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Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland (2017) (TV Movie)
The Michael Kay Show (2014) (TV Series)
The Michael Knowles Show (2017) (TV Series)
Black Market with Michael K. Williams (2016) (TV Series)
Michael Carroll: King of Chavs (2006) (TV Movie)
Michael Kramer (1965) (TV Movie)
Michael Jackson: King of Pop (2009) (TV Movie)
Michael Caine: Breaking the Mold (1994) (TV Movie)
St. Michael's Crossing (1999) (TV Series)
Michael Kramer (1984) (TV Movie)
Michael Kramer (1955) (TV Movie)
Living with Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special (2003) (TV Special)
Michael Buble Sings and Swings (2016) (TV Movie)
Michael Showalter's the Making of... (2010) (TV Series)
Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure (1999) (TV Series)
Michael Parkinson: Masterclass (2012) (TV Series)
Michael Jackson: The Inside Story - What Killed the King of Pop? (2010) (TV Movie)
Michael Tippett: Remaking the Dream (1989) (TV Movie)
Michael Scott: A Changing Man (2006) (TV Movie)
Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding (2015) (TV Movie)
Searching for Michael Cimino (2003) (TV Movie)
All Access: Making Michael Jackson's This Is It (2010) (TV Movie)
Kinderquatsch mit Michael (1991) (TV Series)
Michael Parkinson's Greatest Entertainers (2007) (TV Movie)
Michael Barrymore's My Kind of People (1995) (TV Series)
Michael Waltrip Racing: A New Era (2006) (TV Series)
Michael Winner's Dining Stars (2010) (TV Series)
AI Miss Michael Jackson: King of Pop - Volume III (2010) (TV Movie)
25 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Jackson (2009) (TV Movie)
TV Guide Specials: Michael & Elvis - A Tale of Two Kings (2009) (TV Movie)
AI Miss Michael Jackson: King of Pop - Volume I (2010) (TV Movie)
AI Miss Michael Jackson: King of Pop - Volume II (2010) (TV Movie)
The Culinary Freak Starring Michael Proietti (2011) (TV Series)
Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello (2003) (TV Series)
The Michael K. Krouse Effect on Ontario (2014) (TV Series)
Michael Feinstein: Sing a Song of Hollywood (1995) (TV Movie)
Michael and Jason's Horrible Happenings (in development) (TV Mini-Series)
Fighting Back: The Michael Watson Story (2001) (TV Movie)
Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story (2004) (TV Movie)
Talking Books: Travel Writer Specials - Michael Palin (2015) (TV Movie)
Michael Jackson's Scream: HIStory in the Making - An MTV News Special (1995) (TV Short)
Understanding with Michael and Connie Smith (2007) (TV Series)
Neal and Michaele: The Winter Wonderland Wedding and Music Event (2013) (TV Special)
Shakin' Stevens: The Remarkable Career of Michael Barratt (2012) (TV Movie)
Too Damn Live with Michael Knowles and Jimmy McMillan (2012) (TV Series)
Special Delivery: Michael Mann on Making 'Collateral' (2004) (TV Movie)
Ein ganz seltsames Gefühl - Der Kulturstaatsminister Michael Naumann (1999) (TV Movie)
Michael Jackson Unmasked (2009) (TV Movie)
Jingle Bells - Die Weihnachtsgala mit Michael Schanze (1998) (TV Movie)
Inside Michael Waltrip Racing: A Championship Quest (2012) (TV Movie)
Texas Roadhouse Live Presents: The Best of Season One Volume #2 Featuring Motorhead, Tito and Tarantula and Michael Franti & Spearhead (2011) (TV Series)