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Neil Pollock (II) (Camera Department, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (2008))
Neil Pollock (I) (Actor, The Way of the Gun (2000))
Gil Pollock (Actor, We're Here to Help (2007))
Daniel Pollock (I) (Actor, Romper Stomper (1992))
J.L. Pollock (I) (Miscellaneous, Isobel or The Trail's End (1920))
J.L. Pollock (II) (Director, Behold the Raven (2004))
Al Pollock (Art Department, Steve Jobs (2015))
Neil Pollner (Writer, Mass Effect 3 (2012))
Nigel Pollock (Art Director, Free Fire (2016))
Randall Pollock (Producer, Tango Into the Night (2007))
Neil Pollard (Production Designer, No 73 (1982))
Eileen Pollock (I) (Actress, Far and Away (1992))
Mykel Pollock (Camera Department, The Man in the Mirror (2012))
Bill Pollock (I) (Camera Department, K-PAX (2001))
Bill Pollock (IV) (Art Department, Rachel River (1987))
Bill Pollock (VI)
Bill Pollock (V) (Actor, World in Action (1963))
Bill Pollock (III) (Miscellaneous, Submarine Titans (2000))
Bill Pollock (II) (Editorial Department, Dream Corp LLC (2014))
Samuel Pollock (Camera Department, Down and Out (2013))
Michael Pollock (VIII) (Music Department, An Inconvenient Spoof (2008))
Michael Pollock (XI) (Self, Melissa Harris-Perry (2012))
Michael Pollock (V) (Producer, Motherfucker: A Movie (2007))
Michael Pollock (X) (Actor, D. on Ice (2011))
Michael Pollock (VII) (Writer, In the Life (1992))
Raquel Pollock (Producer, ¡De Campamento! (2008))
Michael Pollock (III) (Miscellaneous, Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004))
Rachel Pollock (Actress, Where Are They Now? (2014))
Gabriel Pollock (Art Director, The Crisis (1916))
Michael Pollock (VI)
Daniel Pollock (II) (Actor, Rock in Reykjavik (1982))
Alice Leal Pollock (Writer, The Co-respondent (1917))
Daniel Pollock (III) (Actor, The Interview (2015))
Michael Pollock (XII)
Michael Pollock (I) (Actor, Punchline (1988))
Nancy L. Pollock
Michael Pollock (XIII) (Actor, The Last Laugh (2016))
Marshall Pollock (Sound Department, Bride of the Monster (1955))
Michael Pollock (IV) (Actor, NBC Television Opera Theatre (1950))
Michael Pollock (IX) (Sound Department, Kokua 2008: 5 Years of Change (2009))
Michael Pollock (II) (Transportation Department, Cruel Deception (2003))
G. Michael Pollock (Miscellaneous, The Pet (2006))
Raphael Pollock (Actor, The Soldier (1982))
Eileen Pollock (II) (Writer, Dynasty (1981))
Eileen Pollock (III) (Actress, Under the Cranes (2011))
Burney Pollock
Margarita Mitchel Pollock (Actress, Magic Boys (2012))