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Neva Patterson (Actress, An Affair to Remember (1957))
Carra Patterson (Actress, Straight Outta Compton (2015))
Lorna Patterson (Actress, Airplane! (1980))
Philip A. Patterson (Assistant Director, Twelve Monkeys (1995))
Eva Paterson (Self, Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American Journey (2005))
Vanessa Patterson (I) (Art Department, Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996))
Cristina Patterson (Make Up Department, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003))
Kendra Patterson (Casting Department, Heroes (2006))
Keyonna Patterson (Actress, Cougars Inc. (2011))
Mona Patterson (I) (Actress, NCIS (2003))
Iva Pattersonova (Actress, Mandragora (1997))
Ginna Patterson (Actress, Play Misty for Me (1971))
O.A. Patterson (Miscellaneous, King Kong (1933))
E.A. Patterson (Writer, The Fightin' Redhead (1928))
Ty A. Patterson
Mia Patterson (Actress, Vampiresas (1996))
Thea Patterson (Miscellaneous, Inhabiting Dance (2009))
Lea Patterson (Actress, Murder Call (1997))
Ada Patterson (Actress, Atrocitas (2014))
Ashlea Patterson (Director, Birthday Box (2014))
Jenna Patterson (I) (Self, Deadliest Catch: An Epic Season (2013))
Emma Patterson (II) (Music Department, Jhovanny the Movie (2014))
Evana Patterson (Actress, Tankboy (2009))
Bre'Anna Patterson (Actress, Water (2016))
Emma Patterson (I) (Camera Department, The Devils Bit (2011))
Chioma Patterson (Actress, The Challengers (1991))
Joshua Patterson (I) (Actor, Children of the Corn: The Gathering (1996))
Cara Patterson (I) (Set Decorator, Scarfies (1999))
Danita Patterson (Miscellaneous, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990))
Teresa Patterson (II) (Actress, This Boy (2002))
Angela Patterson (I) (Producer, Magic 4 Morons (2000))
Bre'anna Patterson (Actress, Stronghold (2017))
Reta Patterson (Actress, Little Heroes (1992))
Martha Patterson (Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful (1987))
Linda Patterson (V) (Costume Department, Andersonville (1996))
Vanessa Patterson (II) (Actress, Transfusion (2013))
Melissa Patterson (I) (Actress, The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch (2009))
Paula Patterson (I) (Actress, Loving Feeling (1968))
Victoria Patterson (I) (Actress, The Trio of Minuet (2003))
Angela Patterson (III) (Miscellaneous, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003))
Rebecca Patterson (I) (Actress, Love & Basketball (2000))
Olivia Patterson (Actress, The Heartbreaker's Revenge (2014))
Teresa Patterson (I) (Make Up Department, Titanic (1997))
Theresa Patterson (Actress, Disco Godfather (1979))
Patricia Patterson (II) (Actress, Day of Judgment (1971))
Nina Patterson (I) (Sound Department, Two for Three (2012))
Lauren Eve Patterson
Clarissa Patterson (Costume Designer, Dingo (1991))
Grania Patterson (Actress, The Hanging Gale (1995))
Gina Patterson (Self, Cowboy Poetry (2016))
Shadana Patterson (I) (Actress, After Hours (2016))
Natasha Patterson (Actress, Cirque du Soleil: Kooza (2008))
Linda Patterson (II) (Costume Department, The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (2012))
Andrea Patterson (Actress, York Street (2003))
Anna Patterson (II) (Producer, Home for Christmas (2014))
Josefina Patterson (Actor, Hotel Nueva Isla (2014))
Patricia Patterson (V)
Amelia Patterson (Producer, High Freakquency (1998))
Joshua Patterson (II) (Producer, Emma (2010))
Kara Patterson
Miranda Patterson (Miscellaneous, Today (1952))
Enya Patterson (Actress, Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1 (2013))
Laura Patterson (I) (Director, In Search of History: Stigmata (1999))
Giga Patterson (Actress, The Girls on F Street (1966))
Chandrea Patterson
Norma Patterson (Writer, You Live and Learn (1937))
Diana Patterson (Costume Department, Best in Show (2000))
Marcia Patterson (Make Up Department, Summer Comedy Hour (1965))
Shadana Patterson (III)
Brianna Patterson (I) (Costume Department, I Am Legend (2007))
Sasha Patterson (Self, Tonight Is for the Trees (2015))
Clara Patterson (Actress, They Never End (2015))
Tecia Patterson (Actor, Cupcake Bandits (2012))
Jessica Patterson (IV) (Actress, Dating Savannah Love (2014))
Jenna Patterson (III) (Actress, Speak (2015))
Amanda Patterson (I) (Writer, The Hot Dog Story (2011))
Alisha Patterson (Actress, Maintenance (2007))
Shauna Patterson (I) (Assistant Director, La Florida (1993))
Amanda Patterson (III) (Special Effects, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011))
Kaila Patterson (Miscellaneous, Traveling Without Moving (2016))
Chelsea Patterson (Art Department, Nothing in Los Angeles (2013))
Tara Patterson (III) (Miscellaneous, Musical Hearts (2015))
Linda Patterson (I) (Actress, Stepsisters (1974))
Marceia Patterson (Director, Gothic Tale (2015))
Keesha Patterson (II) (Self, Marry Me in Mexico: Trish's Dream Wedding (2010))
Pearleana Patterson
Joshua Patterson (IV) (Assistant Director, Street Legends (in development))
Jessica Patterson (V) (Actress, Age of Innocene (2016))
Gislina Patterson (Actress, Rifting/Blue (2005))
Rhea Patterson (Actress, Smash (2012))
Jessica Patterson (II) (Actor, The Dream House (2015))
Tiera Patterson (Costume Designer, Senior Cut Day: The Movie (2011))
Regina Patterson (Miscellaneous, Donnybrook (2005))
Rebecca Patterson (III) (Make Up Department, Sleep (2016))
Victoria Patterson (III) (Actress, Jeffrey's Fortune (2012))
Patricia Patterson (III) (Producer, Dark Cloud (2009))
Dianna Patterson (Actress, Night Realm (1994))
Mona Patterson (II) (Actor, Zombie Elementary (2014))
Leora Patterson (Actress, The Firm: Total Body - Time Crunch Workout (1996))
Lana Patterson
Christa Patterson (I) (Actress, Bollywood Invasion (2013))
Kira Patterson (I) (Actor, Sara White's Story (2014))
Billy A. Patterson (Producer, The Geekly News (2014))
Jenna Patterson (II) (Actress, Fearless (2015))
Angela Patterson (II) (Art Department, Man Caves (2007))
Craig A. Patterson (I) (Editorial Department, Amadeus (1984))
Virginia Patterson (V) (Actor, The Intervention (2016))
Donna Patterson (II)
Anna Patterson (I) (Writer, Spying (2014))
Roxanna Patterson (Music Department, Beyond Greenaway: The Legacy (2009))
Sakara Patterson
Alaina Patterson (Costume Designer, A Love Undefined (2015))
Brianna Patterson (II) (Actor, The Light of Freedom (2013))
Elyssia Patterson (Actress, Crazy Late (2005))
Sis. Peeola Patterson (Actress, Let God Be the Judge (2010))
Benita Patterson (Art Department, Go Tell It on the Mountain (1984))
Shara Patterson (Actress, The Dead Live (2006))
Laura Patterson (III) (Actress, Love Fever (2009))
Laura Patterson (V) (Director, Baby Songs: ABC, 123, Colors & Shapes (1999))
Shea Patterson (Actor, Woman in the Mirror (2013))
Lisa Patterson (V)
Sonia Patterson (Producer, Hollywood Trials (2008))
Sonya Patterson (II) (Actor, 20something (2013))
Marisa Patterson (Camera Department, Your Little Boy (2014))
D. Patricia Patterson (Costume Department, The Wasp Woman (1996))
Leasandra Patterson (Miscellaneous, Inhabited (2014))
Paula Patterson (III) (Costume Department, Heartbeat (1992))
Sheila Patterson (Actress, Northern Lights (1997))
Victoria Patterson (IV) (Self, Super Size Me (2004))
Jessica Patterson (III)
Sylvia Patterson (Producer, Managing with Lou Dobbs (1993))
Virginia Patterson (I) (Actress, Broken Down (2015))
Barbara Patterson (I) (Actress, Raiders of the Living Dead (1986))
Debra Patterson (Miscellaneous, Land of the Tiger (1985))
Victoria Patterson (II) (Producer, Rupture (2010))
Nina Patterson (III) (Set Decorator, Crossing the Line (2013))
Jana Patterson (Transportation Department, Havoc (2005))
Ariana Patterson (Miscellaneous, CollegeHumor Originals (2006))
Tina Patterson (I) (Art Department, Liebestraum (1991))
Nita Patterson (Actress, The Electric Chair (1976))
Lara Patterson (I) (Producer, Let There Be Zombies (2014))
Nicola Patterson (II) (Actress, How to Be (2008))
Edwina Patterson (Miscellaneous, The Lady Confesses (1945))
Nancia Patterson (Actor, Lucky Life (2010))
Rebecca Patterson (II) (Self, On the Money (2005))
Erica Patterson (Actress, Freedoom (2012))
Nora Patterson (Self, Access Hollywood (1996))
Joshua Patterson (V) (Actor, Disney XD's Skyrunners Testimonials (2009))
Linda Patterson (III) (Self, Beyond the Moon: Failure Is Not an Option 2 (2005))
Elisha Patterson III (Actor, The Hunted (2001))
Chelisa Patterson (Costume Department, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Neima Patterson (I) (Actress, Queen Victoria's Wedding (2010))
Kayla Patterson (Actress, Reminder (2013))
Cara Patterson (II) (Miscellaneous, The Beastmaster (1982))
Tamra Patterson (Costume Department, Ode to Rosa (2014))
Georgina Patterson (Actress, Gutter Girls (1963))
Krysta Patterson (I) (Art Department, Synesthesia (2016))
Tyra Patterson (Actress, Indiana Jinx and the Raiders of the Lost Bark (2016))
Samantha Patterson (Camera Department, Hugo (2011))
Laila Patterson (Actress, Fashion One on One (2015))
Brenda Patterson (Writer, A Girl's Guide to Having It All (2012))
Tara Patterson (II) (Make Up Department, Croaker (2013))
Nina Patterson (IV) (Producer, Geminis (2013))
Marsha Patterson (Casting Department, The Blue and the Gray (1982))
Tanya Patterson (Actress, American Violet (2008))
Donna Patterson (I) (Actor, Epiphany! (2012))
Shadana Patterson (II) (Editor, Him&Her&Him (2015))
Hanna Patterson (Actor, Domestic Seduction (2016))
Sanjaya Patterson (Actress, The Boys Are Back (2009))
John A. Patterson (Visual Effects, Avatar (2009))
Alexandrea Patterson (Actress, Gentlemen's Fury (2016))
Lara Patterson (II) (Art Director, Unalii (2015))
Nina Patterson (V) (Miscellaneous, I Had a Dream (2015))
Joshua Patterson (III)
Tessa Patterson (I) (Actress, Happily Ever Faster (2009))
Laura Patterson (IV) (Director, Askew (2007))
Carla Patterson (Producer, The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards (2010))
Lenora Patterson (Miscellaneous, Armed for Action (1992))
Julia Patterson (IV) (Self, And Then We Ate... (1998))
Keesha Patterson (I) (Make Up Department, Clean House (2003))
Kalina Patterson (Miscellaneous, The Great Halloween Fright Fight (2014))
Linda Patterson (IV) (Production Manager, Degenerate Art (1993))
Gerard A. Patterson (Self, Civil War Journal (1993))
Tonya Patterson (Self, Heavy Haulers (2009))
Sheena Patterson (Self, Superfan Nation (2015))
Zelda Patterson (I) (Writer, Spirit Children (2013))
Lisa Patterson (II)
Paula Patterson (IV)
Lisa Patterson (III) (Costume Department, Fear No Evil (1981))
Krysta Patterson (II) (Camera Department, Karma (2016))
Talisa Patterson (Actor, Aláàló (Someone has a Story) (2012))
Barbara Patterson (II) (Actress, Tremor (1961))
David A. Patterson (Miscellaneous, House of Cards (2013))
Julia Patterson (II) (Make Up Department, Evelyn Parker (2014))
Paula Patterson (II) (Director, The Healer's Son (2001))
Sara Patterson (Miscellaneous, The Help (2011))
Emilia Patterson (Self, Numéro 1 (1975))
Mikayla Patterson
Tashea Patterson (Actress, Lana (2013))
Allegra Patterson (Actress, Best Laid Plans (2013))