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Michelle Diaz (II) (Actress, How I Met Your Mother (2005))
Michelle Diaz (VIII) (Sound Department, Mrs. Drake (2017))
Michelle Diaz (V) (Camera Department, Aventura (2017))
Michelle Diaz (X) (Make Up Department, City of Hope )
Michelle Diaz (VII)
Michelle Diaz (XX) (Camera Department, Second Sight (2016))
Michelle Diaz (XIII) (Camera Department, 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad (2016))
Michelle Diaz (III) (Actress, Pusong Pinoy sa Amerika (2011))
Michelle Diaz (I) (Make Up Department, I Am Still Here (2017))
Michelle Diaz (XXI) (Camera Department, No Light and No Land Anywhere (2016))
Michelle Diaz (XI) (Actress, You're So Vain (2010))
Michelle Diaz (XVIII)
Michelle Diaz (XVII) (Camera Department, The Rendezvous (2016))
Michelle Diaz (IV) (Actress, Dead Grandma (2011))
Michelle Diaz (VI) (Set Decorator, Broken Dreams Blvd (2017))
Michelle Diaz (XXII) (Camera Department, Flophouse (2016))
Michelle Diaz (XIV) (Camera Department, Stealth (2015))
Michelle Dias (Actress, Parafernalha (2011))
Michelle Diaz (XIX) (Actress, Michelle's Party (2016))
Michelle Diaz (XVI) (Sound Department, Fellatio Is Fo Suckas (2013))
Diane Michelle (I) (Actress, Happy Feet (2006))
Michelle Diane Fox (Producer, iSteve (2013))
Michelle Diane Rowe
Michelle Diamond (I) (Self, Playboy: College Girls (1994))
Michelle Dianne Mehn (Costume Department, I Love You Phillip Morris (2009))
Michelle Diana Lowe
Michelle Dion (Actress, Modele (2009))
Michelle Dix (Miscellaneous, Solid Gold (1980))
Michelle Diza (Make Up Department, Kung Fu Zombie (2014))
Michelle Dyer (II) (Director, Vagina Bug (2015))
Michelle Diem (Miscellaneous, River of Fundament (2014))
Michelle Dye (Actress, Scandal: 15 Minutes of Fame (2001))
Michelle Dyer (I) (Actress, Water Rats (1996))
Michelle D. Ivy (Actress, Not Myself )
Michelle DiBenedetti (Actress, Day Zero (2007))
Michelle Diamantides (Make Up Department, Ant-Man (2015))
Michelle Dickson (Special Effects, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014))
Michele Diane Pate (Actress, The Collector (2009))
Michelle Dionne (I) (Actress, Dance Flick (2009))
Diane Michelle (II) (Writer, BOO! (2018))
Michelle Diamond (III) (Writer, Fall Back Down (2017))
Michelle Diaz Murphy (Miscellaneous, Like Sunday, Like Rain (2014))
Michelle Diamant
Michelle Diamond (II) (Editorial Department, Arthur (1996))
Michelle Danese (Actress, Dr. Cabbie (2014))
Michelle Dianne Dulce (Costume Department, Bridal Shower (2004))
Michelle Dyzla (Actress, Australia (2008))
Michelle DiBernardo (Actress, Transformation (2016))
Michelle Dinsmore (Make Up Department, Art & Style: Mona Lucero (2017))
Michelle DeMirjian (Actress, Laurel Canyon (2002))
Michelle Dibernardo (Actress, Still Life with Family (2017))
Michelle Diora (Actress, Leap Year (2011))
Lylah Michelle Dixon (Actress, Surfer Girl (2011))
Michelle Dietrich (I) (Writer, My Son (2013))
Michelle DiBucci (Composer, Wendigo (2001))
Michelle Dickinson (I) (Miscellaneous, I Am Bread (2015))
Michelle Dilag (Miscellaneous, Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (2012))
Michelle DiGaetano
Michelle Ditto (Miscellaneous, Rude Boy - The Movie (2015))
Michelle Diehl (I) (Actress, El árbol azul (1991))
Michelle Dimino (Miscellaneous, A Cup of Tea (2015))
Michelle Diterlizzi (Actress, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011))
Michelle Dyment (Actress, Gone Tubing (2005))
Michelle Dixon (III) (Producer, Almost There (2014))
Michelle Dillingham (II) (Self, The War We Ignore (2017))
Michelle Diehl (II) (Composer, Kvickly (2009))
Michelle Dickens (Art Department, Dora the Explorer (2000))
Michelle Digby (Costume Department, The Proposition (1996))
Michelle Dixon (II) (Actress, Imperfect Sky (2015))
Michelle Dietrich (II) (Make Up Department, Mooo (2014))
Michelle Dixon (IV) (Costume Department, Yield (2015))
Michelle Dillard (Actress, My Husband's a Werewolf (2017))
Michelle DiChiara (Make Up Department, Her Haunting Desires (2019))
Michelle Dygutowicz (Music Department, Scorned (1994))
Michelle Dibnah (Actress, Sam (1973))
Michelle Dillingham (I) (Producer, Holding Lucid (2014))
Michelle Dizon (Director, Civil Society (2011))
Michelle Dimech (Actor, Top of the Food Chain (2014))
Michelle Dicairos (Miscellaneous, The Kiss (1988))
Michelle Dingoor (Miscellaneous, House of D (2004))
Michelle Dimov (Self, Access Hollywood (1996))
Michelle DiCeglio (Cinematographer, Don't Fall Asleep (2016))
Michelle Didesch (Actress, The Showdown (2009))
Michelle Digney
Michelle Di Lacova (Actress, Die Cheerleader Die (2008))
Michelle Dillow (Self, Is Anybody Listening? (2014))
Michelle DiFiore
Michelle Difaolo (Actress, The Harpist (2014))
Michelle Dixon (I) (Music Department, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000))
Michelle DiPaolo (Self, Shepard Smith Reporting (2013))
Michelle Di Certo
Michelle DiRaffaele
Michelle Dirienzo (Miscellaneous, Fast Food Fast Women (2000))
Michelle Dickie (Actress, Night Stalker (2015))
Michelle DiGiacomo (Costume Designer, Scrambled Eggs (2004))
Michelle Dionne (II) (Costume Department, The Kids of Degrassi Street (1979))
Michelle Dickinson (II) (Actress, The Moe Show (2014))
Michelle Dillon (Miscellaneous, Space Cadets (1997))
Michelle Dishell
Michelle DiPoala
Michelle Heredia (Actress, Enjambre - Elemento (2013))
Michelle Avedissian (II) (Self, Wipeout (2008))
Michelle Danette (Actress, The Pitch-Newark Marriot (2009))
Michelle Delaney (II) (Self, Hooters 2012 International Swimsuit Pageant (2012))
Michelle Delaney (III)
Michelle D. Kane (Miscellaneous, Elf-Man (2012))
Michelle Delaney (I) (Art Department, Beverly Hills Bordello (1996))
Michelle Daneshrad
Michelle Rashidian (Producer, D+S (2017))
Diana Michelle (II)
Diana Michelle (I) (Actress, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (2017))
Michelle Avedissian (I) (Make Up Department, Life of Lemon (2011))
Michelle Digioacchino (Miscellaneous, Honey (2003))
Michelle Christiane (Actress, Savage Days (2008))
Michelle Dickson Fine (Music Department, To Rome with Love (2012))
Michelle DiForte Gabriel
Michelle Di Stefano Certo
Michelle Dizon Castro
Michelle Delahunty-Evans (Actress, Look Again (2013))
Diana Michelle Guimond (Assistant Director, Ladies Room (1999))
Michelle Rose Cagianese (Writer, The Ladder (in development))
Michelle Dinglasan-Tomacruz (Miscellaneous, Junior MasterChef: Pinoy Edition (2011))
Michelle Digiovanni-Harold
Diane von Fürstenberg (Self, Project Runway: All-Star Challenge (2009))
Diane Dimond (Self, Entertainment Tonight (1981))
Michele Samit (Writer, Lethal Vows (1999))
Michelle Lemon (Actress, Hancock (2008))
Shelly Hatton (Producer, Rose Colour Glasses (2000))
Diane Carter (I) (Stunts, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982))
Diane Foster (X) (Composer, Kultus (2015))