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Michele Lee (I) (Actress, Knots Landing (1979))
Michelle Reis (Actress, Fallen Angels (1995))
aka "Michele Lee"
Michele Lee (II) (Actress, Up in the Air (2009))
Michelle Casey (I) (Actress, Sweet Nothing (1995))
Michele Lee (VI) (Miscellaneous, Watchmen (2009))
Michele Chele Stanton (Actress, Company Town (2006))
aka "Michele Lee Gibbons"
Michele Lee Clarke-Ceres (Actress, Handle Your Business (2015))
Michele Lee (X) (Actress, The Shunning (2011))
Michelle Lee (XII) (Actress, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007))
Lea Michele (Actress, Glee (2009))
Michele Hicks (Actress, Mulholland Dr. (2001))
Michael Michele (Actress, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003))
Michelle Lee (XXVII) (Producer, Pure Genius (2016))
Michele Carey (Actress, El Dorado (1967))
Michelle Lukes (Actress, Strike Back (2010))
Teresa Michelle Lee (Actress, The Crumbles (2012))
Michelle Lee (I) (Actress, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004))
Michele Levin (Actress, Dredd (2012))
Michele Lepe (I) (Actress, The Good Night Show (2005))
Michelle Lombardo (Actress, Entourage (2004))
Michelle Langstone (Actress, Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005))
Michelle Lehane (Actress, 'If' Is a *Four Letter Word* (2014))
Michelle Lang (V) (Actress, Li Xiao Long chuan qi (2008))
Michele Marsh (I) (Actress, Fiddler on the Roof (1971))
Michelle Lee (XXX) (Make Up Department, Now Playing with Gary Collins (2007))
Michele Lee (V) (Costume Designer, Chiu sing ban gung sut (2011))
Michele Lee (IX)
Michele Lee (III) (Make Up Department, Vendetta: No Conscience, No Mercy (2004))
Michele Lee (VIII) (Actor, Thank You for the Letter (2014))
Michele Lee (VII) (Actress, Old Dogs & New Tricks (2011))
Michele Lee (IV) (Make Up Department, Take Me Home Tonight (2011))
Michele Plaia (Actress, Sleepy Hollow (2013))
Michel Stern (Self, 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2004))
Michele Maika (Actress, The Dictator (2012))
Michelle Lenhardt (Actress, Crowing Lakes (2017))
Michele Lamar Richards (Actress, The Bodyguard (1992))
Michele Dotrice (Actress, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (1973))
Michele Boyd (I) (Actress, Bar America (2014))
Michel Simon (I) (Actor, L'Atalante (1934))
Michelle Lee Barton (Actress, The Invitation (2014))
Michele Nordin (Actress, Justified (2010))
Michelle Lee (LV) (Visual Effects, xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017))
Michele Edison (Actress, Armageddon (1998))
Katie Michels (Actress, Portlandia (2011))
Michele Soavi (Director, Cemetery Man (1994))
Michele Lockwood (Actress, Kids (1995))
Michele Scarabelli (Actress, Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997))
Michele Greene (I) (Actress, L.A. Law (1986))
Michele Santopietro (Actress, The Sopranos (1999))
Michelle León (II) (Actress, The Program (SSR-7) (2013))
Draya Michele (Actress, Will to Love (2015))
Michelle Lintel (Actress, Black Scorpion (2001))
Michele Little (I) (Actress, Apollo 13 (1995))
Michele Lupo (Director, Lo chiamavano Bulldozer (1978))
Michele Specht (Actress, ToCA Race Driver: Grid (2008))
Michelle LaRue (Actress, Betty White's Off Their Rockers (2012))
Michele Simms (Actress, Sex Drive (2008))
Michele Placido (Actor, The Unknown Woman (2006))
Michelle Elaine (Actress, Turning Tables (2015))
Michelle Lee (XL) (Actress, Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki (2012))
Helena Michell (Actress, The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter (1990))
Michele Tobin (Actress, Yours, Mine and Ours (1968))
Michele B. Chan (Actress, Danger Bay (1984))
Michele Love Santoro (Actress, Adam Ruins Everything (2015))
Michele Laurita (Director, Alanis Morissette: Head Over Feet (1997))
Michele Panu (Actress, Modern Family (2009))
Michelle Lee (LIV) (Camera Department, (You'll) Be Mine (2016))
Michelle Lee (VII) (Miscellaneous, Law & Order: Justice Is Served (2004))
Michelle Lee (XLVII) (Miscellaneous, Tyrus (2015))
Michelle Lee (VI) (Director, Pirouette (2003))
Michelle Lees (II) (Self, First Position (2011))
Michelle Lee (XXVI) (Actress, White Knight (2014))
Michelle Lees (I) (Animation Department, Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale (1987))
Michelle Lee (XLV) (Actor, Kanye Must Die (2015))
Michelle Lee (XVI) (Animation Department, The Chaperone (2013))
Michelle Lee (XXI)
Michelle Lee (XLIV) (Art Director, Recursive (2015))
Michelle Lee (XXXIII) (Producer, Miss Guidance (2014))
Michelle Lee (XV) (Actress, Q for Death (2010))
Michelle Lee (XXIX) (Self, Splash (2013))
Michelle Lee (II) (Actress, Garage: A Rock Saga (2000))
Michelle Lee (XXXVII)
Michelle Lee (VIII) (Actress, Pictures on the Wall (2004))
Michelle Lee (XLIII) (Producer, Ice Cream Sunday (2014))
Michelle Lee (XLII) (Miscellaneous, The Order: 1886 (2015))
Michelle Lee (XXXIX)
Michelle Lee (XXII) (Self, VH1 News Presents: Plastic Surgery Obsession (2010))
Michelle Lee (XIII) (Miscellaneous, The End of Man (2010))
Michelle Lee (IV) (Editorial Department, Saint Monica (2002))
Michelle Lee (LIII) (Camera Department, Burglar (2016))
Michelle Lee (XXXVI) (Actress, #Rip (2013))
Michelle Lee (LI)
Michelle Lee (XVIII) (Actress, Love Is a Four Letter Word (1966))
Michelle Lee (XXV) (Make Up Department, Mining for Ruby (2014))
Michelle Lee (XVII) (Actress, The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel Diaries (2010))
Michelle Lee (XLIX) (Miscellaneous, Sheridan (2016))
Michelle Lee (XLVI) (Self, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Michelle Lee (XIV) (Costume Department, The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science (1996))
Michelle Lee (XXIV) (Actress, Dead Wood (2014))
Michelle Lee (V) (Actress, Love in the First Degree (2004))
Michelle Lee (XXXIV) (Camera Department, Sugarcoated Arsenic (2014))
Michelle Lee (XXIII) (Actress, Tentacle 8 (2014))
Michelle Lee (XLVIII) (Actress, Thirst Buckets (2016))
Michelle Lee (XXXV) (Composer, Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew (2010))
Michelle Lee (XXXVIII)
Michelle Lee (L) (Actress, Fault )
Michelle Lee (III) (Actress, Fighting for Film Workshop (2012))
Michelle Lee (XX) (Self, The Hills (2006))
Michelle Lee (XXXI) (Director, Gwen Is Happy (2013))
Michelle Lee (XI) (Actress, Idiot Box (1996))
Michelle Lee (LII) (Miscellaneous, Knock Knock (2017))
Michelle Lee (XXXII) (Writer, Evolution (2013))
Michelle Lee (XXVIII) (Producer, The Amazing Race Asia (2006))
Michelle Lee (X) (Miscellaneous, Signs (2008))
Michelle Lee (XIX) (Editor, Scot Free (2010))
Michelle Lee (XLI) (Writer, First Friday (2014))
Michelle Lovretta (Writer, Lost Girl (2010))
Michelle LaBret (Actress, The Arrangement (2013))
Michel Serrault (Actor, Diabolique (1955))
Candice Michele Barley (Actress, Focus (2015))
Michele Weaver (II) (Actress, 2 Lava 2 Lantula! (2016))
Michele Singer (Camera Department, Misery (1990))
Claudia Michelsen (Actress, Der Tunnel (2001))
Michelle Belegrin (Actress, Blood and Bone (2009))
Michele Matheson (Actress, Threesome (1994))
Michele Gomez (Actress, Matador (2014))
Pete Michels (Animation Department, Family Guy (1999))
Michelle Lewis (VII) (Actress, The Price (2015))
Michele Mulroney (Writer, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011))
Michele Pawk (Actress, Anastasia (1997))
Michele Landry (Actress, Lethal Weapon 3 (1992))
Bailee Michelle Johnson (Actress, 127 Hours (2010))
Michele Goyns (Actress, The Town That Came A-Courtin' (2014))
Michelle Levy (I) (Casting Department, Bruce Almighty (2003))
Michele Abrams (I) (Actress, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992))
Michele Laybourn (Actress, Die Hard (1988))
Michele Riondino (Actor, Il giovane favoloso (2014))
Michel Subor (Actor, Beau travail (1999))
Michele Karmin (Actress, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007))
Michele L.
Michele Leão (Actress, Cúmplices (2002))
Michele Ly (Writer, Off the Hook (2015))
Michele Li (Art Department, Postal (2015))
Michele van Leeuwen (Actress, Soul Sessions (2017))
Michele Melega (Actor, Third Person (2013))
Julia Michels (Music Department, The Devil Wears Prada (2006))
Michele Drake (Actress, American Gigolo (1980))
Michelle Leon (I) (Self, 1991: The Year Punk Broke (1992))
Michele Dunn (II) (Actress, Nocturnal Animals (2016))
Michele Gray (I) (Self, Todd Rundgren: Live in Japan (2002))
Michele DeCesare (Actress, The Sopranos (1999))
Michelle Latimer (Actress, Paradise Falls (2001))
Michel Elias (Actor, Les maîtres du temps (1982))
Michelle LaFrance (Actress, Entourage (2004))
Michelle Lewitt (Casting Director, Transformers (2007))
Michele Lavalle (Director, Os Dez Mandamentos (2015))
Michele Lyn Gibson (Actor, Code of Honor (2016))
Michele Knotz (Actress, Pokémon (1997))
Michele Krasnoo (Actress, Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor (1994))
Michele Lyman (Actress, Vigilantes (2016))
Michele L. King (Actress, Amber Sunrise (2006))
Michele Galagher (Actress, The Famous Five (1978))
Michelle Michaels (I) (Actress, The Slumber Party Massacre (1982))
Michele Bauer (II) (Actress, Bread (2012))
Stephanie Michels (I) (Actress, Walk (2016))
Michele Lastella (Actor, The Trial Begins (2007))
Michele Civetta (Director, 42 One Dream Rush (2010))
Michele Morand (Actress, Fracture (2006))
Michelle Lemon (Actress, Hancock (2008))
Michele Morrow (I) (Actress, Basement Jack (2009))
Trine Michelsen (Actress, Idioterne (1998))
Michele Largé (Actress, Victor Ramirez, Asesino (2010))
Toby Michele (Actress, Catharsis (2017))
Jill-Michele Melean (Actress, This is Meg (2017))
Michele Winstanley (Actress, Sid and Nancy (1986))
Michele Selene Ang (Actress, 13 Reasons Why (2017))
Michele Austin (I) (Actress, The Bill (1984))
Michele Clapton (I) (Costume Designer, Game of Thrones (2011))
Michele Kelly (I) (Actress, What Boys Like (2003))
Cristin Michele (Actress, 2001 Maniacs (2005))
Michelle Lee Robinson (Animation Department, Wreck-It Ralph (2012))
Michele Elliott (Actress, Taboo-The Unthinkable Act (2016))
Michele Shay (Actress, Another World (1964))
Lillian Michelson (Miscellaneous, Reds (1981))
Michele Larue (I) (Actor, Hello, Phillip (2011))
Michele Daves (Actress, Spencer's Mountain (1963))
Michele Burks (Actress, UmJammer Lammy (1999))
Michel Shane (I) (Producer, Catch Me If You Can (2002))
Michele L. Jennings (Sound Department, The Proud Family (2001))
Michele Lamy (Producer, Small White House (1990))
Michelle Lineker (Actress, Splitting Heirs (1993))
Michelle Laurent (Actress, Is It Just Me? (2010))
Michelle Loucadoux (Actress, Criminal Minds (2005))
Michelle La (Actress, Mom (2013))
Michele Fazekas (Producer, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
Michele Russo (I) (Actor, The Godfather: Part III (1990))
Michele Hess (Actress, Bloodshed and Emeralds (1999))
Michelle Ehlen (I) (Editor, S&M Sally (2015))
Michelle Lawrence (I) (Actress, Criminal Minds (2005))
Nicole Michele Sobchack (Actress, Machine Gun Preacher (2011))