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Michael L. Davis (Actor, Nightmare in Blood (1977))
aka "Mike Hitchcock"
Mike Hitchcock (II) (Self, A Gaythering Storm (2009))
Mike Hitchcock (III)
Mike Hitchcock (I) (Art Department, Grand Tour: Disaster in Time (1992))
Jane Hitchcock (Actress, Nickelodeon (1976))
Joe Hitchcock (I) (Cinematographer, Kismet (2005))
Joe Hitchcock (II)
Sue Hitchcock
Bryce Hitchcock (Actress, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (2015))
Annie Hitchcock (Miscellaneous, Gravity (2013))
Duke Hitchcock
Brittanie Hitchcock (Actress, Bristle )
Maisie Hitchcock (Music Department, Lore (2012))
Claude Hitchcock (Sound Department, The Dirty Dozen (1967))
Jamie Hitchcock (Camera Department, Air America (1990))
Shane Hitchcock (Camera Department, Prisoner 7 (2011))
Edie Hitchcock (Writer, Striving for Excellence (2008))
Stanley E. Hitchcock (Writer, Igor Sikorsky: A Man and His Dream (1990))
Ashlee Hitchcock (Miscellaneous, Crave: The Fast Life (2017))
Darcie Hitchcock (Actress, Coin Banks: Think of You Ft. Homeboy Sandman & Tom Scott (2014))
Stephanie Hitchcock (Actress, Ice Scream (1997))
Katherine Hitchcock (II) (Miscellaneous, Shank (2010))
Janie Hitchcock (Actor, Evolution Creek (2012))
Denise Hitchcock
Julie Hitchcock (Actress, Public Sex (2009))
George Hitchcock (Self, Beneath the Crown (2016))
Charlotte Hitchcock (Miscellaneous, Hardwood (2008))
Teri Sue Hitchcock (Self, My Run (2009))
Debbie Hitchcock (Miscellaneous, Mystic Dance (2011))
Alfie Hitchcock (Thanks, Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story (2009))
Natalie Hitchcock (Miscellaneous, Portrait of a Star (2014))
Carrie Hitchcock (Actress, Expecting Mercy (2000))
Steve Hitchcock (Actor, Bikini Planet (2002))
Richie Hitchcock (Music Department, The Goodies (1970))
Michele Hitchcock (Actress, Search and Rescue (1994))
Jaime Hitchcock (Camera Department, Lab Rats (2012))
Katherine Hitchcock (I) (Actress, Project (1986))
Melanie Hitchcock (Miscellaneous, Twisted Metal 2: World Tour (1996))
Katie Hitchcock (Thanks, Family Portraits (1995))
Roxanne Hitchcock (Self, Out in the Silence (2009))
Dave Hitchcock (Camera Department, As Time Goes By (1992))
Sean Castle Hitchcock (Visual Effects, The Avengers (2012))
Suzanne Hitchcockbryan (Actress, Newport Manner (2015))