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Mean Girls (2004)
Mean Girls 2 (2011) (TV Movie)
Mean Girls (2014) (Video)
Super Novas (2016)
aka "Mean Girls 3"
Mean Girls: Mind Games (2003) (TV Movie)
Mean Girls (2015) (Short)
Mean Girls (2010) (Video Game)
Mean Girls Monologue for Twinkie Byrd's Monologue Slam 2013 (2013) (Short)
Ocean Girl (1994) (TV Series)
Gay Mean Girls (2015) (Short)


Ocean Girl (Sound Department, Ocean Girl (1994))
The Can Can Girls (Actress, Lucky Cowboy (1944))
Brazilian Girls (Soundtrack, Forty Shades of Blue (2005))
The Hoffman Girls (Self, La revue des revues (1927))
The Three Sun Tan Girls (Actress, Caldonia (1945))