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Michael Schatz (II) (Director, Morning After (2009))
Michael Schatz (I) (Camera Department, Curio Shop (2014))
Michael Schatz (IV) (Actor, Sike-ic (2015))
Michael Schur (Writer, Parks and Recreation (2009))
Michael Schoeffling (Actor, Sixteen Candles (1984))
Michael Schatz (III) (Producer, The Amazing Children (1989))
Michael Schultz (I) (Director, The Last Dragon (1985))
Michael Schumacher (V) (Self, Formula 1: BBC Sport (2009))
Michael Scott (XVIII) (Director, Unsolved Mysteries (1987))
Michael Scott (XCI) (Actor, Parallels (2015))
Michael Scott (LXXIV) (Writer, Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World (2010))
Gary Michael Schultz (Producer, Devil in My Ride (2010))
Michael Schroeder (I) (Director, Man in the Chair (2007))
Michael Schatzberg (Actor, Thicker Than Thieves (1999))
Michael Schatzer (Assistant Director, Coke Champagne & Cigarettes )
Michael Schatzel (Miscellaneous, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Michael Scott (XXXIII) (Producer, God's Not Dead (2014))
Michael Schiniou (Actor, The Forbidden Note (2016))
Michael Schaich (Miscellaneous, Hancock (2008))
Michael Schiffer (Writer, Crimson Tide (1995))
Michel Schatz (Actor, Les invincibles (2013))
Michael Schaefer (I) (Producer, The Martian (2015))
Michael S. Chernuchin (Producer, Law & Order (1990))
Michael Schøt (Writer, Gintbergs store aften - hver aften (2005))
Michael Score (I)
Michael Schelp (I) (Producer, Plan Bee (2007))
Michael S. Chambers (Actor, The Middle (2009))
David Michael Scott (I) (Actor, Damage (2007))
Michael Schiller (I) (Actor, Schindler's List (1993))
Michael Schlesinger (I) (Producer, It's a Frame-Up! (2013))
Michael S. Chandler (Assistant Director, Growing Up Smith (2015))
Michael Scott (XII) (Sound Department, I Am Legend (2007))
Michael Schenk (I) (Actor, The Reader (2008))
Michael Schantz (Actor, Autumn Whispers (2013))
Michael Shatz (Miscellaneous, J.A.W. (2011))
Michael Schumacher (IV) (Actor, Valkyrie (2008))
Michael Scholes (Actor, The Lord of the Rings (1978))
Michael Schaack (Director, Werner - Beinhart! (1990))
Michael Scala (Actor, Who's That Knocking at My Door (1967))
Michael Scott (XL) (Actor, Violet Tendencies (2010))
Michael Schackelford (Actor, Family (1976))
Michael Schack (II) (Actor, The Broken Shore (2013))
Michael Scott Allen (Actor, The Last Ship (2014))
Michael Scheel (I) (Production Manager, Inglourious Basterds (2009))
Edward Michael Scott (Actor, Beta Test (2016))
Michael Schaff (Director, Qalqiliyas Zoo (2015))
Michael Schaak (Writer, Werner - Das muss kesseln!!! (1996))
Michael Schaap (Director, The Erectionman (2009))
Michael Schade (III) (Actor, Hostess (1976))
Michael Schaus (Miscellaneous, Water (2005))
Michael Schade (IV) (Camera Department, Nothing Deadly (2013))
Michael Schade (V) (Camera Department, Ida's 85th (2014))
Michael Schaer (Sound Department, Les Tombales (2006))
Michael Schack (I)
Michael Schade (II) (Miscellaneous, The Protectors (2009))
Michael S. Chen (Miscellaneous, Violine (2012))
Michael Schack (III)
Michael Schu (Director, Freck Langsam (2010))
Michael Schack (V)
Michael Scharf (IV) (Art Department, The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation (2005))
Michael Schaaf (Actor, Das Ende vom Anfang (1984))
Michael S. Chia (Actor, Certified Dead (2016))
Michael Schäpe (Sound Department, Circling (2001))
Michael Scharf (III) (Actor, Goldjunge (1925))
Michael Schade (I) (Actor, Die Zauberflöte (1995))
Michael Schandl (Cinematographer, Tatort (1985))
Michael Scharf (V) (Self, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (2012))
Michael Schütz (Actor, The White Sound (2001))
Michael Scharf (I) (Self, Saddam Hussein: Histoire d'un procès annoncé (2005))
Michael Scharf (II) (Animation Department, My Nose (2007))
Michael Schilling (I) (Camera Department, Bad Words (2013))
Michael Scherer (I) (Stunts, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
Michael Schmidt (VIII) (Writer, Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker (2004))
Michael Hatzer (Editorial Department, No Country for Old Men (2007))
Michael Schreiner (I) (Actor, Dahoam is Dahoam (2007))
Michael Schenkman (Miscellaneous, Following (1998))
Michael Schwarz (I) (Producer, The Lake (2017))
Michael Schaffhauser
Michael Schwarz (IX) (Producer, Deadline Gallipoli (2015))
Michael Schultz (III) (Editor, Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger - London, New York, Johannesburg (2008))
Michael Scott Ryan (Actor, FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue (1998))
Michael S. Click (Producer, Back in Time (2015))
Michael Scott (III) (Writer, 2nd Irish Film and Television Awards (2004))
Michael Schweuneke (Miscellaneous, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014))
Michael Scheffe (Art Department, Back to the Future (1985))
Michael Scovotti (Writer, Mostly Sports (2015))
Michael Schönborn (Actor, Come Sweet Death (2000))
Michael Schneider (I) (Actor, Schindler's List (1993))
Michael S. Constable (Producer, Free Fire (2016))
Michael Scholl (Casting Director, Lockwood (2016))
Michael Schweighöfer (Actor, Teenage Angst (2008))
Michael Schlingmann (Animation Department, Corpse Bride (2005))
Michael Scott (XXII) (Visual Effects, The Avengers (2012))
Todd Michael Schwartzman (Actor, High School Musical (2006))
Michael Schneider (IV) (Director, Cologne P.D. (2003))
Michael Schindegger (Cinematographer, Nr. 7 (2012))
Michael Schorr (II) (Director, Schultze Gets the Blues (2003))
Michael Schweitzer (I) (Editor, Law & Order (1990))
Michael Schatalon (Actor, Bad Bargain (2012))
Austin Michael Scott (Editorial Department, Desire (2006))
Michael Schwartz (XIII) (Actor, Midnight Movie (2008))
Michael Schnörr (Actor, Aokigahara: Suicide Forrest (2014))
Michael Schmidt (XXXII) (Director, 21 Days Under the Sky (2016))
Michael Scheff (Writer, Airport '77 (1977))
Michael Schermi (Actor, Notte prima degli esami (2006))
Michael Schmidt (III) (Actor, Safe Men (1998))
Michael Schock (Director, Un été d'enfer (1984))
Michael Schiciano (I) (Music Department, Movie Nights (2010))
Michael Schenker (I) (Self, Anvil: The Story of Anvil (2008))
Michael Scott (LXXXIV) (Actor, Rome's Invisible City (2015))
Michael Schwartz (XVIII) (Director, M Is for Manure (2013))
Michael Scholar Jr. (Actor, Hope & Redemption (2001))
Michael Scott (XXVII) (Self, Where Is Rocky II? (2016))
Michael Schlicht (Producer, Stalingrad (2013))
Michael Scott (IV) (Actor, Song for a Raggy Boy (2003))
Michael Scheinman (Actor, Nowhere Man (1995))
Michael Schlapp (Actor, Vendetta Games (2016))
Michael Schaubach (Editorial Department, CollegeHumor Originals (2006))
Michael Schiffman (Actor, Finding Buck McHenry (2000))
Michael Scialabba (Actor, Let's Be Cops (2014))
Michael Schudson (Self, Black and White and Dead All Over (2013))
Michael Scola (Cinematographer, Serial: Amoral Uprising (2009))
Michael Scott (XXI) (Director, Coronation Street (1960))
Michael Scarati (Actor, There Is No Undo (2011))
Michael Schiralli (Director, Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads (2011))
Michael Schanze (Self, Kinderquatsch mit Michael (1991))
Michael Schulson (Self, Pantry Raid (2007))
Michael Schwendeman (Actor, Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer (2010))
Michael Lösche (Cinematographer, Deutsche und Polen - Eine Chronik (2002))
Michael Schorr (I) (Special Effects, Terminator Salvation (2009))
Michael Schweiger (III)
Michael E. Katz (Producer, Rodgers & Hammerstein: The Sound of Movies (1996))
Michael Schroeder (III) (Actor, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988))
Michael Scott (LXIII) (Self, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
Michael Schwankhart (Actor, Mein schönes kurzes Leben (1970))
Michael Scott (XLV) (Producer, If I Could Tell You (2015))
Michael Scott (XV) (Self, 4 Play: Kiwi Music (2001))
Michael Scott (LXVIII) (Self, Too Hot Not to Handle (2006))
Michael Scott (XLI) (Sound Department, Sweet Savior (1971))
Michael Scott (XCVI)
Michael Scott (LIX) (Miscellaneous, Big Money Rustlas (2010))
Michael Scott (XVI) (Actor, Where's Johnny? (1974))
Michael Scott (LVII) (Actor, A b s t r a c t (2007))
Michael S. Cash (Composer, Burned (2006))
Michael Scott (XIII) (Actor, Mic and the Claw (2000))
Michael Scott (XCVII) (Actor, Touched by an Angel (1994))
Michael Scott (LXXV) (Actor, The Enemy (2015))
Michael Scott (LXIX) (Cinematographer, Sandrima Rising (2011))
Michael Scali (Actor, Life Support (2001))
Michael Scane
Michael Scott (LXXX) (Writer, Travel the Road (2003))
Michael Scott (LXXXVIII) (Actor, Punk'd (2003))
Michael Scott (LV) (Camera Department, Evidence for Hire (1952))
Michael Scott (XIX) (Actor, Roman Britain from the Air (2014))
Michael Scott (XXXVII) (Director, 2030 CE (2002))
Michael Scott (X) (Transportation Department, City of Industry (1997))
Michael Scott (LX) (Camera Department, Her Wilderness (2014))
Michael Scott (V) (Actor, Swingers (1996))
Michael Scott (LXIV) (Editorial Department, J-Men Forever (1979))
Michael Scott (LXXXIII) (Sound Department, Foreplay (1975))
Michael Scott (LXXVIII) (Producer, Big Brother Uncut (2001))
Michael Scott (LXXXV) (Camera Department, She's Out of My League (2010))
Michael Scott (XXXII) (Actor, Starr and Company (1958))
Michael Scott (XXVIII)
Michael Scott (LI) (Self, How the States Got Their Shapes (2011))
Michael Scott (XLVI) (Sound Department, Stupid Sandwich (2014))
Michael Scott (XX) (Sound Department, Drawn to Fear (2016))
Michael Score (II) (Production Designer, The Tale of Wendell P. Wendell (2012))
Michael Scott (XC) (Actor, Filmed in Utah (2011))
Michael Scott (LXXXVII) (Cinematographer, Grey Days (2009))
Michael Scoof (Actor, We Are Karavaeva (2015))
Michael Scott (XXXVI) (Actor, Zinwrath: The Movie (2005))
Michael Scott (LXXVI) (Actor, #NinetoFiveProblems (2013))
Michael Scott (LXXIX) (Editor, The Plug Lady (2004))
Michael Scott (LVI) (Producer, Lightning & Cragg: SAV P.D. - A Case of Bad Lock (2013))
Michael Scott (XXXIX) (Camera Department, The Grey Cloud (2007))
Michael Scott (LXXIII) (Miscellaneous, Paradox of Tales 2: The Royal Wedding (2014))
Michael Scott (LXXI) (Actor, Vendetta (2006))
Michael Scott (XXX) (Actor, What Was Left (2015))
Michael Scott (LXII) (Sound Department, Sunny and Steve: Enjoy the Sweets (2014))
Michael Scott (XLVII) (Actor, Animated Stories from the New Testament (1987))
Michael Scott (LXVI) (Producer, Xtreme Waterparks (2012))
Michael Scifo (Actor, Gramps Goes to College (2014))
Michael Scott (LIII) (Camera Department, Riley (2013))
Michael Scott (XLIII) (Editor, Evil Laugh (1986))
Michael Scott (XXV) (Camera Department, The Day of the Wolves (1971))
Michael Scott (VIII) (Writer, Tell Me Lies (1968))
Michael Scott (LXXVII) (Special Effects, Monster of the Sky (2016))
Michael Scott (XVII) (Production Designer, La fanciulla del West (1992))
Michael Scott (LXXXI) (Self, Not Safe in My Own Backyard (2011))
Michael Scott (LXXII) (Actor, Den Brother (2010))
Michael Scott (XXXV) (Camera Department, Just for Laughs (2006))
Michael Scott (LXV) (Visual Effects, Edge of Darkness (2010))
Michael Scott (LII) (Self, The Maltese Double Cross (1994))
Michael Scott (LXXXVI) (Producer, My 600-lb Life (2012))
Michael Scott (XXIV) (Assistant Director, East of Hope Street (1998))
Michael Scott (XLVIII) (Transportation Department, An American Crime (2007))
Michael Scott (XXXVIII) (Producer, The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Cyberplasm Formula (1995))
Michael Scott (LXXXII)
Michael Scott (LXVII)