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Ching-Ying Lam (Actor, Mr. Vampire (1985))
Mei Ching Lim (Actress, Red Rain (1999))
Ching Lam (Art Director, Triad Underworld (2004))
Mei-Chi Ng (Actress, Shao nu ri ji (1984))
I-Ching Lao (Costume Department, Too Loud a Solitude (2007))
Rita Ching Lam (Actress, Liang zai gan tan (1988))
Hon-Ching Lam (Actor, Heaven of Hope (1999))
Ching Lam Tam (Stunts, Cold War (2012))
Ching-lam Wu (Actor, Love Is Not All Around (2007))
Siu Ching Lam (Sound Department, Innocent (2005))
Ching Lam Lee (Make Up Department, Shaolin Soccer (2001))
Ching-Lam Lau (Actress, SPL: Kill Zone (2005))
Ching Ting Lam (Cinematographer, Kung Fu Queen (1972))
Mei Ching Wu (Camera Department, Judgement (2016))
Ka Mei Ching (Actor, Nu huan (1999))
Ling-Mei Chin (Production Manager, Hai lan lan (1974))
Mei Ching Tu (Production Manager, Qing shan cui gu (1956))
Mei-Ching Yang (Actress, Taipei Exchanges (2010))
Ching Mei-Ching (Actor, Island of Surprise (1990))
Mei-ching Chen (Actress, Hua zhong mei ying (1994))
Tin Mei Ching (Make Up Department, Running Out of Time (1999))
Ling Mei Chin (I) (Make Up Department, Fearless Hyena 2 (1983))
Kao Meiching (Animation Department, TRON (1982))
Ling Mei Chin (II) (Actress, Magic Sword (1970))
Pei-ching Li (Music Department, Yuan zhe shang gou (1978))
Wei Ching Lee (Art Director, The Cage (2014))
Bei-ching Liu (Producer, Bu bu jing hun (1975))
Mei-ching Liang (Actress, Xin A Li Ba Ba (1988))
Lai-Ching Law (Actress, Long nu san niang (1963))
Shui-Ching Lai (Director, Legend of the Snake Spirits (2001))
Chi-Ching Lai (Miscellaneous, Evil Slaughter (1973))
Chi Ching Lai (Actor, Permanent Residence (2009))
Mui-ching Lau (Actor, Tou shou zai (1982))
Wing Lai Chin (Sound Department, Ip Man (2008))
Ching-Chung Lam (Camera Department, Himalaya Singh (2005))
Noelle Ho Ching Lam (Visual Effects, Curse of the Golden Flower (2006))
Sammy Ching-Fung Lam (Actor, Mark Six Comedy (2004))
Shung Ching Lam (Actor, Escape from Brothel (1992))
William Eichinger (Actor, Honky (1971))
Miriam Eichinger (Costume Department, Artist in Residence (2013))
Mei Ching Chang (Actor, Bruce Takes Dragon Town (1974))
Mei Ching Huang (Music Department, Live from Lincoln Center (1976))
Mei-Ching Huang (Actress, Taipei Exchanges (2010))
Leonardo 'Ching' Lamano (Director, Sa Dila Ng Apoy (1987))