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Mick Murray (I) (Actor, Radio Days (1987))
Mick Murray (V) (Camera Department, Tolka Row (1964))
Mick Murray (II) (Writer, The Pill: History of a Boston Club Night (2007))
Mick Murray (IV) (Art Department, High-Rise (2015))
Mick Murray (III) (Miscellaneous, Kinect Sports: Season Two (2011))
Jack Murray (XII) (Actor, Between (2015))
Nick Murray (XI) (Director, RuPaul's Drag Race (2009))
Nick Murray (IX) (Music Department, Cinderella (2015))
Rick Murray (V) (Producer, Take Away My Takeaway (2007))
Patrick Murray (I) (Actor, Scum (1979))
Rick Murray (II) (Actor, Tender Mercies (1983))
Nick Murray (XII) (Art Director, I Can Cook (2009))
Rick Murray (I) (Actor, Little Amy (1962))
Nick Murray (XVIII) (Camera Department, Heal (2010))
Nick Murray (XIV) (Actor, When the Body Speaks (2008))
Nick Murray (I) (Visual Effects, Pitch Black (2000))
Nick Murray (XVII)
Nick Murray (X) (Assistant Director, Nightwatching (2007))
Nick Murray (IV) (Actor, Latter Days (2003))
Erick Murray (Miscellaneous, Off the Record (2014))
Rick Murray (IV) (Actor, Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars (1993))
Nick Murray (V) (Editorial Department, Hercules (2004))
Nick Murray (XXI) (Music Department, Room 237 (2012))
Nick Murray (XXIV)
Nick Murray (XIII) (Actor, On the Run (2014))
Rick Murray (VI) (Special Effects, Gordy (1995))
Nick Murray (XXV) (Actor, McBride )
Nick Murray (XVI)
Nick Murray (XXII)
Nick Murray (XIX) (Transportation Department, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Rick Murray (III) (Production Manager, Tunnel Vision (1976))
Nick Murray (XV) (Cinematographer, He Came at Midnight (2015))
Nick Murray (II) (Producer, You're Skitting Me (2012))
Nick Murray (VIII) (Camera Department, Dead Creatures (2001))
Nick Murray (III) (Actor, Cop on the Edge IX: Prelude to Justice (1997))
Nick Murray (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Detachment (2011))
Rick Murray (VIII) (Self, Disappeared (2009))
Nick Murray (VI) (Actor, AdCorp, Inc. (2005))
Nick Murray (XX) (Camera Department, Civil War (2012))
Rick Murray (VII) (Self, Car Warriors (2011))
Jack Murray (I) (Editor, The Searchers (1956))
T. Patrick Murray (Director, The Last Game (2002))
Sean Patrick Murray (Producer, The Pick Up Diaries (2014))
Brock Murray (II) (Actor, The Best Medicine (2017))
Jack Murray (III) (Actor, Inception (2010))
Patrick Murray (II) (Camera Department, American Hustle (2013))
Patrick Murray (XVII) (Producer, The Space Between Us (2017))
Brock Murray (I) (Actor, People Music (2007))
Mack Murray (Actor, SEX! With Hot Robots (2010))
Deryck Murray (Self, Fire in Babylon (2010))
Jack Murray (VIII) (Actor, The Squeeze (1987))
Jack Murray (V) (Writer, Marche ou crève (1960))
Jack Murray (XIV) (Actor, The Impossible Place (2011))
Jack Murray (XVIII)
Jack Murray (VI) (Actor, A Continental Girl (1915))
Jock Murray (Self, Time with Betjeman (1983))
Jack Murray (XVI) (Miscellaneous, The Water Detectives (2012))
Jack Murray (IX) (Director, Son of the Beach (2000))
Jack Murray (XVII)
Buck Murray (Production Designer, Inventing Happiness (2012))
Jack Murray (XX) (Miscellaneous, The Wright Stuff (2000))
Chuck Murray (II) (Location Management, The Zodiac (2005))
Chuck Murray (I) (Production Manager, 10 (1979))
Jack Murray (XI) (Music Department, The Invaders: Angie's Logs (2014))
Jack Murray (XIX) (Actor, The Day Hitler Died (2016))
Jack Murray (IV) (Writer, Faithless Lover (1928))
Jack Murray (VII) (Actor, The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean (1966))
Breck Murray (Assistant Director, Confidences (2001))
Jack Murray (XV) (Actor, Lemon Moon (2015))
Jack Murray (II) (Actor, A Night at the Follies (1947))
Jack Murray (XIII) (Self, Overland Adventure: The Story of the 1954 Redex Reliability Trial (1954))
Jack Murray (X) (Actor, Date with a Kidnapper (1976))
Nick Murray Brown (Director, Bendy Caravans and Everlasting Pens: A Portrait of Evered Wigg (2015))
Patrick Murray (XIV) (Actor, City of Hate (2013))
Patrick Murray (XXII) (Actor, Primeval (2007))
Patrick Murray (VI) (Actor, On the Edge (2001))
Patrick Murray (XXXVIII) (Writer, 26.2 (2015))
Nick Murray-Brown (Actor, Saturday Night Feeling (2001))
Patrick Murray (XVI) (Producer, Laid Off (2010))
Derrick Murray (Self, Money Where Your Mouth Is (2013))
Patrick Murray (XIII) (Camera Department, Valhalla Rising (2009))
John Patrick Murray (Actor, La torcedura (2004))
Patrick Murray (XXVIII) (Actor, Midnight (2012))
Patrick Murray (XXXIX) (Actor, You're Ugly Too (2015))
Patrick Murray (XXXII)
Patrick Murray (XI) (Art Department, Shergar (1999))
Patrick Murray (V) (Actor, Widdershins (2003))
Patrick Murray (XXVII) (Sound Department, Amma (2011))
Patrick Murray (XXIV) (Producer, Birthday Cake (2013))
Patrick Murray (IX) (Camera Department, Man on Wire (2008))
Patrick Murray (XXXI) (Stunts, The Dancer and the Weaver (2012))
Patrick Murray (XXX) (Self, The O'Reilly Factor (1996))
Patrick Murray (XXVI) (Actor, The 47th Floor (2011))
Patrick Murray (XXXIV)
Patrick Murray (III) (Miscellaneous, Kings of Leon for American Express Unstaged (2013))
Patrick Murray (XXV) (Producer, Dog Tags (2008))
Patrick Murray (XX) (Composer, Downloader (2007))
Frederick Murray (Actor, Metropolitan (1935))
Nick Murray Brown
Patrick Murray (XXI) (Camera Department, Kuso (2017))
Patrick Murray (XV)
Patrick Murray (XXIX)
Patrick Murray Sr. (Actor, Meter Girls (1998))
Patrick Murray (XXXVII)
Patrick Murray (XXXVI) (Camera Department, Atlas World (2017))
Patrick Murray (XXXIII) (Editor, National Endowment for the Arts: United States of Arts (2015))
Patrick Murray (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Human Planet (2011))
Patrick Murray (XXXV)
Patrick Murray (IV) (Producer, Macbeth: The Comedy (2001))
Nick Murray Willis (Animation Department, Burn the Whole Place Down (2009))
Patrick Murray (VII)
Patrick Murray (X) (Miscellaneous, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006))
Patrick Murray (VIII) (Self, High School Boot Camp (2000))
Patrick Murray (XIX) (Cinematographer, Samantha (2008))
Patrick Murray (XXIII) (Music Department, Justice League: War (2014))
Patrick Murray (XII) (Actor, The Stools (2015))
Rick McMurray (Self, Ash: Love and Destruction (2003))
Partrick Murray-Nellis (Actor, Hitmen (2004))
Kenneth Patrick Murray (Miscellaneous, Once Upon a Crime... (1992))
Patrick Murray-Nellis (Camera Department, Hitmen (2004))
Maverick Murray Adcox (Actor, The Perfect Baby (2017))
Cameron Patrick Murray (Writer, Distant Love (2014))
Mickey McMurray (Director, The Cupcake Topper (2009))