010))
Paul Ruggerio (Actor, Course (2009))
Paul Runyon (Self, ESPN 25: Who's #1? (2004))
Paul Rusinko (Transportation Department, Skyscraper (1996))
Paul Rumbles (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
Paul Russell (XVII) (Actor, The Coming (2013))
Paul Ruxton (Art Department, Love and Death on Long Island (1997))
Paul Runyan (II) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Paul Runyan (IV) (Self, Golf My Way with Paul Runyan (1983))
Paul Russel (I) (Art Department, Halo 2 (2004))
Paul Rushton (I) (Actor, The Lancaster Miller Affair (1990))
Paul Russell (XI) (Miscellaneous, Elegy (2008))
Paul Russel (V) (Actor, Fading Sanity (2014))
Paul Russell (XXII) (Actor, Incall (2014))
Paul Rutter (I) (Actor, Hip Hop Kidz: It's a Beautiful Thing (2006))
Paul Russel (II) (Self, 4 Play: Kiwi Music (2001))
Paul Rutherford (V) (Self, Food Revolution (2010))
Paul Rutledge (III) (Actor, The Caper (2016))
Paul Ruzycki (Self, Black Ice (2014))
Paul Russell (VI) (Actor, That Certain Woman (1937))
Paul Russell (XIX) (Cinematographer, Underground (2015))
Paul Russell (IX) (Actor, Casualties of the State (2012))
Paul Rushton (II) (Transportation Department, These Foolish Things (2005))
Paul Ruffin (Sound Department, The Underground (2010))
Paul Rumrill (Actor, The Code: Legend of the Gamers (2007))
Paul Ruhman (I) (Special Effects, Tail Sting (2001))
Paul Russell (XX) (Producer, Costa Concordia: The Whole Story (2013))
Paul Rutledge (II) (Miscellaneous, Copper (2012))
Paul Rutledge (IV) (Director, Eat the Danger (2013))
Paul Ruksanas
Paul Rutloff (Actor, Ballett und Pantomime (1954))
Paul Russotti
John Paul Russ (Writer, Monster Hunter's Survival Guide (in development))