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Ian McCulloch (I) (Actor, Survivors (1975))
Ian McCulloch (II) (Soundtrack, Grosse Pointe Blank (1997))
Ian McCulloch (IV) (Miscellaneous, Chicago Fire (2012))
Ian McCulloch (V) (Actor, The Kara Morgan Show (2010))
Ian McCulloch (VI) (Self, World Championship Snooker (1973))
Ian McCulloch (III) (Miscellaneous, Mystery Monsters (1997))
Archie McCulloch (Writer, Remembering Summer (1959))
Brianna McCulloch (Actress, Mutasia: The Mish Mash Bash (2014))
Brian McCulloch (Actor, Shadows of Cairn (1994))
Ossian McCulloch (Actor, Pulling Moves (2004))
Sian McCulloch (Actress, Death Walks (2016))
Ian Thomas McCulloch (Actor, War Pigs (2017))
Daniel McCulloch (II) (Actor, Monsters Anonymous (2009))
Tanis McCulloch (Actress, The Unjudged (2011))
Daniel McCulloch (I) (Cinematographer, Dolphins: Minds in the Water (1991))
Daniel McCulloch (III) (Composer, For the Love of Cinema (2017))
Michael Ian McCulloch (Art Department, Losing Control (1998))