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Will James (I) (Writer, Lone Cowboy (1933))
James Newill (Actor, Sky Bandits (1940))
Will James (VII) (Camera Department, A Reason to Sing (2012))
Will James (II) (Actor, Yam (2004))
Will James (IX) (Self, Frontline (1983))
Will James (XIII) (Miscellaneous, The Grand Tour (2016))
Will James (XI) (Actor, Collusion (2017))
Will James (IV) (Producer, 43rd Annual Pig Bowl/Guns & Hoses XV (2017))
Will James (III) (Actor, Genie in the House (2006))
Will James (XIV) (Actor, The Musician (2017))
Will James (VI) (Location Management, W.E. (2011))
Will James (VIII) (Actor, 101 Ways to Get Rejected (2013))
Will James (X) (Actor, Rock Band Vs Vampires (2017))
Will James (V) (Producer, Cayman Went (2009))
Will James (XII)
Bill James (IV) (Self, Clubhouse Confidential (2011))
Bill James Day (Music Department, Mom and Dad (2017))
Will Jameson (I) (Location Management, Dream a Dream (2005))
Will Jameson (II) (Composer, The Bench (2009))
Jill James (IV) (Writer, Neighbours (1985))
Bill James (IX) (Miscellaneous, Punk Vacation (1990))
Bill James (XXI) (Producer, Mate (2016))
Jill James (I) (Actress, The Theory of Flight (1998))
Bill James (I) (Actor, Random Harvest (1942))
Bill James (XVIII) (Self, Tavis Smiley (2004))
Bill James (XX) (Actor, The Rose Seller (2010))
Bill James (VIII) (Actor, Naked Tango (1990))
Bill James (V) (Transportation Department, U2: Rattle and Hum (1988))
Jill James (II) (Producer, Ghostwriter (2009))
Bill James (XII) (Actor, Sangley Point Robbery (1985))
Bill James (XXIV) (Camera Department, The Devil Made Me Do It (1974))
Bill James (XIV) (Self, Dirty Jobs (2005))
Bill James (XVII) (Art Department, Escape to Nowhere (1990))
Bill James (XVI) (Sound Department, Jack the Reaper (2011))
Bill James (II) (Writer, Horror Safari (1982))
Jill James (VI) (Producer, Dying Light (2017))
Bill James (VII) (Casting Department, Raw Force (1982))
Bill James (XXII) (Production Manager, Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014))
Bill James (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Full Boost Vertical: The Supercar Story (2004))
Jill James (III) (Miscellaneous, Hamburger Hill (1987))
Bill James (XI) (Actor, Cleopatra Wong (1978))
Bill James (XXV) (Actor, The Lion )
Bill James (XV) (Miscellaneous, Baseball (1994))
Gill James (Self, Lines (2012))
Jill James (V) (Actress, Dying Light (2017))
Bill James (III) (Visual Effects, Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000))
Bill James (VI) (Miscellaneous, My Entire Life (1996))
Bill James (X) (Writer, Bruce's Fists of Vengeance (1980))
Will James Moore (Writer, Satellite of Love (2012))
James DeWille (Writer, Supergirl (2015))
Tamill James (Set Decorator, Blakemore (2018))
Jill Jameson (I) (Actress, The Urge to Kill (1989))
Will James Johnson (Actor, Cheap Fun (2011))
James E. Williams (Miscellaneous, Orgazmo (1997))
Coco Hill-James (Actress, Kiddo (2010))
Bill James Haverly (Actor, No Dead Heroes (1986))
Raychill James (Make Up Department, No Loss // No Gain (2018))
Paul James Williams (Miscellaneous, Baby Jane? (2010))
William James Hill Jr. (Actor, Errand Boy (2007))
James William Newport (Production Designer, Bangkok Dangerous (2008))
Samuel James Willott (Sound Department, Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale (2016))
Samuel James Willis (Actor, Concessions (2015))
James Lee Williams (Actor, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016))
Mitchell James O'Neill
James E. Willett
James William Powell Jr. (Miscellaneous, Life Among the Undead (2011))
Michael James Willstead (Sound Department, The Boxer (2013))
William james Lewis Jr.
William James Lewis Jr. (Actor, Singledom (2014))
James David Lewis-Williams (Self, How Art Made the World (2005))