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Chloë Grace Moretz (Actress, Kick-Ass (2010))
Julianne Moore (Actress, The Big Lebowski (1998))
Jeanne Moreau (Actress, Jules and Jim (1962))
Jude Demorest (Actress, Star (2016))
Rene Moran (I) (Actor, CHIPS (2017))
Tom Sizemore (I) (Actor, Saving Private Ryan (1998))
Marguerite Moreau (Actress, Queen of the Damned (2002))
Lamorne Morris (Actor, New Girl (2011))
Sarah Jane Morris (Actress, Seven Pounds (2008))
Pauline Moran (I) (Actress, Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989))
Demore Barnes (Actor, American Gods (2017))
Pierre Morel (I) (Director, Taken (2008))
Diane Morgan (IV) (Actress, Me Before You (2016))
Wayne Morris (I) (Actor, Paths of Glory (1957))
Xosha Roquemore (Actress, Precious (2009))
Elle McLemore (Actress, Grease Live! (2016))
Macklemore (Soundtrack, Horrible Bosses 2 (2014))
Sloane Morgan Siegel (Actor, Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street (2014))
Eve Morey (Actress, Neighbours (1985))
Pauline Moore (Actress, Young Mr. Lincoln (1939))
Janne Mortil (Actress, Little Women (1994))
Jeanne Mori (Actress, Port Charles (1997))
Jane Morris (I) (Actress, True Lies (1994))
Alinne Moraes (Actress, Como uma Onda (2004))
Trevor Duke-Moretz (Actor, Big Bad Wolf (2006))
Yolande Moreau (Actress, Amélie (2001))
Susan E. Morse (Editor, Manhattan (1979))
Catherine Morshead (Director, Fungus the Bogeyman (2015))
Caroline Morahan (Actress, Once Upon a Time (2011))
Jose Moreno Brooks (Actor, Telenovela (2015))
John Finemore (Producer, ARQ (2016))
Kevin Sizemore (I) (Actor, Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 (2015))
John Finnemore (I) (Writer, David Mitchell's Soap Box (2009))
Lane Moore (Music Department, Gold Stars (2014))
Liane Moriarty (Writer, Big Little Lies (2017))
Lisette Morelos (Actress, Alma Indomable (2009))
Anne Morea (Actress, The Deli (1997))
Wayne Morse (II) (Casting Department, Escape Plan (2013))
Sean Blakemore (Actor, Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013))
Blaine Morris (II) (Actress, Courier X (2016))
Geraldine Moreno (Actress, The Walking Dead in the Hills: The Cure (2017))
Julianne Morris (I) (Actress, Witch Hunt (1994))
Sylvie Moreau (I) (Actress, Catherine (1999))
Hilda Fenemore (Actress, The Offence (1973))
Terence Rosemore (Actor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017))
Jane Morgan (I) (Actress, Our Miss Brooks (1952))
Luke Sizemore (Self, Did You Know Gaming? (2012))
Shane Moore (I) (Cinematographer, Deadliest Catch (2005))
Adeline Moreau (I) (Actress, Lettres de femmes (2013))
Joanne Moreno (Actress, The Florida Project (2017))
Dane Morey (Camera Department, Thirty )
Gunnar Sizemore (Actor, Ben 10 (2016))
Caroline Mortimer (I) (Actress, The Hireling (1973))
Christine Moore (III) (Director, Elementary (2012))
Leanne Moreau (Producer, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010))
Rene Moreno (Actor, Late Bloomers (1996))
Michelle Moreno (III) (Actress, I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore. (2017))
George Lemore (Actor, Steel (1997))
Thaine Morris (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980))
Sally Mortemore (Actress, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002))
Marianne Morris (Actress, Vampyres (1974))
Carlene Moore (I) (Actress, Man in the Chair (2007))
Jane Moore (I) (Self, Loose Women (1999))
Jamie Moreen (Actor, Shots Fired (2017))
Jaime Moreno (II) (Actor, Terror and Black Lace (1985))
Michelle Moretti (Actress, Almost Famous (2000))
Simone Moore (I) (Actress, Boston Legal (2004))
James Sizemore (IV) (Producer, The Demon's Rook (2013))
Denise Moreno (II) (Actress, My Life in Ruins (2009))
Anne Moore (II) (Writer, Love and Disorder (2013))
Allie Moreno (Actress, All the Wrong Places (#ATWP) (2016))
Anne Morgan (I) (Make Up Department, The Truman Show (1998))
Jane Moran (Editorial Department, Moulin Rouge! (2001))
Jane Moore (II) (Actress, Dead Poets Society (1989))
Jayne Morgan (I) (Actress, Big Fish (2003))
Nathaniel Sizemore (Actor, The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017))
Jorge Moreno (I) (Actor, King Kong (1976))
Jacqueline Morrish (Miscellaneous, Silas Marner (1985))
Ashleigh Jo Sizemore (Art Department, The Walking Dead (2010))
Rene Morel (Visual Effects, Source Code (2011))
Dene Morel (Actor, Marquis d'Eon, der Spion der Pompadour (1928))
Jane Morse (Actress, Underdogs (2013))
Binem Oreg (Actor, Opération lune (2002))
Renée Morel (Actress, Black Eyed Dog (2006))
Anne Moren (Actress, Tante Cramers testamente (1941))
Rene Morena (Self, Gap-Toothed Women (1987))
Anne Morse (Self, Small Medium at Large (2007))
Gene Morse (Miscellaneous, Strife (2017))
Yvonne Moray (Actress, The Terror of Tiny Town (1938))
Jane Mortifee (Actress, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993))
Ramone Morgan (Actor, Thor: The Dark World (2013))
Vince Morella (Producer, Burning Palms (2010))
Pamela Jayne Morgan (Actress, Spice (2016))
Carrie MacLemore (Actress, Damsels in Distress (2011))
Shane Morris (II) (Writer, Frozen (2013))
Lovemore Xaba (Camera Department, Bridging Worlds: The Life and Teachings of Rav Azriel Chaim Goldfein (2014))
Margaret Blakemore (II) (Self, The Staircase (2004))
Natalie Morse (Actress, Anchoress (1993))
Alice Morel-Michaud (Actress, Les Pee-Wee 3D: L'hiver qui a changé ma vie (2012))
Katherine Moran (III) (Actress, Frequencies (2013))
Vivienne Moore (Actress, Keeping Mum (2005))
Lisa Anne Morrison (Actress, 13 Reasons Why (2017))
Gene Moore (II) (Composer, Carnival of Souls (1962))
Wayne Morris (III) (Producer, Rush Hour (1998))
B. Janine Morison
Catherine Moore (III) (Actress, Julian (2012))
Mike Sizemore (II) (Writer, Caper (2014))
Jacqueline Moore (VI) (Actress, WWE Raw (1993))
Shane Morton (I) (Special Effects, Psychopathia Sexualis (2006))
Adam Lezemore (I) (Actor, Judwaa 2 (2017))
Brynne Morrison (Actress, The Flash (2014))
Sharon E. Morris (Actress, Devil's Punchbowl (2005))
Gene Morgan (I) (Actor, Blonde Venus (1932))
Glenn E. Moran (Camera Department, Big Fish (2003))
Paul Sizemore (Actor, Firecracker (2005))
Mae Moreno (Miscellaneous, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014))
Wayne Morse (III) (Miscellaneous, Hidden Faces (1968))
Jane Morant (Actress, The Dancing Years (1976))
Marlene Morreis (Actress, Komm schon! (2015))
Wayne Morton (Actor, Factotum (2005))
Troy Sizemore (Art Director, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016))
Zane Morrow (Casting Department, Downrange (2017))
Joe Morelli (IV) (Actor, Maid to Order (2016))
Lemore Syvan (Producer, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009))
Crystal Porter Bazemore (Actress, Sound (2017))
Stephane Moreno-Carpio (Assistant Director, The Transporter (2002))
Jessie Pridemore (Actress, Busgirl (2006))
One More Girl (Self, Canadian Country Music Awards (2009))
Shea Sizemore (I) (Writer, My Luchador (2015))
Teri Duke Moretz (Producer, Hick (2011))
Dale Morse (I) (Actress, Telezonia (1974))
Micke Moreno (Actor, Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014))
Joe Blakemore (I) (Actor, The Levelling (2016))
Sue-Anne Morrow (Actress, Tour of Pain (2002))
Delaine Moore (Writer, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (2014))
Jane Milmore (Producer, The Hughleys (1998))
Anne Moore (III) (Producer, Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004))
Leanne Morgan (I) (Self, Happiness Is (2009))
Jane Mora (I) (Actress, Vampyr (1932))
Irene Moore (I) (Actress, New Year's Day (1989))
Zachary McLemore (Actor, The Santa Clause (1994))
Guillaume Moreau (III) (Producer, Je suis un secret (2017))
Remo Remotti (Actor, The Godfather: Part III (1990))
Neal Kennemore (Make Up Department, Deadpool (2016))
Stine Moracchioli (Actor, Leo Moracchioli: Zombie (2015))
Rene Moran (II) (Casting Department, The Bag Man (2014))
Joanne Moore (II) (Actress, Cop Shop (1977))
David Pridemore (Producer, Dystopia: Capitol City (2016))
Rene Moran (IV) (Director, April Fools (2016))
Jacqueline Moreau (I) (Costume Designer, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964))
Deanne Moore (Actress, One Last Bite (2010))
Annie Morse (Editorial Department, Get Over It (2001))
Ella Mae Morse (Soundtrack, Sweet Dreams (1985))
Jasmine Moore (I) (Self, Beauty and the Geek (2005))
Carlene Moore (II) (Actress, WWE Raw (1993))
Jennie Moreau (Actress, Weekend at Bernie's II (1993))
Mike Morelli (I) (Actor, Casablanca (1942))
Sierra Cheyenne Sizemore (Actress, On Your Street (2016))
Suzanne Morel (Self, Vivement dimanche (1998))
Stéphane Morey (Director, ICF: Marketing for Jesus (2012))
Dane Moreton (Miscellaneous, Little Fockers (2010))
Tyrone Moreno (Actor, Midnight Son (2016))
Mylène Moreno (Producer, On Two Fronts: Latinos and Vietnam (2015))
Pauline More (Miscellaneous, Under the Skin (2013))
Irène Moreau (Actress, A Girl on Her Own (1976))
Ivonne Moreno (Actress, A rapel (2011))
Diane Morse (II) (Miscellaneous, O.J.: Made in America (2016))
Yvone Moreno
Diane Morse (I)
Régine Moreau (Actress, Vos gueules les mouettes! (1974))
Irene Moreno (XIII) (Visual Effects, The Vanished Dream (2016))
Anne Morello (Actress, Les arcanes du jeu (1982))
Sandrine Morel (Actress, The Living Dead Girl (1982))
Elisène Morel (Actress, Signature (2011))
Nadine Morel (Actor, La reine et le cardinal (2009))
Brian E. Morey (Producer, Back from Hell (1993))
Leane Moreau (Miscellaneous, The Tick (1994))
Jeanine Moret (II)
Irene Moreno (III) (Self, Caiga quien caiga (1996))
Janine Morsli (Actress, La locandiera (1980))
Alex Finemore (Actress, Rikki (2009))
Merriene More (Miscellaneous, Hell on the Battleground (1988))
Simone Moreno (Self, Wild Orchid (1989))
Jeanine Moret (III) (Camera Department, My Brother's Wedding (1983))
Nekane Moreno (Make Up Department, Bullets of Justice (2017))
Diane Morel (Writer, Le petit prince (2010))
Anne Morency (Actress, WAW Legacy 2011 (2011))
Eugene Moreng (Producer, Pi7ong tagpo (2007))
Brianne Morse (Actor, Towards the Dark (2016))
Ariane Moret (Actress, Nyaman' gouacou (Viande de ta mère) (2007))
Alan Fenemore (Cinematographer, The Jumblies (2012))
Elaine Moreau (Assistant Director, Femmes qui rient (2014))
Selene Moreno (II) (Writer, Espacios Politécnicos (2016))
Anne Morelli (Self, Oui mais non, le compromis à la belge (2014))
Karine Moreau (Editorial Department, Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl (2005))
Céline Moreira (Assistant Director, Dirtie Basterdz (1998))
Irene Moreno (I) (Actress, Póker de amantes para tres (1969))
Aline Moreira (II)
Janine Moreno
Renée Morsan (Actress, Louise (1939))