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Paul Esser (I) (Actor, Rotation (1949))
Paul Esser (II) (Actor, The True Story (2003))
Paul Essiembre (Actor, Chloe (2009))
Paul Dresser (Soundtrack, The Myth of Fingerprints (1997))
Paul Essue (Miscellaneous, Speed Punks (1999))
Paul Essig (Visual Effects, Twister (1996))
Jules Sern (Actor, Matar para vivir (1980))
Paul Schlösser (Actor, Die Toten reiten schnell (2015))
Paul Elsasser (I) (Actor, Knock Knock Who's There (2008))
Paul Elsasser (II) (Composer, Through and Away (2008))
Paul Slusser (Art Department, Halo Wars (2009))
Paul Strasser (Composer, Ein Polterabend (1955))
Jesse Paul Eye
Paul E. Jessen (Composer, The 8th Plague (2006))
Paul Schliesser (Actor, The Legend of the Loveland Frogmen (2010))
Paul Essling
Paul Esswood (Actor, L'incoronazione di Poppea (1979))
Paul Dessert (Camera Department, The Third Nail (2007))
Paul Messer (Production Manager, Survivor (2000))
Paul Jesser (Actor, Don't Tell My Mom (2015))
Paul Messerly (Animation Department, Call of Duty (2003))
Paul Cresser
Jules Sergent (Actor, Le jour où tout a basculé (2011))
Paul Essenhigh (Director, The Man Who Hated Fun (2016))
Paule Lasserre (Actress, Les phalènes (1975))
Art Paul Schlosser (Composer, Street Pulse (2012))
Paul Saint Hesse (Actor, O Death (2011))
Paule Sengissen (Director, Les yeux de l'été (1969))
Paule Senguissen (Assistant Director, Les idoles (1963))
Paul Esslinger (Composer, Rinnsteinspiraten (1993))
Jean-Paul Dessertine (Actor, Le rebelle (1980))
Paul Messerschmidt (Miscellaneous, Adam and Eve (2005))
Paula Weckesser (Actress, The New York Centerfold Massacre (1985))
Paul Obernesser (Actor, Heart of the Country (2013))
Arda Gulesserian (Sound Department, Warrior (2011))
Barkev Gulesserian (Actor, A Family Finds Entertainment (2005))
Jules Strasser Jr. (Sound Department, Medical Center (1969))
Jules Strasser (Sound Department, Lethal Weapon (1987))
Lisa Gulesserian (Actress, In the Life (2010))