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Pat Fraley (II) (Actor, Monsters, Inc. (2001))
aka "Patrick Fraley"
Patrick Franz (Visual Effects, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015))
Patrick Frank (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Patrick Féraud (Actor, Carmen nue (1984))
Patrick Fram (Animation Department, Wobble: The Weight of the Truth (2008))
Patrick Raley (Actor, Night Claws (2012))
Patrick Fraser (I) (Producer, Gigolos (2011))
Patrick Frappier (Art Department, Early Release (2017))
Patrick Fracis (Actor, Government Lies (2012))
Patrick Francart (Cinematographer, Meet Your Maker (2013))
Patrick Fraser (II) (Actor, Shadows in the Woods (2006))
Patrick Franzini
Patrick Frasier (Producer, The Learning Curve (2016))
Patrick Francis (V) (Actor, 9/11 No More Pita Bread in the Lunch Bag (2003))
Patrick Fraser (V) (Actor, Airport In (1996))
Patrick Franel (Actor, Les bonnes manières (2012))
Patrick Francis (IX) (Actor, Agents (2011))
Patrick Francis (XII) (Editor, Chance of a Lifetime: The Making of Too Late for Tears (2016))
Patrick Francis (II) (Production Designer, Cugini (2001))
Patrick Franklin (Writer, Pushin' Up Daisies (2010))
Patrick Fraser (IV) (Cinematographer, Skin Movers (2012))
Patrick Fradin (Stunts, Humans (2009))
Patrick Francey (Actor, A Journey (2014))
Patrick Frankfort (Actor, Fighting Cooking Legend Bistro Recipe (2001))
Patrick Francis (VII) (Miscellaneous, After Midnight (1989))
Patrick Francis (III) (Camera Department, Pencils Down! The 100 Days of the Writers Guild Strike (2014))
Patrick Frangoulis (Animation Department, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976))
Patrick Francis (X) (Producer, Least Favorite Love Songs (2012))
Patrick Francis (IV) (Self, Double Your Dollars (1965))
Patrick Franks (Editor, So You Think You Can Dance (2005))
Patrick Francis (VIII) (Make Up Department, Eric's Illumination (2013))
Patrick Fransen (Self, Inside Secret America (2013))
Patrick Francis (VI) (Producer, Mutant Species (1994))
Patrick Francis (I) (Composer, Black Eyed Dog (1999))
Patrick Francis (XI) (Producer, Government Lies (2012))
Patrick Fraser (III)
Dalepatrick Frost (Assistant Director, Murphy's Disciples (2016))
Frederick Fraleigh (Special Effects, Where the Wild Things Are (2009))
Patrick Francis Bishop (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Patrick Francke-Sirois (Sound Department, Féminin/Féminin (2014))
Patrick Francis Frenking (Composer, The Stakes (2012))
Bryan Patrick Franklin
Patrick Francis Boyle
Patrick Francis Flannery (Actor, MacGyver (1985))
Patrick Francis Gomes (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Patrick Francis Allen (Sound Department, Muppets Most Wanted (2014))
Patrick Francis Gleason (Miscellaneous, Inside You (2004))
Patrick Francis Kalaau (Actor, Bachelor Night (2014))
Patrick Braley (Actor, Jinxed! (1982))
Raymond Gerald Patrick Francis