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Neil Ross (I) (Actor, Rambo (1986))
aka "Neal Ross"
Neal Ross (Sound Department, When the Tide Comes In (2015))
Al Rossi (Actor, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974))
Neal Rosen (Actor, Flesh Eating Mothers (1988))
Neal Rose (Self, My Jewish Death (2015))
Neale Ross (III) (Sound Department, Killing Stacy (2014))
Neale Ross (I) (Sound Department, Jasmin Does Not Like Mangoes (2013))
Neale Ross (II)
Al Ross (II) (Composer, A Man, Sinking )
Al Ross (I) (Actor, Jerry and Tom (1998))
Neal Roe (Self, Ring Kings III: The Evolution of Kickboxing (2007))
Ross Neal (Actor, Playground Love (2012))
Neal Rosner (Composer, What is God?/Seed of Abraham (2014))
Neal Roscoe (Miscellaneous, 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2016))
Hal Ross (I) (Producer, The Honeymooners (2005))
Val Ross (Writer, Bix: 'Ain't None of Them Play Like Him Yet' (1981))
Kal Ross (II) (Sound Department, The Swimming Man (2011))
Hal Ross (V) (Actor, Room 11 (1971))
Hal Ross (II) (Actor, The Jazz Singer (1952))
Hal Ross (IV) (Production Manager, The Sexperts: Touched by Temptation (1965))
Kal Ross (I) (Miscellaneous, Timex All-Star Swing Festival (1972))
Hal Ross (III) (Camera Department, South of Hell Mountain (1971))
Micheal Ross (I) (Producer, The Eco Capitalist (2010))
Micheal Ross (II) (Actor, The Come Up (2014))
Neal Rogin (Writer, Thrive (2011))
Neal Robin (Producer, Elusive Justice: The Search for Nazi War Criminals (2011))
Taneal Royal (Actor, Crooklyn (1994))
Teal Rose (Actress, Bite the Bullet (2015))
Jamal Ross (I) (Camera Department, Down Into Happiness (2003))
Al Rossin (Miscellaneous, Monsterquest (2007))
Jamal Ross (III) (Actor, Thirty 48 (2015))
Raúl Rossi (Actor, The Strange Lady (1989))
Jamal Ross (II) (Director, Cyber Vengeance (2007))
Neal Rohrbach (Self, Outdoor Channel Outfitters (2009))
Neal Rowland (III) (Editorial Department, Son (in development))
Neal Rotstein (Composer, A Promise (2002))
Neal Robison (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Neal Roberts (II) (Cinematographer, The Insider's List (2004))
Neal Rowland (I) (Miscellaneous, Once (2007))
Neal Romanek (Editorial Department, Cool World (1992))
Neal Robinson
Neal Rogers (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Neal Rowland (II)
Neal Rockwell (Cinematographer, Hosts of the Dead (2013))
Neal Roberts (I) (Actor, The Galaxy Invader (1985))
Neal Rosenbluth (Camera Department, Splatter University (1984))
Neal Rosenthal (Self, Mondovino (2004))
Neal Rosenfeld (Sound Department, Serving Santino (2006))
Neal Rosenblum (Self, The Business of Being Born (2008))
Neal Cross (Actor, Black Art (1915))
The Real Rose
Andrea L. Rose (Actress, The Grift (2008))
Micheal Rose (Miscellaneous, Quota (2011))
Pascal Rossow (II)
Rosa Vidal Ross (Actress, Ante Bellum: The Origin (2017))
Donna L. Ross (Producer, How Sound Is Howe Sound? (2013))
Rafal Rossa (Assistant Director, The Collector (2005))
Sheral Ross (Make Up Department, Dante's Peak (1997))
Sal Rosselli
Cristóbal Ross (Writer, Gringolandia (2013))
Pascal Rosset (Production Manager, Suis-moi (2014))
K. Duval Ross (Director, Power (2014))
Pascal Rossow (I) (Camera Department, Der Perfektionist (2016))
Tal Rossman (Art Department, The Body (2001))
Christal Ross
Pascal Rossignol (Camera Department, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014))
Herval Rossano (Director, Brava Gente (2000))
Cristobal Ross (Director, Gringolandia (2013))
Nathaneal Rothwell
Micheal Rosenzweig (Actor, Keep the Change (2017))
Micheal Rosetti (Camera Department, Job Interviewing Made Easy (2011))
Thea L. Rosenbaum (Self, Die Legion - Deutscher Krieg in Vietnam (2013))
Roxanne Ramdial Ross (Actor, Vaudeville Comedy, Then and Now (2012))
Pierre-Pascal Rossi (Writer, Tout un hiver sans feu (2004))
Michal Rossler (Location Management, Runaway (2010))
Crystal Rossman
Crystal Rossmann (Actress, The Nerd Maxim (2011))
Neal Del Rosario (Assistant Director, The Two of Us (2009))
Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses (Self, Treme (2010))
John Neal Crossman (Editor, Peter: Mormon Filmmaker (2006))