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Ted Nicolaou (Director, TerrorVision (1986))
Nicolaou (Costume Designer, Young Warriors (1983))
Alex Nicolaou (I) (Director, Zombies Vs. Strippers (2012))
Nick Nicolaou (I) (Special Effects, The Matrix (1999))
Sophie Nicolaou (Miscellaneous, Barely Lethal (2015))
Carl Nicolaou (Miscellaneous, Playboy: Queen of Clubs (2004))
Alex Nicolaou (III) (Actor, A Wedding Most Strange (2011))
Luke Nicolaou (Cinematographer, Kidnapper (2015))
Nick Nicolaou (III) (Sound Department, Power Without Glory (1976))
Nicolas Nicolaou
Alex Nicolaou (II) (Camera Department, Zombirella (2009))
Alex Nicolaou (IV) (Actor, Gorjilla Suit (2011))
Nick Nicolaou (II)
Mara Nicolaou (Location Management, Congratulations Daisy Graham (2007))
Nicole Nicolaou (Art Department, Edge of Tomorrow (2014))
Cassandra Nicolaou (Director, Interviews with My Next Girlfriend (2002))
Rebecca Nicolaou (Sound Department, While You Were Sleeping (1995))
Carlo Nicolaou (Actor, Hart to Hart (1979))
Panos Nicolaou (Producer, Unhook the Stars (1996))
Alexander Nicolaou (Actor, Dixi (2014))
Emile Nicolaou (Actor, Caravaggio (1986))
George Papanicolaou (Soundtrack, Killing Ground (2016))
Dimitris Nicolaou (Cinematographer, To prosopo tis Medousas (1967))
Eliana Papanicolaou (Actress, Ways (2015))
Daemeon Nicolaou (Visual Effects, Soulkeeper (2001))
Argyro Nicolaou (I) (Miscellaneous, Behind the Mirror (2015))
Neoclis Nicolaou (II) (Producer, In Half (2015))
Victor Nicolaou (Producer, Libre (2005))
Emmanuel Nicolaou (Actor, Life Without You (2015))
Claudia Nicolaou
Eleni Nicolaou (Producer, A Good Lad (2016))
Petros Nicolaou (Producer, Simia ke Terata (2015))
Antria Nicolaou (Director, Sinexeia sta oria (2013))
Panikos Nicolaou (Actor, Art Ache (2015))
Nicole Hadjinicolaou (Make Up Department, Beloved Days (2015))
Chris Nicolaou (Editor, Myth Makers: Roger Delgado - A Tribute (1997))
Thanos Papanicolaou (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Christina Nicolaou (II) (Actress, The End of Silence (2006))
Marina Nicolaou (Actress, Shifter (2007))
Christina Nicolaou (I) (Miscellaneous, A-List Awards (2009))
Jarred Nicolaou (Director, A Day in the Life of a Murderer (2007))
James Nicolaou (I)
Louisa Nicolaou
Yianni Papanicolaou (Visual Effects, The Hour (2011))
Andrew Papanicolaou (Transportation Department, East (2008))
Yazzie Nicolaou (Miscellaneous, Tattoo Fixers (2015))
Neoclis Nicolaou (I)
Marilena Nicolaou (Actress, The Phantom of the Opera (2004))
Maroulla Nicolaou (Actress, White Angel (1994))
Mariannthy Nicolaou
Dimos Nicolaou (Camera Department, Dead End (2013))
Jerry Nicolaou (Art Department, P2 (2007))
Nicoletta Nicolaou (Self, 20 Young People, 12 Monuments (2012))
Roula Nicolaou (II)
James Nicolaou (II)
Virginia Nicolaou
Vadim Nicolaou (Director, Once in a Lifetime (2017))
Marios Nicolaou
Stella Nicolaou (Actress, The Paradox Series (2015))
Roula Nicolaou (I) (Producer, To klama vgike ap' ton Paradeiso (2001))
Debbie Nicolaou (Actress, The Bill (1984))
Troy Papanicolaou (Producer, Frozen in War )
Louis Nicolaou (Composer, Propos élastiques (1947))
Argyro Nicolaou (III) (Producer, In Half (2015))
Andre Papanicolaou (Composer, Where's Leroy? (2013))
Wouter Nicolaas (Actor, Westenwind (1999))
Ted Nicolas
Sally Nicolaou Hamilton (Set Decorator, Teeth (2007))
Nicolas Joutel (Actor, Cowhide (2001))
Nicolas Rombouts (Composer, Until It Hits You (2013))
Nicolas Couteau (Self, On a tout essayé (2000))
Nicolas Koutsikas (Director, Armes Chimiques Sous La Mer (2014))
Nicolas Réoutsky (Producer, Plus jamais comme ça (2005))
Nicolas Coutelier (Camera Department, Un amour de sorcière (1997))
Nicolas Varoutsikos (Production Manager, Le grand jeu (2015))
Georgia Bloo Nicolaou (Director, The River (2016))
Alexandre Papanicolaou (Writer, Anadysi (2007))
Irene Kontonicolaous
Constantinos Nicolaou (Miscellaneous, Beloved Days (2015))
Michael Papanicolaou (Animation Department, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (2012))
Constantine Papanicolaou (Cinematographer, The Flying Cross (2006))
Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou (Director, The Seven Sisters Indoor Market (2016))