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Michael France (I) (Writer, Cliffhanger (1993))
Michael France (II) (Sound Department, Re: Disappearing (2016))
Michael Frayn (Writer, Clockwise (1986))
Michael Franti
Michael Francis Horn (Actor, Indiscretion (2016))
Michael Franz (II) (Actor, Roar (1981))
Michael Franceschi (Animation Department, Frozen (2013))
Michael Francis (III) (Actor, Bad Boys II (2003))
Michael Franck (I) (Miscellaneous, I, Robot (2004))
Michael Franzese (Writer, God the Father (2014))
Michael Franklin (III) (Actor, Fat Albert (2004))
Michael Frank (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Driven (2001))
Michael Frank (XIX)
Michael Frank (XXIII) (Actor, Nice Jewish Girls (2014))
Michael Franz (III) (Self, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die (2007))
Michael Frank (XII) (Self, Nichts ist spannender als die Wirklichkeit (2006))
Michael Frank (II) (Sound Department, Geteiltes Leid (2000))
Michael Frank (XXI) (Actor, Food (2014))
Michael Frank (VII) (Writer, Yellow Caesar (1941))
Michael Frank (VI) (Actor, The Newer Testament (2016))
Michael Frank (XIII) (Assistant Director, Conquering the Rose (2012))
Michael Frank (XXII) (Art Department, Space Cadets (2014))
Michael Frank (XX) (Producer, The Phone Call (2012))
Michael Frank (IX) (Actor, A Ripple of Hope (2008))
Michael Franz (I) (Camera Department, Die Hard (1988))
Michael Franz (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Sonnet Project (2013))
Michael Frank (XIV) (Self, Widerstand in Haiderland (2010))
Michael Frank (XV)
Michael Frank (XVII) (Actor, Journey to 10,000 BC (2008))
Michael Frank (XVI) (Production Manager, Someone to Bury Me (2010))
Michael Frank (III) (Cinematographer, Anonymosity (2015))
Michael Frank (I) (Actor, Aquarius (2000))
Michael Frank (X) (Visual Effects, Married in Mackadoo (2008))
Michael Franz (V) (Producer, Phoenix Schwerpunkt (2000))
Michael Frank (XVIII) (Director, Facebiters (2011))
Michael Frank (IV) (Miscellaneous, Brainiac: Science Abuse (2003))
Michael Frank (XI) (Actor, Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl (2014))
Michael Frank (V) (Writer, Secret Santa Deluxe (2005))
David Michael Frank (Composer, Out for Justice (1991))
Michael Franco (III) (Actor, Fist of the North Star (1995))
Michael Francesconi (Actor, Always Gold (2013))
Michael Francescani (Sound Department, Nella Fabrica (2014))
Michael Francesco (Actor, 100 Million BC (2008))
Michael Frances (I) (Art Department, The Operator (2000))
Michael Frances (II) (Self, Hear Me Now (2015))
Michael Francisco (I) (Camera Department, Accepted (2006))
Michael Francis Clarke (Actor, Die Hard 2 (1990))
Michael Franks (I)
Michael Franji (Actor, Insurgent (2015))
Michael Francis (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Ice Pilots NWT (2009))
Michael Franco (X) (Cinematographer, Undergrad (2011))
Michael Frach (Transportation Department, Wie angelt man sich seine Chefin (2007))
Michael Frame (Actor, Blooded (2010))
Michael Fram (Composer, Junior Energy (2008))
Michael Frash (Miscellaneous, The Evidence (2006))
Michael Frahm
Michael Francis Kelly (Actor, Patriot Games (1992))
Michael Franks (III) (Cinematographer, Bella and the Bulldogs (2015))
Michael Francis (XVI) (Self, CNBC Originals (2003))
Michael Francis (IX) (Self, X Rated: The Sex Tapes That Shocked the World (2006))
Michael Franco (IV) (Writer, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show (1997))
Michael Francas (Composer, Keepers (2014))
Michael Franco (XIII) (Self, CNET CraveCast (2014))
Michael Francis (XIII) (Composer, Sleuthing Mary Shanley (2006))
Michael Franco (XIV) (Actor, The Pocketeers (2016))
Michael Franco III (Actor, Dark Superman (2016))
Michael Francisco (V) (Director, Camera 13 (2012))
Michael Franchetti (Camera Department, Pierogi Blues (2015))
Michael Franciosi (Music Department, Great Performances (1971))
Michael Francisco (II) (Actor, Cecily (2006))
Michael Franck (III) (Composer, Total Football Management (1996))
Michael Francis (XVII)
Michael Franco (XV) (Actor, Galactic Galaxy: A Glorious Space Age Is Upon Us (2016))
Michael Francisco (III) (Art Department, Shallow Ground (2004))
Michael Francis (XIV) (Sound Department, Documentary Bootcamp (2002))
Michael Francis (II) (Actor, The Whisperers (1967))
Michael Francis (XI) (Self, America's Untold Journey (2016))
Michael Franco (VII) (Producer, The Gorilla (2010))
Michael Franco (XII) (Sound Department, The Plagarist's Game (2013))
Michael Francisco (IV) (Editor, Life 101: Angel's Secret (2009))
Michael Francis (I) (Miscellaneous, Asylum (1997))
Michael Franco (I) (Camera Department, Mission: Impossible III (2006))
Michael Franck (II) (Director, Suvussa on yritystä - Hartwallin tarina (2004))
Michael Francis (XXI) (Self, Project Runway All Stars (2012))
Michael Francis (XIX) (Self, 42/11 (2010))
Michael Francis (XXII) (Actor, Bike Against the Wind (2015))
Michael Franco (VI) (Actor, Stray Cats (2005))
Michael Francke (Actor, Strange Rooms (2011))
R. Michael Francis (I) (Producer, Welcome Home (2011))
Michael Francis (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Who Do You Think You Are? (2010))
Michael Francis Ross (Actor, Forgive Me Father (2006))
Michael Francis (XII) (Miscellaneous, The 86th Annual Academy Awards (2014))
Michael Francis (VII)
Michael Francis (VI) (Camera Department, Blue Underground (2016))
Michael Francisco (VI) (Editor, Poets (2014))
Michael Francis (V) (Camera Department, The Darker Side of Romance (2002))
Michael Francis (X) (Music Department, Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie (2000))
Michael Francis (IV) (Actor, Chasing Freedom (2004))
Paul Michael Francis (Producer, The Steve Katsos Show (2009))
R. Michael Francis (II) (Producer, Adoration (2014))
Michael Franco (XI) (Actor, Whiskey and the Firecraker (2015))
Michael Francisco (VII)
Michael Francis (XX) (Actor, Snowglobe (2013))
Michael Franco (II) (Actor, Xanax a Love Song (2015))
Michael Franco (VIII) (Self, Top Rank Live (2010))
Michael Franco (IX)
Michael Frascino (Actor, Neowolf (2010))
Michael Franceschini
Michael Franklin (I) (Actor, Come Into My Office (2009))
Michael Frattasio (Visual Effects, The Hunger Games (2012))
Daniel Michael Francis (Producer, You Wanted the Best... You Got the Best: The Official Kiss Movie (2016))
Michael Francis Gibson (Writer, The Mill and the Cross (2011))
Michael Frayeh (Miscellaneous, Into the Wild (2007))
Michael Franklin (V) (Camera Department, Dangerous Parking (2007))
Michael Franklin (XVI) (Actor, The Happiest Day (2003))
Michael Fransolet (Visual Effects, Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants (2013))
Michael Franzen (Actor, Unbelievable Terror (2005))
Michael Franks (IV) (Camera Department, Playboy: Girls of Mardi Gras (1999))
Michael Frankel (II) (Camera Department, Family Planning (2011))
Michael Franzini (Director, Crazy World (1996))
Michael Franke (III) (Art Department, Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels (1995))
Michael Frankfurt (Self, Life After (2009))
S. Michael Franz
Michael Frankel (III) (Miscellaneous, Shark Girl (2014))
Michael Franke (I) (Actor, Neues aus Uhlenbusch (1977))
Michael Franks (VI) (Miscellaneous, Killshot (2008))
Michael Franzetti (Camera Department, Tromeo and Juliet (1996))
Michael Franke (VII) (Camera Department, Kabarett aus Franken (2000))
Michael Franzeze (Self, Power Plays (1993))
Michael Franklin (II) (Music Department, The Sweet Hereafter (1997))
Michael Franklin (XIV) (Actor, Dark Claw (2012))
Michael Franklin (IX) (Director, Baka Guy (2009))
Michael Franke (IV) (Camera Department, Shadow Child (2007))
Michael Frantzis (Cinematographer, Watch the Stars! (2008))
Michael Franzise (Director, Breaking Out: The Alcatraz Concert (1998))
Michael Frangeskos (Actor, The Right to Live (2012))
Michael Frantz (Editor, Mrs. Jones (2014))
Michael Franks (II) (Producer, Sabotage (1996))
Michael Franke (V) (Actor, Perlen vor die Säue (2004))
Michael Franklin (IV) (Editor, N8DLEo (2013))
Michael Frandsen (Actor, Ronal the Barbarian (2011))
Michael Franks (X) (Editorial Department, Hotel Babylon (1996))
Andrew Michael Franks (Special Effects, Fragile World (2014))
Michael Fransisco (Visual Effects, Definition of Fear (2015))
Michael Frankel (I) (Miscellaneous, The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey (1988))
Michael Franklin (VII) (Assistant Director, Thirsty (2016))
Michael Franke (VI) (Miscellaneous, Windchaser (2008))
Michael Franklin (XV) (Animation Department, Bug Bites (2015))
Michael Franklin (XIII) (Actor, Them Hounds: The Fix (2013))
Michael Fransen (Actor, The War of the Worlds (2005))
Michael Franklin (XII) (Actor, Michael Franklin Disease (2011))
Michael Franklin (VI) (Music Department, The End of A. D. 2066 (2005))
Michael Franklin (X) (Camera Department, Kansas City Murder Factory (2011))
Michael Franklin (XI) (Camera Department, Kindergarten (2011))
Michael Franks (VII) (Actor, Shafted! (2000))
Michael Franks (VIII) (Camera Department, A Proper Send-Off (2011))
Michael Franklin (VIII) (Writer, Old Man & the Sea in 15 Seconds (2014))
Michael Fraser (XIII) (Actor, The Revenant (2015))
Michael Rance
Michael Fraguada (Actor, The Ultimate Gift (2006))
Michael Fragale (I) (Actor, Bill's Seat (2002))
Michael Francis Paolucci (Actor, Homeless (2015))
Michael Francis Tobin (Self, Legends Never Die (2006))
Michael Francis O'Connor (Actor, Delicious Ambiguity (2009))
Pavlos Michael Francis (Actor, Luster (2010))
Michael Francis Miller (Actor, The Lost Platoon (1990))
Michael Francis-Lynch (Actor, Cleopatra (1999))
Michael Francis Sanchez (Actor, Talk Back and You're Dead (2014))
Michael Francisco Chavez (Art Department, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014))
Michael Francis Craft (Director, Route 2 Happiness (2015))
Michael Frasco (Actor, Julius Caesar (1953))
Michael Frawley (I) (Actor, The Life and Times of Charlie Putz (1994))
Michael Fragale (II) (Producer, Soldiers' Sanctuary (2014))
Michael Fraser (XV) (Actor, Afterthought (2016))
Michael Frazier (III) (Actor, 0:22:43 (2010))
Michael Frampton (Self, Grim Sweepers (2010))
Michael Frayne (Sound Department, Escape from Monkey Island (2000))
Michael Frazier (VIII) (Actor, Mettle of Honor (2016))
Michael Fraticelli (Camera Department, New Meet Me on South Street: The Story of JC Dobbs (2011))
Michael Frawley (IV) (Self, Wicked Attraction (2008))
Michael Fragale (III) (Producer, Shutter (2015))
Michael Frawley (V) (Actor, Rake (2010))
Michael Fraser (IV) (Producer, The Voice UK (2012))
Michael Frauenholz
Michael Frater (Self, 10th World Championships in Athletics Helsinki 2005 (2005))
Michael Fraser (XIV) (Sound Department, Tribulation (2014))
Michael Frazer (Composer, A Letter to Marty (2012))
Michael Frazier (VI)
Michael Frazier (X)
Michael Fracasso (II) (Actor, A Tale of Crows (2016))
Michael Frawley (III) (Producer, The Day Job (2012))
Michael Fradley
Michael Fraser (I) (Transportation Department, Broken Arrow (1996))
Michael Fraser (III) (Self, Going Straight (2004))
Michael Frazier (V) (Sound Department, Forget (2011))
Michael Frasher (Actor, Matewan (1987))
Michael Frawley (II) (Camera Department, King Arthur (2004))
Michael Frazier (VII) (Sound Department, Fireworks (2013))
Michael Fraser (IX) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Michael F. Radner (Miscellaneous, Gilda Radner's Greatest Moments (2002))