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Michael Pate (I) (Actor, Matlock Police (1971))
Michael David Pate (Producer, Potato Salad (2015))
aka "Michael Pate"
Michael Pate (II)
Mike Paterson (II) (Actor, Punisher: War Zone (2008))
aka "Michael Paterson"
Michael Paternostro (Actor, Whirlwind (2007))
Michael Paterson (IX) (Writer, Mystery Hunters (2002))
Michael Paterson (IV) (Production Manager, Burning Daylight (2010))
Michael Patek (Art Department, American Playhouse (1981))
Michael Parks (I) (Actor, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004))
Michael Peña (III) (Actor, The Martian (2015))
Michael Paré (Actor, The Virgin Suicides (1999))
Michael Pitt (II) (Actor, Seven Psychopaths (2012))
Michael Palin (Actor, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975))
Michael Park (I) (Actor, As the World Turns (1956))
Michael Pataki (Actor, Rocky IV (1985))
Michael Patrick King (Producer, Sex and the City (2008))
Michael Pas (Actor, Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013))
Michael Patric (Actor, Becoming Jane (2007))
Michael Paul Chan (Actor, Major Crimes (2012))
Michael Patrick Jann (Director, Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999))
Michael Papajohn (Actor, Jurassic World (2015))
Michael Patrick McGill (Actor, Jersey Boys (2014))
Michael Praed (Actor, 9 Dead Gay Guys (2002))
Michael Patrick Lane (Actor, Sun Records (2017))
Michael Panes (Actor, We Bought a Zoo (2011))
Don Michael Paul (Writer, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991))
Michael Penn (I) (Composer, Boogie Nights (1997))
Michael Potts (I) (Actor, The Wire (2002))
Michael Parr (III) (Actor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Michael Patti (I) (Music Department, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006))
Michael Patrick O'Brien (II) (Writer, Saturday Night Live (1975))
Michael Phelps (I) (Self, Athens 2004: Games of the XXVIII Olympiad (2004))
Michael Patrick Thornton (Actor, Private Practice (2007))
Michael Parle (I) (Actor, Night People (2015))
Michael Paul (XXVII) (Actor, 27 Dresses (2008))
Michael Pate (III)
Michael Price (V) (Producer, The Simpsons (1989))
Michael Palance (Actor, Savate (1995))
Michael Pare (I)
Michael Bates (I) (Actor, A Clockwork Orange (1971))
Michael Powell (I) (Director, The Red Shoes (1948))
Michael Payne (I) (Actor, Train Ride to Hollywood (1975))
Michael Parkinson (II) (Producer, Parkinson (1971))
Michael Patrick Kane (Actor, Central Intelligence (2016))
Michael Pan (Actor, Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (1999))
Michael Parks (II) (Animation Department, Finding Nemo (2003))
Michael Page (XV) (Actor, Unconditional (2017))
Michael Polish (Director, The Astronaut Farmer (2006))
Michael Papac (Miscellaneous, Iron Man (2008))
Michael Paul (I) (Actor, My Kind of Town (1984))
Michael Part (Writer, A Kid in Aladdin's Palace (1997))
Michael Patin (Composer, Unquiet River (2015))
Michael Patti (II) (Cinematographer, Nosferatu's Secret Love Child (2017))
Michael Patto (Self, A Tribute to Leiber and Stoller (2002))
Michael Path (Actor, Young Harvest (2013))
Michael Patti (IV) (Camera Department, Night Has Settled (2014))
Michael Patti (III) (Sound Department, Supporting Characters (2012))
Michael Patt (Self, BodogFight: USA vs. Russia (2006))
Michael Patil (Actor, Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012))
Michael Patti (V) (Camera Department, The Boxburgs (2017))
Michael Preston (I) (Actor, The Road Warrior (1981))
Michael Pare (II)
Michael Patrick Carter (Actor, Guns of Paradise (1988))
Michael Palm (I) (Editor, Goodnight Mommy (2014))
Michael Parks (XVI) (Camera Department, Tonight She Comes (2016))
Michael Perl (I) (Actor, Sweet Valley High (1994))
Michael Paul Stephenson (Director, Best Worst Movie (2009))
Michael Pack (I) (Producer, The Fall of Newt Gingrich (2000))
Michael Patrick Denis (Actor, Godzilla (2014))
Michael Pitt (I) (Assistant Director, American Psycho (2000))
Michael Paris (IV) (Director, Spawn: The Recall (2014))
Michael Seater (Actor, Life with Derek (2005))
Michael Elphick (I) (Actor, The Elephant Man (1980))
Michael Parets (II)
Michael Patnode (Actor, Welcome to Grandpaville (2013))
Michael Price (I) (Composer, Sherlock (2010))
Michael Pena (Miscellaneous, Hello, Game of Thrones Parody (2016))
Michael Pangilinan (Actor, Pare, mahal mo raw ako (2016))
Michael Patrick Nicholson (Actor, Are We Not Cats (2016))
Michael Palladino (II) (Actor, American Crime (2015))
Michael Patrick Lilly (Producer, Taken Too Far (2017))
Michael Page (XIV) (Actor, Crazy 4 You (2017))
Michael Pennington (I) (Actor, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983))
Michael Pasternak (I) (Actor, Vegas (2012))
Michael Post (I) (Actor, Factory Girl (2006))
Michael Pattinson (Director, Ground Zero (1987))
Michael P. Nash (Producer, Climate Refugees (2010))
Michael Power (V) (Actor, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Michael Patterson (II) (Actor, The Girl in the Park (2007))
Michael Park (VII) (Actor, 8-Ball )
Michael Paris (I) (Camera Department, Heathers (1988))
Michael Patrick Larson (Actor, The Scam Artist (2004))
Shawn Michael Perry (I) (Actor, Forrest Gump (1994))
Michael Paseornek (Producer, The Hunger Games (2012))
Michael Palan (Actor, How to Make It in New York on $15 a Day (2004))
Michael Palma (I) (Actor, The Cure for a Diseased Life (2004))
Michael Port (Actor, Another World (1964))
Michael Povey (II) (Actor, Minder (1979))
Michael P. Shawver (Editor, Creed (2015))
Michael Papas (I) (Director, The Lifetaker (1975))
Michael Pattemore (Self, All Star Mr & Mrs (2008))
Michael Pantozzi (Actor, Daredevil (2015))
Michael Page (II) (Actor, Ende der Unschuld (1991))
Michael Pavone (Producer, That's What I Am (2011))
Michael Parke (Producer, Raw (2008))
David Michael Paul (Actor, The Hall Monitors (2015))
Michael Perry (I) (Production Designer, It Follows (2014))
Michael Peterson (V) (Self, WRAL Murder Trials (2003))
Michael Patten (I) (Actor, Highway (2002))
Michael Perry (XXIV) (Self, Into the Abyss (2011))
Michael Patrick Egan (Actor, Men of Honor (2000))
Michael Pink (I) (Actor, Skyfall (2012))
Michael Paul Girard (Director, Different Strokes (1998))
Michael Plata (Actor, Salvation (2014))
Michael Paxton (Producer, Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life (1997))
Michael Pearlman (I) (Actor, Charles in Charge (1984))
Michael Patrick Gough (Actor, The Invention of Lying (2009))
Michael Park (XII) (Actor, Survive (2014))
Michael Provost (II) (Actor, Insatiable (2017))
Michael P. Northey (Actor, Catwoman (2004))
Michael Patterson (IX) (Music Department, The Spectacular Now (2013))
Michael Pacek (Editor, Left Behind: The Movie (2000))
Michael Portillo (II) (Self, This Week (2003))
Michael Patrick Hall
Michael Pressman (Director, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991))
Michael Patrick (XVI) (Actor, The Black Wedding (2016))
Michael Parker (V) (Producer, Lunch with Charles (2001))
Michael Piontek (Actor, Longtime Companion (1989))
Michael Paterson (VI) (Actor, The Jogger (2013))
Michael Paterson (II) (Art Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Michael Paterka (Actor, Without a Father (2010))
Michael Paterson (I) (Sound Department, Saw II (2005))
Michael Paterson (VIII)
Michael Paterson (III)
Michael Pateman (Director, Faith Works (2004))
Michael Paterson (VII) (Sound Department, A Beginner's Guide to Endings (2010))
Michael Pateirno (Actor, The White Spruce (2015))
Michael Paterniti (Miscellaneous, The Return of Alex Kelly (1999))
Michael Paterson (V) (Actor, Lessons in Laughter (2013))
Michael Panevics (Miscellaneous, American Sniper (2014))
Shawn Michael Patrick (Actor, Deja Vu (2006))
Michael Piccirilli (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Michael Paleodimos (Cinematographer, Stutterer (2015))
Michael Parker (I) (Actor, My Own Private Idaho (1991))
John-Michael Patino (Actor, 1000 Ways to Lie (2010))
Michael Payne (IX) (Actor, Half Past Dead 2 (2007))
Michael P. May (II) (Camera Department, Star Trek (2009))
Michael Paz (Production Manager, Theo Von: No Offense (2016))
Michael Paszt (Producer, Turbo Kid (2015))
Michael Petok (Producer, The Bernie Mac Show (2001))
Michael P. Moran (I) (Actor, Scarface (1983))
Michael Punke (Writer, The Revenant (2015))
Michael Papp (I) (Art Department, Utilities (1983))
Michael Park (XIV) (Actor, At the Bottom of Everything (2015))
Michael Parks (IX) (Self, Volitera Live (2004))
Michael Panno (Writer, Or7: The Journey (2014))
Michael Paul (XXXI) (Actor, Alone (2003))
Michael Panik (I) (Director, Thrift Store Symphony (2016))
Michael Paull (III) (Miscellaneous, Wings (1990))
Michael Park (VI) (Camera Department, Exclusive (2010))
Michael Papa (II) (Sound Department, Mirror Mirror (1990))
Michael Paul (XV) (Visual Effects, The Ghostmaker (2012))
Michael Paez (II) (Self, On the Spot Interviews (2011))
Michael Paul (XXV) (Director, Wool and the Healthy Life (1971))
Michael Payne (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Susie Q (1996))
Michael Paul (XIX)
Michael Paull (IV) (Actor, Small Fish (2016))
Michael Parets (III) (Miscellaneous, Arrival (2016))
Michael Park (II) (Miscellaneous, Prime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgement (1996))
Michael Pack (II)
Michael Palfi (Editorial Department, Der alte Affe Angst (2003))
Michael Paye (Actor, The Magnificent Ambersons (2002))
Michael Page (XII) (Actor, Drakul (2015))
Michael Pae (I) (Actor, Secret of the Five Fingers (2002))
Michael Pauly (Writer, Why I Murdered My Roommate (2015))
Michael Paul (VII) (Writer, The New Misadventures of Ichabod Crane (1979))
Michael Payne (III) (Self, Designing for the Sexes (2003))
Michael Paul (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Weihnachtsbier (2001))
Michael Paul (III) (Miscellaneous, UFO: It Is Here (2016))
Michael Palma (II) (Actor, Bones (2005))
Michael Palso (Producer, Hold On (2017))
Michael Paul (XVIII) (Sound Department, Encounters at the End of the World (2007))
Michael Parry (IV) (Camera Department, The Hospital Window (2012))
Michael Pann (Sound Department, Turn Around (2016))
Michael Panov (Visual Effects, The 85th Annual Academy Awards (2013))
Michael Parry (V)
Michael Paige (III) (Actor, Catching You (in development))
Michael Paul (V) (Writer, Eine schöne Bescherung (1959))
Michael Panek (Actor, Running on Empty Dreams (2009))
Michael P. Alan (Actor, Better Late Than Never (1979))
Michael Payne (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Northern Light (2011))
Michael Pales (Special Effects, Boon (1986))
Michael Parent (II) (Actor, Denied Unemployment (2017))
Michael Page (VI) (Actor, Prospectors: All In (2010))
Michael Paul (XXIII) (Self, Worst Cooks in America (2010))
Michael Parks (XIV) (Actor, Johnny Rock-Itt & the Double Wide Symphony (2012))
Michael Paim (Actor, They Call Me Macho Woman! (1991))
Michael Paine (Self, Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy (2003))
Michael Papi (Miscellaneous, Survivor (2000))
Michael Page (XIII) (Camera Department, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014))