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Don Murray (I) (Actor, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972))
Murray Deutch (Music Department, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990))
Murray Downs
Murray Doyle (Actor, Cutthroats (1994))
Murray Dale (I) (Actor, Boy Dominic (1974))
Murray Donaldson (Miscellaneous, Neds (2010))
Murray Davies (Actor, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994))
Murray Dare (Art Department, Lockie Leonard (2007))
Mary Gordon Murray (Actress, One Life to Live (1968))
Don Murray (XIII) (Self, The Turtles: Happy Together (1991))
Murray Debus (Animation Department, Space Jam (1996))
Don Murray (V) (Producer, A Test of Love (1984))
Don Murray (II) (Actor, Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981))
Don Murray (VIII)
Don Murray (IX) (Music Department, The Pebble and the Penguin (1995))
Don Murray (XVI) (Self, Deadline Iraq: Uncensored Stories of the War (2003))
Don Murray (XII) (Music Department, David's Boat Voyage of the Swamp Fox (2010))
Don Murray (XVII) (Self, Source to Sea: The Story of the Murray Riverboats (2002))
Don Murray (X) (Writer, Silent, Listen (2009))
Don Murray (XX) (Music Department, Keep on Keepin' On (2014))
Don Murray (XVIII)
Don Murray (IV) (Transportation Department, Across the Tracks (1990))
Don Murray (XIV)
Don Murray (VII) (Sound Department, GRP All-Stars: Live from the Record Plant (1985))
Don Murray (III) (Miscellaneous, Far Out Man (1990))
Don Murray (XV)
Don Murray (VI) (Writer, The Man Who Became King (2007))
Don Murray (XI) (Self, The National (1994))
Murray Davis (Actor, Junior Prom (1946))
Brandon Murray (I) (Actor, F.E.A.R. 3 (2011))
Murray Douglas (II) (Actor, Last Star (2017))
Murray Dowsett (Actor, King Neptune (2011))
Murray Douglas (I) (Art Department, King Kong (2005))
Murray Duncan (Sound Department, The Redwood Massacre (2014))
Murray Dickie (Music Department, The Tales of Hoffmann (1951))
Murray Daigle (Sound Department, The Offer (2015))
Murray Dibbs (Producer, El pastor (2016))
Murray Dalton (Editorial Department, Last Day of the Dinosaurs (2010))
Murray Darcy (Miscellaneous, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939))
Murray Dron (Self, Channel Report (1976))
Murray Dale (II) (Art Department, The Comic Strip Presents... (1982))
Murray Dubin (Miscellaneous, Strut! (2001))
Murray Dawes (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Hayden Murray (Assistant Director, Hollywood Dancers (2008))
Murray Devlin (Art Department, Dreamspeaker (1976))
Murray Dyck (Transportation Department, The Terrible Old Man: H.P. Lovecraft (2001))
Murray Dueck (Self, God Stories: The Series (2004))
Donyae Murray (Actress, Two Nations (in development))
K. Gordon Murray (Producer, Shanty Tramp (1967))
Donna Murray (Miscellaneous, Faeries (1999))
Gordon Murray (I) (Writer, A Rubovian Legend (1955))
Donald Murray (VI) (Producer, Soul Providers: Los Angeles (2017))
Murray Jordon (Producer, Cops (1989))
Brandon Murray (XIII)
Don McMurray (Camera Department, Hot Girls for Men Only (1968))
Gordon Murray (IV) (Miscellaneous, How to Go Faster and Influence People: The Gordon Murray F1 Story (2012))
Donal Murray (I) (Actor, Philadelphia, Here I Come (1975))
Gordon Murray (VI) (Self, The Car's the Star (1994))
Gordon Murray (III) (Costume Department, A Summer Place (1959))
Murray Gordon (I) (Self, Making Money (1958))
Donald Murray (I) (Sound Department, Private Practice (2007))
Brandon Murray (IX) (Actor, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011))
Donald Murray (II) (Actor, Zo shou bo ji wang (1991))
Gordon Murray (II) (Actor, The Wildcat (1915))
Gordon Murray (V) (Actor, Doktor Rej i djavoli (2012))
Brandon Murray (IV) (Camera Department, Idol (2006))
Donald Murray (III) (Editor, The Queen Returns (1963))
Donald Murray (V) (Art Department, rotten. (2016))
Donald Murray (VII) (Producer, Soul Providers (2016))
Murray Gordon (II) (Actor, The Branwell Wuthering Heights 1898 (2018))
Brandon Murray (XIV) (Actor, Bigfoot's Wild Weekend (2012))
Donal Murray (II) (Miscellaneous, Fair City (1989))
Brandon Murray (II) (Actor, 12 Counts of Deception (2011))
Brandon Murray (VI) (Writer, * Cemetery (2010))
Brandon Murray (XI) (Actor, Goodleburg (2011))
Donal Murray (III) (Actor, Thou Art: Dublin (2016))
Brandon Murray (III) (Miscellaneous, Lost Indie Mix (2017))
Murray Douglas Sporup (Director, Rock Baby - Rock It (1957))
Murray Deshell (Camera Department, The Barber (2002))
Murray Dreschler (Self, Black Hole (2015))
Murray Deutsch (Actor, This Is the Army (1943))
Murray Dichter (Sound Department, Paradise in Harlem (1939))
Murray Davidson (I) (Actor, Father's Day (2011))
The Bud Murray Dancers
Murray De Atley Jr.
Murray Drechsler (Miscellaneous, 79th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (2010))
Murray Davidson (II) (Actor, Vampire Season (2016))
Byron Murray Dueck
Murray DeGirolamo (Producer, The Ball (2017))
Murray De Atley (Cinematographer, The Beatniks (1960))
Murray Dunnington (Actor, Dead & Rotting (2002))
Chris Murray Driver (Self, Brandon Paris Band: Can't Hate You (2009))
Alexander R. Raydon
Murray MacDonald (Location Management, Corner Gas: The Movie (2014))
Don Perle Murray (Actor, Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns (2011))
Donna-Lynn Murray (Actress, ...epilogue (2014))
Sean Weldon Murray (Actor, Audition (2017))
Donnie McMurray (Miscellaneous, An Evening with Kevin Smith (2002))
Gordon McMurray (Actor, My Name Is Joe (1998))
Murray Grindon (Producer, Dave McG TV (2015))
Murray Sheldon (Actor, Garage Sale (1996))
Murray Macdonald (I) (Location Management, Tideland (2005))
Donald E. Murray (Actor, The Wednesday Children (1973))
Murray Macdonald (II) (Producer, The Perfect Wave (2015))
Donald MacMurray (Camera Department, Autostrada (1967))
Donnchadh Murray (Animation Department, Doc McStuffins (2012))
Donald Senia Murray (Stunts, Street Knight (1993))
Brandon R. Murray (Art Department, Bigfoot's Wild Weekend (2012))
Donald Joseph Murray (Miscellaneous, Plain Clothes (1987))
Gordon J. Murray (Director, C.A.N.D.L.E.S.: The Story of the Mengele Twins (1990))
Brandon M. Murray (Producer, Charlie (2013))
Murray McDonald (I) (Camera Department, Ek Baar Phir (Once Again) (1980))
Murray McDonald (II) (Self, Body of Evidence (2001))
Murray Macdonald (III) (Director, Theatre Night (1957))
Donald Ducatti Murray (Cinematographer, Demonico (2017))
Natalia Murray Danesi (Actress, Il caso Haller (1933))
Arthur Murray Dancers (Self, The Arthur Murray Party (1950))
Iain Macdonald Murray (Actor, Scott On... (1964))
Kenneth Donald Murray (Actor, Cavalcade of America (1952))
William Donald Murray
Caroline Murray-Daignault (Actress, Montréal vu par... (1991))