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Neil Morrissey (I) (Actor, Bob the Builder (1999))
Neil Morrissey (III) (Animation Department, Robot Chicken (2005))
Neil Morrissey (II)
Neil Morrissey (IV)
Paul Morrissey (I) (Director, Trash (1970))
Michael Morrissey (II) (Producer, Boy Wonder (2010))
Neil Morrison (III) (Actor, Frozen (2005))
Bill Morrissey (Actor, WWE Raw (1993))
Neil Morrison (II) (Actor, Safe Haven (2016))
Neil Morrison (I) (Actor, Doomsdayer (2000))
Neil Morris (VI) (Assistant Director, KidPoker (2015))
Neil Morrison (VII) (Self, Film and Radio: A Word About Citizens' Forums (1943))
Neil Morrison (IX)
Neil Morris (VII) (Producer, The Official Review of the FIFA World Cup 2002 (2002))
Neil Morrison (V)
Neil Morris (III) (Actor, I Rip Your Jugular! (2016))
Neil Morris (IV) (Writer, You're So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night (2016))
Neil Morris (I) (Producer, The Rake (2010))
Neil Morris (V) (Writer, A Song Universal (2015))
Neil Morrison (VI) (Camera Department, The Last Tupper (2010))
Neil Morris (II) (Producer, Kid Rock: All Access (2000))
Neil Morrison (X) (Art Department, Utopia (2014))
Neil Morrison (VIII) (Actor, A Wedding Most Strange (2011))
Neil Morrison (IV) (Cinematographer, Teddy (2009))
Michael Neil Morris (Producer, Ask the Streetz (2012))
Micheal Morrissey (Actor, Crown Court (1972))
Niall Morrissey (II) (Actor, Daffney Molloy and Other Catastrophes (2015))
Michael Morrissey (IV) (Production Designer, The Quiet Place (2011))
Muriel Morrissey (Writer, The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1997))
Michael Morrissey (V) (Camera Department, Robotech: The Inside Story (2013))
Carmel Morrissey (Actress, Just a Little Crush (1996))
Nigel Morrissey (Actor, Roll Over Beethoven (1985))
Carol Morrissey (I) (Actress, The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989))
Will Morrissey (III) (Writer, Look-Out Sister (1947))
Paul Morrissey (III) (Producer, Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010))
Paul Morrissey (II) (Miscellaneous, Milk Punch (2000))
Niall Morrissey (I) (Cinematographer, Sphere (2015))
Michael Morrissey (VI) (Writer, Stalin's Sickle (1987))
Michael Morrissey (III) (Actor, 305 Boys (2008))
Fr. Paul Morrissey
Paul Morrissey (V) (Composer, Unsheltered Heart (2017))
Carol Morrissey (II)
Pearl Morrissey (Actress, WalledIN (2017))
W.H. Michael Morrissey
Richell Morrissey (Producer, Take a Seat (2011))
Michael Morrissey (I) (Actor, Came a Hot Friday (1985))
Paul Morrissey (IV) (Music Department, Alison (2015))
Daniel Morrissey
Will Morrissey (II) (Composer, Going Up (2013))
Liz Dayney-Morrissey