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Mike Nicholson (IV) (Editorial Department, Better This World (2011))
Mike Nicholson (III) (Actor, Sanitarium (1998))
Mike Nicholson (VI)
Mike Nichols (I) (Director, Closer (2004))
Julianne Nicholson (Actress, Black Mass (2015))
Mike Nichols (II) (Producer, Dead Calling (2006))
Mike Nichols (XVII) (Producer, Dismissed (2001))
Lorraine Nicholson (I) (Actress, Click (2006))
Mike Nichols (III) (Special Effects, Die Hard 2 (1990))
Zeke Nicholson (Actor, Lopez (2016))
Mike Nichols (X) (Editorial Department, The Last Play at Shea (2010))
J. Alphonse Nicholson (Actor, A Burial Hymn )
Mike Nichols (IV)
Mike Nichols (VIII)
Mike Nichols (XIX) (Costume Department, Back in Your Arms (2008))
Mike Nichols (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes (2013))
Mike Nichols (XXIV) (Self, Wild West Tech (2003))
Mike Nichols (VI) (Art Director, The Suffering (2004))
Mike Nichols (XXI) (Camera Department, Trafalgar (2009))
Mike Nichols (XX) (Camera Department, The Call (2009))
Mike Nichols (XVIII) (Editorial Department, Hacienda Confidential (2007))
Mike Nichols (XXII) (Writer, Balaam Gimble's Gumption (2010))
Mike Nichols (VII) (Producer, Bermuda Triangle Revealed: The Devil's Graveyards (2014))
Mike Nichols (XXX) (Camera Department, About Alex (2014))
Mike Nichols (XI) (Camera Department, Slayer: Still Reigning (2004))
Mike Nichols (XIV) (Art Department, Handy Manny (2006))
Mike Nichols (IX) (Producer, Being Here: The Art of Dan Horgan (2004))
Mike Nichols (XIII) (Self, The Madness of Boy George (2006))
Mike Nichols (XXVI) (Miscellaneous, MysteryQuest (2009))
Mike Nichols (XV) (Sound Department, Cruez Control (2005))
Mike Nichols (XVI) (Miscellaneous, Disney's California Adventure TV Special (2001))
Mike Nichols (XII) (Composer, Crímenes ejemplares de Max Aub (2005))
Mike Nichols (XXIII) (Actor, The Moving Picture (2010))
Mike Nichols (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Prison Planet (1992))
Mike Nicholson (VII) (Art Department, God of War (2005))
Mike Nicholson (V) (Producer, Prom Night (2003))
Mike Nicholson (VIII) (Camera Department, The Interrogator (2014))
Mike Nicholson (IX) (Producer, Tribute This! (2008))
Mike Nicholson (I) (Stunts, The Protector (1985))
Mike Nicholson (II) (Art Department, Alien Autopsy (2006))
Mike Nicholls (I) (Director, Uncle David (2010))
Julie Nicholson (IV) (Actress, An Unfortunate Woman (2015))
Lee Nicholson (V) (Actor, Pyro (2003))
Clementine Nicholson (Actress, Underworld: Blood Wars (2017))
Mike Nicholas (II) (Actor, Gym Buddies (2014))
Thomas E. Nicholson (Assistant Director, The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2009))
Michelle Nicholson (I) (Actress, The Pillow Book (1996))
Kenyon Nicholson (Writer, Sailor Beware (1952))
Evie Nicholson (Actress, Salvage Dream (2010))
Denise Nicholson (Actress, Bang Bang Theory of Everything (2015))
Mike Nicholls (IV) (Miscellaneous, Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws (2015))
Mike Nicholas (III)
Mike Nicholas (VI) (Self, Panorama (1953))
Mike Nicholls (V) (Miscellaneous, Britain in a Day (2012))
Mike Nicholls (VI) (Costume Designer, Clinic (2003))
Mike Nicholls (VII) (Camera Department, The Reeds (2010))
Mike Nicholls (III) (Actor, Queen: Made in Heaven (1997))
Mike Nicholls (II) (Costume Designer, Live at the Apollo (2004))
Mike Nicholas (IV) (Production Manager, Miles E. Benedict )
Mike Nicholas (I) (Miscellaneous, The Trouble with Romance (2007))
Mike Nicholas (V)
Joe Nicholson (I) (Actor, Zombie Women of Satan (2009))
Ken Nicholson (I) (Actor, Time Chasers (1994))
Ken Nicholson (II) (Camera Department, Take a Girl Like You (1969))
Ken Nicholson (VI) (Miscellaneous, Top Secret (1986))
Ken Nicholson (V) (Editor, The Lot (2011))
Ken Nicholson (IV) (Director, Tesla: Comin' Atcha Live! 2008 (2008))
Ken Nicholson (III) (Editor, Broadcast Blues (2009))
Joe Nicholson (III) (Sound Department, Secrecy (2011))
Lee Nicholson (II) (Cinematographer, Dr. Laura (2000))
Sue Nicholson (II) (Costume Department, Newman and Baddiel: History Today (1992))
Lee Nicholson (III) (Transportation Department, 8 Mile (2002))
Lee Nicholson (IV) (Transportation Department, Kalamazoo? (2006))
Lee Nicholson (VIII) (Self, Felix Austria! (2013))
Zoe Nicholson (I) (Miscellaneous, Whatever Happened to Rock 'n' Roll? (2015))
J.E. Nicholson (Actor, The Best Man (1917))
Zoe Nicholson (II) (Producer, Equal Means Equal (2016))
Joe Nicholson (IV) (Actor, Broken Nation: Border Recon (2013))
Sue Nicholson (I) (Miscellaneous, Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Kansas City Chiefs (2007))
Lee Nicholson (VI) (Actor, Paper Boys (2009))
E. Nicholson (Special Effects, 12 to the Moon (1960))
Joe Nicholson (II) (Camera Department, Motorcycle Dreams (2010))
Joe Nicholson (V) (Actor, Audax (2014))
Lee Nicholson (VII) (Actor, 23 (2010))
Lee Nicholson (I) (Costume Department, The Groove Tube (1974))
Bruce Nicholson (I) (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977))
Jake Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Left 4 Dead (2008))
Stevie Nicholson (Actor, Hi-5 House (2013))
Mikaele Nicholson
Tom E. Nicholson (Actor, Rotor DR1 (2015))
Brooke Nicholson (Actress, Late Bloomers (The Chloe & Sage Chronicles) (2016))
Luke Nicholson (Actor, The Trouble Downstairs (2014))
Blake Nicholson (Actor, Mrs Biggs (2012))
Simone Nicholson (Miscellaneous, The King's Speech (2010))
Marie Nicholson (III) (Actor, The Beautifully Drowned (2016))
Phoenix Nicholson (Actor, All My Children (1970))
Catherine Nicholson (I)
Shane Nicholson (I) (Actor, Shortland Street (1992))
Spence Nicholson (Director, Dweller (in development))
Cole Nicholson (Camera Department, Marvelous Mandy (2016))
Nicole Nicholson (Production Manager, Icarus Down (2014))
Carole Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Live Feed (2006))
Aaron Steele-Nicholson (Producer, Angel Camouflaged (2010))
Claire Nicholson (II) (Actress, Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979))
Kyle Nicholson (III) (Actor, Fairy Tales: Sunday Night at the Club (2013))
Mikki Nicholson (Self, Imagine (2003))
Mikaela Nicholson (Actress, Packed to the Rafters (2008))
Steve Nicholson (V) (Actor, Chambers Gate (2014))
Kendra Nicholson (Actress, The Surface (2015))
Kendrick Nicholson (Actor, Consequences (2012))
Kent Nicholson (Special Effects, Plague of the Damned (2009))
Kenneth Nicholson (Art Department, Road to Juarez (2015))
Giselle Nicholson (II) (Actress, It's a Little Bit Old Skool (in development))
Freddie Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Cariño (2013))
Giselle Nicholson (I) (Actor, Abstract Messiah (2011))
Vere Nicholson
Ritchie Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Scissor Sisters: Live at the O2, London (2007))
Lyle Nicholson (I) (Actor, Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus (1973))
Julie Nicholson (II) (Writer, Canvas (2008))
Loraine Nicholson (Self, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (2004))
Debbie Nicholson (Actress, The Abdication (1974))
Marcie Nicholson (Producer, The Milkman (2008))
Suzette Nicholson (Self, The Indestructibles (2011))
Charlie Nicholson (IX) (Actor, I Literally Work in a Pail of Garbage (2014))
Michelle Nicholson (II) (Actress, A Little Bit of More (2010))
Kate Nicholson (II)
Georgie Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Felony (2013))
Beth Anne Nicholson (Miscellaneous, In the Mood (1987))
Charlie Nicholson (X) (Actor, So Awkward (2015))
Jeanette Nicholson (II)
Jane Nicholson (II) (Miscellaneous, Insha'Allah (2011))
Yvonne Nicholson (Actress, Screamtime (1986))
Kyle Nicholson (I) (Actor, The Other Soldier (2011))
Lorraine Nicholson (II) (Producer, R.I.P. (2015))
Aimee Nicholson (Miscellaneous, The Thin Red Line (1998))
Joyce Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Snake Eater (1989))
Nevile Nicholson (Actor, Praise (1998))
Steve Nicholson (X) (Camera Department, The Cheerleader Murders (2016))
Dave Nicholson (II) (Camera Department, Chicago (2002))
DeDe Nicholson (Actress, Ryde Share (2014))
Charlie Nicholson (VII) (Actor, Circle the Wagen (2013))
Clare Nicholson (Assistant Director, London's Burning (1988))
Steve Nicholson (IX) (Self, 10,000 BC (2015))
Chase Nicholson (II) (Composer, A Night To Remember (2013))
Candace Nicholson (I) (Actress, H-Detector (2007))
Dave Nicholson (III) (Self, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005))
Bruce Nicholson (II)
Lorrayne Nicholson (Miscellaneous, K-Shop (2016))
Marie Nicholson (I) (Producer, 1999 Auto Trader RAC British Touring Car Championship (1999))
Jeanette Nicholson (IV) (Actress, Outta Air (2016))
Julie Nicholson (I) (Writer, Canvas (2008))
Elaine Nicholson (Make Up Department, A Period Drama (2015))
Jeanette Nicholson (I) (Actor, Deacon's Choice )
Chase Nicholson (III) (Stunts, Hidden (2015))
Christine Nicholson (II) (Actress, New York's Finest (1990))
Clive Nicholson (II) (Editor, The Biggest Thing That Ever Hit Broadway: Redux (2017))
Tralie Nicholson (Actress, Just Peggy (1918))
Jane Nicholson (I) (Production Manager, Climate of Change (2010))
Charlie Nicholson (V) (Miscellaneous, Fiddler in the Darkness (2010))
Steve Nicholson (IV)
Dave Nicholson (VI) (Actor, Hoarding Eleven (2012))
Charlie Nicholson (VI) (Actor, The Fabulous Bastard from Chicago (1969))
Lucille Nicholson (Actress, George White's 1935 Scandals (1935))
Katie Nicholson (I) (Miscellaneous, How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Children (2006))
Pauline Nicholson
Shane Nicholson (II)
Maggie Nicholson (Producer, Detective Story (2010))
Michele Nicholson (Miscellaneous, That Obscure Object of Desire (1977))
Angie Nicholson (Miscellaneous, Bonnie & Clyde: The Real Story (1992))
Maurice Nicholson (II)
Gage Nicholson (Actor, Disc-Functional (2011))
Sharmaine Nicholson (Actor, Behind the Shallow Mind (2010))
Margie Nicholson
Christine Nicholson (I) (Costume Department, The Wave (1981))
Laurie Nicholson (Camera Department, The Four Children of Tander Welch (2008))
Jeannette Nicholson (Self, Joni and Friends (2007))
Hallie Nicholson (II) (Actress, Unusual Targets (2014))
Bernice Nicholson (Actress, You Light Up My Life (1977))
Chantelle Nicholson (Self, Celebrity Masterchef (2006))
Montae Nicholson (Self, 2015 Goodyear Cotton Bowl (2015))
Jeny Nicholson
Rosaline Nicholson (Actress, Late Bloomers (The Chloe & Sage Chronicles) (2016))
Bruce Nicholson (III) (Transportation Department, Crystal Heart (1986))
Katie Nicholson (III) (Camera Department, Acting Up (2016))
Shane Nicholson (III) (Self, Alaska State Troopers (2009))
Monte Nicholson (Producer, The Elvis Conspiracy (1992))
Charlie Nicholson (VIII) (Art Department, Austin & Ally (2011))
Suzanne Nicholson (Actress, Lonesome Thoughts (2015))
Michelle Nicholson (V) (Transportation Department, The Brothers Statue )
Chase Nicholson (I) (Actor, Break (2011))
Jamie-Lee Nicholson (Actress, Tooth (2004))
Shelbie Nicholson (Costume Department, 1 Chance 2 Dance (2014))
Elizabeth E. Nicholson
Stefanie Nicholson (Casting Department, The Tree (2010))
Stephanie Nicholson (Actress, Moral Sleaze (2013))
Steve Nicholson (VIII) (Camera Department, The 365Black Awards (2013))
Libbie Nicholson (Actress, Byron Bay (2000))
Julie Nicholson (VI)
Julie Nicholson (III)
Charlie Nicholson (III) (Miscellaneous, Revealed (2002))