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Michael Otis (I) (Actor, The Inspectors (2015))
Michael Otis (II) (Actor, Tongues Untied (1989))
Mike Felder (II) (Actor, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Michael Otis Ropert (Camera Department, The Shield (2002))
Michael Ontkean (Actor, The Descendants (2011))
Michael O'Keefe (I) (Actor, Michael Clayton (2007))
Michael O'Hare (I) (Actor, Babylon 5 (1994))
Michael O'Neill (I) (Actor, Dallas Buyers Club (2013))
Michael Ornstein (Actor, Sons of Anarchy (2008))
Michael Oliver (I) (Actor, Problem Child 2 (1991))
Michael DeLorenzo (Actor, New York Undercover (1994))
Michael O'Shea (I) (Actor, It's a Great Life (1954))
Michael O'Shea (XII) (Director, The Transfiguration (2016))
Michael O'Hearn (Actor, World's Finest (2004))
Michael Offer (Director, How to Get Away with Murder (2014))
Michael Oher (Self, Super Bowl 50 (2016))
Michael Obiora (Actor, Fortitude (2015))
Michael Oberholtzer (Actor, Delivery Man (2013))
Michael Owen (II) (Stunts, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003))
Michael O'Laskey II (Actor, 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998))
Michael Offei (Actor, Hitman (2007))
Michael Okuda (Art Department, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Michael Ooms (Actor, The Mighty Ducks (1992))
Michael Olmos (Casting Department, Americano (2016))
Michael Ovitz (Producer, Gangs of New York (2002))
Michael Lott (I) (Actor, Wie die Karnickel (2002))
Michael Oram (Actor, Little District (2012))
Michael Kopelow (Actor, Point Break (1991))
Michael Opal (Actor, ReRe-Animated (2011))
Michael Ocampo (III) (Actor, Remember This Voice (2016))
Michael O'Donoghue (I) (Writer, Saturday Night Live (1975))
Michael O'Hara (III) (Actor, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013))
Fotis Michael
Michael Notis
Michael Olsen (V) (Producer, Will Gardner )
Michael Owens (I) (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983))
Michael Ortiz (IV) (Actor, M.O.G. (2006))
Michael Ott (III) (Self, Cops (1989))
Michael Othen (Miscellaneous, Black (2006))
Michael Otto (IV) (Self, Markus Lanz (2008))
Michael Otto (I) (Visual Effects, Resident Evil (2002))
Michael Otto (VI) (Actor, Stok Stalk Stock (2011))
Michael Otto (X) (Actor, Midnight's Calling (2000))
Michael Ott (I) (Art Department, Die Perlmutterfarbe (2009))
Michael Otto (VIII) (Actor, Somewhere Else (2014))
Michael Ott (II) (Actor, Writing Buddies (2015))
Michael Otten (Actor, On Nature's Trail Series: Trees for Life (1995))
Michael Otto (V) (Location Management, Hanni and Nanni 2 (2012))
Michael Otto (VII) (Actor, Museum Hours (2012))
Michael Otto (III)
Michael Otto (II) (Actor, Axel von Auersperg (1974))
Michael O'Connor (I) (Costume Designer, Dredd (2012))
Michael Soltis (Actor, X2 (2003))
Michael Owen (IV) (Self, Goal II: Living the Dream (2007))
Michael O'Hagan (Actor, End of Days (1999))
Michael Owen (XVI) (Art Department, Gods and Monsters (1998))
Michael O'Herlihy (Director, Hawaii Five-O (1968))
Michael Ohoven (Producer, Capote (2005))
Michael Otieno (Actor, Mountains of the Moon (1990))
Michael Otineru (Actor, Jackie Claxton: The Dream Weaver (2016))
Michael Oaks (II) (Actor, Render Me Dead (2009))
Michael O. Sajbel (Visual Effects, Hot Shots! (1991))
Michael O'Neal (V) (Actor, The Red Man (2016))
Michael Obel (Producer, Just Another Love Story (2007))
Michael Olson (I) (Writer, Lethal Woman (1988))
Michael O'Leary (I) (Actor, Guiding Light (1952))
Michael O'Toole (IV) (Actor, Surrogates (2009))
Michael Oslo (Actor, No Hiding Place (1959))
Michael Oblowitz (Director, The Traveler (2010))
Michael Og Lane (Actor, The Guard (2011))
Michael Off (Visual Effects, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Michael Consuelos (Actor, The Bensonhurst Spelling Bee (2012))
Michael Obey (Actor, North of 60 (1992))
Michael Okon (II) (Actor, Unpredictable Romance (2017))
Michael Ortiz (III) (Stunts, 12 Years a Slave (2013))
Michael Okon (I) (Actor, DELILAH: The Mysterious Case of Delilah Ambrose (2016))
Michael O'Sullivan (I) (Actor, Hang 'Em High (1968))
Michael Orr (VI) (Actor, 88 (2015))
Michael Ondaatje (Writer, The English Patient (1996))
Rachael O'Tier (Special Effects, Dead Star (in development))
Michael Curtis (I) (Producer, Friends (1994))
Michael Orland (Music Department, American Idol (2002))
Michael Oloyede (Actor, Fate (2013))
David Michael O'Neill (Writer, Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden : Puddy McFadden License to Golf (2016))
Michael Oz (Editorial Department, Golf Men's Drive to the US Open (2015))
Michael Oh (Miscellaneous, The Big What If (2016))
Michael On (Actor, Hunter Killer (2017))
Michael Oliva (I) (Visual Effects, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996))
Michael O'Hara (VIII) (Self, The Merv Griffin Show (1962))
Michael Owen (III) (Actor, Star Trek: Nemesis (2002))
Michael O'Dwyer (I) (Actor, The Howling (1981))
Michael Ols (Special Effects, The Rapture (2007))
Michael Oyier (Actor, The First Grader (2010))
Michael Ormsby (I) (Actor, The Brothers Solomon (2007))
Michael O'Hara (I) (Producer, Switched at Birth (1991))
Michael O'Guinne (Actor, Hoosiers (1986))
Michael O'Malley (I) (Actor, Noah's Ark (1999))
Michael O'Mara (I) (Animation Department, The Lion King (1994))
Michael O'Neill (XXI) (Music Department, Hola America (2014))
Michael O'Hear (Actor, Dry Bones (2013))
Michael Onofri (Writer, Matt & Mike's Movie Mangle (2013))
Michael O'Shea (II) (Actor, Perfect Child (2007))
Michael O'Toole (IX) (Writer, Song for Dwight (2012))
Michael Orth (I) (Writer, Deutsche in Amerika (2005))
Michael Ostrowski (I) (Actor, Die unabsichtliche Entführung der Frau Elfriede Ott (2010))
Michael Raptis (II) (Location Management, Impractical Jokers (2011))
Michael O'Rourke (V) (Writer, Da Ali G Show (2003))
Michael Spilotro (Actor, Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy (1982))
Michael Orlandi (Actor, Rollups (2017))
Michael Ohara
Michael Osborne (I) (Actor, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974))
Michael Ogden (I) (Producer, The Human Tissue Squad (2014))
Michael Bolotin (Actor, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994))
Michael Onder (Camera Department, The Arbor (2010))
Michael Ooi (Actor, Anthropology Anthology 1: Pilgrim (2015))
Michael Malota (I) (Actor, Don Juan DeMarco (1994))
Michael Oku (Actor, Big Bad Blood (2013))
Michael Ouweleen (Writer, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000))
Michael Oberlander (I) (Actor, Fenced In (1997))
J. Michael Oliva (Actor, Crazy Heart (2009))
Michael O. Watkins (Actor, Rush Hour (2016))
Michael O'Sullivan (XX) (Actor, Sexy Assassins (2012))
Michael Osborne (IV) (Actor, Eleventh Hour (2008))
Michael Moriatis (Camera Department, Lost Boy (2015))
Michael Doty
Michael Doti (Actor, 24-Seven (1999))
Michael Coty
Michael Falotico
Michael Plotinsky (Director, The Fan (2013))
Michael Oberg (Production Manager, The Killers: Live from the Royal Albert Hall (2009))
Michael Owen (I) (Actor, Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (1941))
Michael Oakes (II) (Actor, The Midas Vision (2011))
Michael Ogiens (Producer, The Lazarus Man (1996))
Michael Lott (V) (Composer, The Gravity (2013))
Michael Lott (VIII) (Actor, The Last Pedestrian (2014))
Michael Lott (II)
Michael Lotz (Sound Department, Schneeflöckchen (2017))
Michael Lott (VII)
Michael Lott (III) (Camera Department, Sacrament (2014))
Michael Lott (IV)
Michael Lott (VI) (Assistant Director, (555) Bug-Dead (2013))
Michael C. Lott (Art Department, The Ren & Stimpy Show: Time Warp (1994))
Michael Pilot (Producer, One in Six (2013))
Ryan Michael Oman (Actor, Carnal Candidate Political Kink (2012))
Michael Obert (Director, Song from the Forest (2013))
Michael Oscars
Michael Ayiotis (I) (Actor, The Pains of Youth (2012))
Photis Michael (Sound Department, Gran Partita (2011))
Michael Panagiotis (Miscellaneous, Eraser (1996))
Michael Aspiotis (Miscellaneous, The Setting Son (1997))
Michael Akathiotis (Miscellaneous, Through a Doorway with a Baseball Bat... (2007))
Michael Ayiotis (II) (Actor, Raymond's 5 (2017))
Michael Ivan Otis Sr. (Actor, Undercover Blue (2017))
Michael Trachiotis (Director, The Jeweler's Hand (2008))
Michael Hatzifotis (Actor, People Watching (2011))
Michael O'Neill (II) (Actor, G.P. (1989))
Michael Elo (Self, The Eurovision Song Contest (1979))
Michael Okoye (Actor, The Accidental Perfectionist (2004))
Michael O. Smith (Actor, Ernest Saves Christmas (1988))
Michael Ormiston (II) (Cinematographer, The Southern Belle (2012))
Michael Mattison (Actor, Forrest Gump (1994))
Michael O'Kelly (VIII) (Actor, QED (2017))
Sean Michael O'Brien (Miscellaneous, Quarry (2016))
Michael Vatis (Self, The Agenda with Steve Paikin (2006))
Michael Artis (II) (Self, We Are EC: The Untold Story of East Chicago Basketball (2017))
Michael Letis (Producer, Champions in Kentucky: The Story of the 1988 Breeders' Cup (1989))
Michael Cutis (Miscellaneous, Night of the Wolf (2002))
Michael Artis (I) (Actor, Holy Hustle (2017))
Michael Oliver (IX) (Actor, Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It (2014))
Michael Ostin (Soundtrack, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982))
Michael Osuna (I) (Actor, Any Given Sunday (1999))
Michael Angelo Covino (Producer, Keep in Touch (2015))
Michael Oates Palmer (Writer, The West Wing (1999))
Michael O'Connor (XLIV) (Assistant Director, The Wolverine (2013))
Michael Owen Morris (Director, EastEnders (1985))
Michael O'Heney (Sound Department, Whiplash (2014))
Michael Ostrowski (II) (Producer, CSI: Miami (2002))
Michael Omartian (Soundtrack, Anastasia (1997))
James Michael Otero (Miscellaneous, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014))
Michael Oakes (III) (Actor, Banker Madness! (2016))
Michael Ore (Visual Effects, Up Close with Carrie Keagan (2007))
Michael Ottaviano (Writer, Marx and Venus (2007))
Michael Otremba (Director, Twero: The Road to Health (2012))
Michael Ottmann (Camera Department, Deeply (2000))
Michael O'Toole (V) (Producer, Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad (2008))
Michael O'Toole (III) (Camera Department, Albert Nobbs (2011))
Michael Otto Retzer (Producer, A Photo of Us (2015))
Michael O'Toole (VI) (Art Department, My Friend Joe (1996))
Michael Ottenbacher (Actor, The Lost Valley (2016))
Michael Ottoman
Michael Otteson (Actor, Prep. (2017))
Michael O'Toole Jr. (Sound Department, The Scientist (2015))
Michael O'Toole (I) (Actor, Agnes Browne (1999))
Michael O'Toole (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century (1996))
Michael O'Toole (X)
Michael Ottinger (Producer, Behind Your Eyes (2011))
Michael O'Toole (II) (Art Department, In America (2002))
Michael Ottone
Michael O'Toole (VIII) (Editor, The Pain of the People (2014))
Michael Ollin Lotten (Actor, Country Strong (2010))